Feb. 21st, 2017

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 So, first of all, the local Comic Con over the weekend was awesome. Bill went all three days, but I didn't go until the last day. It was fairly crowded, not very large, and it seemed to be very well organized and run. And just about everything was in English, which was a little surprising but super handy. There was a sizeable section of the floor given to artists who were selling their wares. The vast majority of it was anime/manga related, though there was a bunch from various video games as well. Bill and I paid one of the artists to do a quick sketch of us as anime characters. I'll scan it in when I get the printer/scanner set up, but it is seriously adorable and I love it.

(Huh. I can't figure out how to upload photos on DW. Weird.)

There were a lot of guys and kids cosplaying. No women cosplaying - well, we have to wear abaya, there's not a lot of you can cosplay with that, unless you're wearing Hogwarts robes and sadly I never actually found Ravenclaw robes - but we did see plenty of of costumes, including at least two extremely good Captain Jack Sparrows, and the expected smattering of Harry Potter, MCU, and Star Wars. There were a few Minecraft type things, and one guy wearing a Link costume from The Legend of Zelda. Outside, a few of the people who had dressed up were posing for pictures - one of the Harry Potters kept attempting to Avada Kedavera Jack Sparrow, which was just weird. Otherwise it was fairly low-key and tame, probably because the actual cosplay event was slated for Friday night, and was meant to be separated by gender. (The women's cosplay was indoors, behind locked doors, and only women and children were allowed to attend. Period. Oh, and there was a strict rule that men weren't allowed to cross-dress, under any circumstances.)

What surprised me was the guests. Thursday night were a couple of people from Games of Thrones, Friday night was someone from Breaking Bad.

Saturday night, when we went? Mads Mikkelson.

How they managed to convince Mads Mikkelson to come here, I have no idea. But sure enough, there he was, up on the outdoor stage while the sun was setting at his back. The crowd was standing room only - mostly because standing was the only option; there weren't any chairs at all. And, of course, the crowd was separated by gender. Women on the left, men on the right. Bill and I were near the back, but stayed in sight of each other. It was an okay talk - the only odd question that I think took Mads by surprise was when the interviewer asked him to say which Hollywood personalities Hannibal would want to eat. (He hemmed and hawed a bit before answering, and I can't remember who he said for the women, but he said Usain Bolt without even blinking for which man he'd want to eat.)

And then when the interview was done, he was escorted off the stage by Darth Vader and a couple of stormtroopers. All in all, an enjoyable interview. Though I'm not sure if it wasn't because it was just so nice to be outside and surrounded by people, which doesn't happen too often to me these days.

Then we headed out and had an actual dinner in an actual restaurant with actual waiters and no children. 


I am slowly, slowly getting all the boxes unpacked. I don't feel as if I'm making much headway - there's just so much stuff, and so many of the boxes are a hodgepodge of stuff, so I seem to spend more time walking around the house with my hands full of small things that belong in other parts of the house than I do actually unpacking boxes. The toy room is no longer the bane of my existence, mostly because every time I open a box in there, half the contents aren't actually toys. 

I might be done by next week. If I'm lucky.

Let's see, in other news....

1. I have to make at least four batches of chocolate chip cookies for Saturday, because Andrew's school is doing an International Appreciation Day, and the consulate is sponsoring the America Booth. (Duh.) The CLO has decided we are handing out chocolate chip cookies. So not only am I making at least four batches of chocolate chip cookies to feed somewhere around 2,000 people (I am not the only one baking, btw), I also get to pay for a ticket to attend the festivities. I am gently amused by this, because at least I am not the husband who has to pay for a ticket in order to help his wife set up the Australia booth before leaving again because he's working and can't actually attend the event.

2. I've started writing a story for Pen. I'm trying not to overthink it too much.

3. Charlie is already logging his Terrible Two hours, and he's not two for another two weeks. And he is so very, very two. He really wants to change his bedtime routine, but neither of us really have a clue what he wants to change it to, so we're kind of at a weird impasse.

4. I unpacked some of the consumables today. I found Goldfish, and fruit gummies, and granulated sugar. And a whole bunch of expired soy milk. Ah well. Can't win 'em all.

(I also have three colanders, and I've lost count of how many mattress covers are in this house. Too many. All in very nice shape, which is really aggravating. There's a thrift store on the compound - but that's my only option for dumping unwanted stuff, unless I throw it away. There are no homeless shelters. There are no women's shelters. There are no other thrift stores, not really. Well, there's one, but I'm not sure how to even get to it. Not like I could just throw things in the car and go, seeing as I can't even drive. Andrew was asked for school what his favorite thing about his country was. His response was "the airplane museum." I really, really wanted him to say, "Mommy being able to DRIVE ME TO the airplane museum.")

(If Bill thinks he's going to drive when we're back in the States, he better think again.)

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