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 So the most important and exciting information from here is that Andrew is now reading at grade level. I feel a bit like doing a dance of joy, but Charlie's asleep and I'm not going to risk waking him up.

Let's see,what else to report:

1. Charlie now has a nanny three mornings a week. It's working out okay, I say hesitatingly. I like the person we hired, she's nice and it's clear she likes Charlie and Charlie likes her, and when I'm around, she's very attentive and interactive.

It's when I'm not around that is the trick. Every morning, she takes Charlie to the park that's in the compound, where there are other toddlers with their nannies or mommies nearby. I've heard from a couple of the moms there that she's not super attentive, and spends a lot of time either talking on her phone or talking to other nannies, and not watching Charlie. Which is worrisome, because Charlie's figured out how to get through the bushes (there's some larger gaps so it's not hard) and run into the street, which he thinks is hysterical because he's 22 months old and has no sense of self-preservation. I've talked to the nanny about it, and I think she understood the gravity of what I was saying, but I haven't heard from the moms at the playground yet so we'll see if it gets better.

I've also had the chance to "spy" on her when she didn't realize I was doing it - once when she was putting Charlie down for a nap, and didn't realize she was sitting right in view of the camera in his room. She was okay, but it wasn't the way I've asked her to put him down - she put him in the bed, and then sat there staring off into space while he wiggled around. And again today, I came home from coffee with some other moms and they were already home, so I didn't announce my presence and just listening in to them in the playroom. I could hear her on the phone talking, but otherwise, she wasn't really interacting with him much at all.

Which is... not great, and sure enough, as soon as she realized I was home, she was much more talkative with him. 

For a short-term solution, it's fine, but long-term, I'd kind of expect a little more. (It would also help if she actually did what I ask her to do.)  The big problem is that I know she left another job to come here and work for me, and so I feel kind of guilty firing her. But how many times can I ask her to keep a closer eye on him in the playground, and to maybe interact with him a little more often when they're playing, before I can reasonably say, "Okay, we tried this, and you're not doing what I asked you to do, so here is some severance and thank you very much, good luck in your next place."

Silver shoes, etc.

2. So yeah, that final episode of Sherlock. It was.... interesting. I'm not entirely sure how I feel about the last season, to be honest - I've read some of the meta, though not much, and watched some of the drama unfolding from the final episode not including Johnlock, with varying levels of schadenfreude. Mostly I think I miss the first two seasons, which were just much more fun on the whole. These felt dark and dreary and far less interesting. There was at least one point in each episode where I was just bored out of my skull and found myself wanting to stop watching entirely. 

Not the first time I've been disappointed in how a story ended, though. Won't be the last, either.

It's probably tempered by the fact that I haven't really felt like part of the Sherlock fandom for the last... oh, year or so, really. I don't think I was pushed out so much that I lost interest. The wank and the arguments and the blind conviction of certain factions just got exhausting. Who wants to wade through all of that when it's meant to be fun? And there are other fandoms that are much happier; I'll stick with them. 

(As much as I say Yuri on Ice is all cheer and fluff and happiness - there's dark spots there too. And as a whole, I think the fandom skews much, much younger on average than Sherlock's fandom does. But it does seem to be a more cheerful place.)

3. Finally saw Rogue One. Fell asleep several times. Hidden Figures and Moana are finally available from the DVD table in the compound. I shall of course not be purchasing them. Also, we don't have a DVD player at the moment because the one our neighbors requested that we return the one they lent us last week. (Their DVD player broke, so they wanted their backup back, which is reasonable.) On the other hand:

4. Our stuff is ALMOST here, in that it arrived in the country last week, and now we're just waiting for it to clear Customs. We're told this takes up to 10 days, and therefore we might have it next week. Which means the DVD player issue will be resolved, and I'll have my kitchen back. HURRAH. I can't wait, I'm so tired of making do with a single teaspoon and borrowed baking pans.

5. I signed up for an Instagram account, because it seems pretty easy to share pictures that way. I tried to sign up as azriona, but it wouldn't let me do it. I'm not sure why. I wonder if the state of Arizona has caught on to me and thinks I'm trolling them. Which I'm not, but the idea that my username is being used to haze new state interns is making me laugh hysterically. Anyway, per Bill's suggestion, I'm azriona1912, because hey, I might as well troll with the best of them. (For those who don't know, 1912 is the year Arizona became a state.)

6. We have a banana tree in our backyard. It will apparently take three months for the baby bananas to mature enough to pick. Charlie checks on them every day; he's super excited about them. Time has no meaning when you're 22 months old.

Date: 2017-02-01 01:23 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] drinkingcocoa

Your kid has made such strides!

Sending SO MUCH LOVE in your direction.

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