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 Yesterday was a complete loss; I woke up around 3:30 in the morning, sick to my stomach, and made best friends with the toilet for the next two hours. I have no idea if it was food poisoning (which seems unlikely, given the time frame) or a stomach bug (which is also unlikely, no one else is sick), but I spent the rest of the day in bed, dozing and trying to find a comfortable position in which to die. As I never found a good position, I'm still here. I couldn't even read for most of the day - every time I tried, I'd get three sentences and then forget what I was reading. 

Luckily, Bill was a champ and took the day off work, which was a blessing because the nanny doesn't come on Mondays, and then the housekeeper was a no-show, so I would have been completely screwed in terms of Charlie if he'd had to work. Charlie, of course, had the time of his life, spending the entire day with Daddy. He went to the park and the trampoline and McDonald's and swimming and a super late nap and then FireGrill for dinner (which is such a knock-off of Chipotle, you guys have no idea). Happiest. Toddler. Ever.

(Hey look, I figured out how to put photos in a post. Yay me.)

Going to restaurants here with the kids is both awesome and aggravating. Awesome, because most family restaurants have playspaces in them - including restaurants where in the States you wouldn't expect them, like Applebees or Unos or Friday's. Sometimes they're tiny little rooms with a few toys, but sometimes they're full-out playgrounds, with covered awnings and swings and everything. 

The downside? Well, that's particular to the LoL. See, every restaurant has two sections: a singles section, and a family section. And by "single", I mean "male." If you are a guy, and you are not eating with a female member of your family, you sit in the singles section. The only way you can sit in the Family section is if you are with female members of your family.

Which means that if you are Bill, taking Andrew and Charlie out for lunch or dinner, and I am not with you... you're in the Single Section. Because there are women in the Family Section, and clearly you are not allowed to eat with them. 

(This does not apply to all restaurants across the board. I swear that the Dunkin' Donuts didn't have sections marked out for Family or Single, though there were clearly two seating areas. Our guess is that which area is which changes based on who's in the restaurant at any given moment. And there's one woman I know who wasn't even allowed to sit down at a restaurant, because that place didn't even have a Family section - all they had was a singles section, and being female, she wasn't allowed to sit in it. So basically, they sold her dinner, and then kicked her out to eat it somewhere else.

This is also not true of the mall food court eating areas, which, as far as I can tell, is all Family seating. Then again, I've only rarely seen single guys alone in a mall here, anyway; it's usually a family outing.)

The troublesome part is that the playspaces? Are 99.9% of the time in the Family section of the restaurant. Which means if Bill goes with just the boys, and not me, he can't access the playspace so the boys can play. If the boys want to play - I have to go along. Which is... okay, fabulous for family unity, not so fabulous when he's looking for a quick way to give me an hour of downtime, and him an hour of father/son bonding.


So since I did manage to figure out how to upload pictures here - here's the pictures from Comic Con!

All of these are kind of terrible, because I didn't want to take my camera - I wasn't sure how that would go over, though in hindsight, it would have been fine. Bill's got an iPhone here, and his pictures are coming out beautifully. My Galaxy III is showing its age (I really need to get it replaced) and I haven't taken a good picture on it in... oh, ages, most likely. 
 The official ComicCon guys were a hoot - I had to take pictures with them. (This is my abaya, btw. I like it because it's not black.)


Cosplay at ComicCon. Harry Potter kept trying to Avada Kedavra Jack Sparrow, which is a character choice I'm not entirely sure about, but whatever. They were having fun. 

I did take pictures of Mads Mikkelson's interview, but they're terrible - we were far away and honestly the only reason you'd know it was him is because I am telling you it was him. (But it was very pretty by the end, after the sun set and the lights were blazing and the sky was that electric blue it gets at sunset.)

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