Dec. 31st, 2016

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2016 has two hours left to it, and I'm awake because I took an impromptu nap this afternoon, so here we go.

This year I:

Wrote 233,004 words of fiction, both fanfic and profic. I'm beginning to think it's my fate, when writing lots of words, to write exactly four more than a perfectly round number. (Mise is 160,004 words long. I do not know what four words those are, but I'm always tempted to go through and delete four of them.)

I'm impressed by this number, especially considering that at the beginning of the year, I was hoping to write 150K, which was my pledge for GYWO. Clearly, I blew that out of the water. I should probably up the pledge this year to at least 200K - I've typically done 250K in the past but I knew that wasn't going to happen, not with Charlie and an international move and all. We'll see... I'm listed under the 150K pledge for now, but I can up it in a few weeks if I want.

Published four books on Amazon Kindle! Yay me, actual published author. And people even liked them. I think I'm even more amazed by that second part.

Packed up the house and moved two kids and a cat overseas. Largely without Bill's input, since he had to leave before we did. I did not entirely screw up, and we actually got our Air shipment a week ago. For some reason, Bill had six heavy sweatshirts in the Air Shipment, which is doing us quite a lot of good in our current 85F degree weather.

(Other ridiculous packing mistakes: I packed all of my workout clothes except for the workout bra, almost all of the DVDs but not the player, and my Marine Corps ball gown but not the shoes.)

The Surface shipment is due to arrive in about two weeks, and it'll probably take Customs another month to do whatever they need to do to it. this is good, because omg do I miss my kitchen stuff.

And honestly, after those three things, I'm already exhausted. Then again, those are three kind of big things. (Well, the word count isn't my best, but I think I had a valid excuse.) Other small stuff:

--Survived living in a hotel for two months with two kids and a cat and a husband
--Successfully lived out of a suitcase for almost six months (do not recommend)
--Took the kids to see my parents in Arizona
--Survived the PCS From Hell OMG
--DID NOT Cry at the State Deparment Authentications Waiting Room (But It Was A Very Close Thing)

Goals for Next Year:
Writing - at least two more Pen books, if not more.
  --I have ideas for so many Yuri on Ice fics, they're totally overflowing. I remember when I first starting writing Sherlock fics, and I literally could not stop, I was writing two fics at a time, essentially, it was completely insane. I could so easily go this way with YOI, it's not even funny. At the moment, I'm just waiting for Andrew to start school again on Tuesday, and then I'm going to lock down Tumblr for 24 hours and get cracking.

Baking - BAKE MORE. I haven't baked much in so long, first because we were moving, then we were living in a hotel, and currently I still don't have all my favorite tools. But they're coming! And I've borrowed a ton! AND THERE IS A CONSULATE TO FEED WITH HUNGRY MARINES. I like feeding Marines, they're super appreciative.

(Other "xxx More" include reading, blogging, reccing, reviewing/commenting. You know, the usual. Also exercising, but I might actually manage that one if my bra ever shows up.)

(Sleeping would be nice. But sleeping needs to be on Charlie's To-Do list for that to happen.)

Anyway, I'm making more mistakes typing than not, which is a sign that I need to go to bed. Makes sense, I've been up since a little after 3am because Charlie. (That's my excuse for everything these days: "Sharon, why are you late?" "Because Charlie." "Sharon, why are we having pizza for the third night this week?" "Because Charlie." "Sharon, why is the sky blue?" "Because Charlie.")

(He is cute, but he is a menace. Everyone laughs when I say this. I am not joking.)

Okay, bed. Hopefully Charlie won't want to ring in the new year until at least 7am.

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