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 I have the itchy fingers that usually accompany my urge to write something when there's nothing I MUST be writing at the moment. I have half a dozen things that need to be edited or revamped or plotted, but nothing to be written.

(Okay, that's not true. I have a porn scene to write for a Pen short, but I'm disinclined to write it at the moment because porn. I have to be in the right mood for porn. It's not even a sexy mood, I don't really know what kind of mood it is, but it's not sexy. More like... determined?)

But otherwise, I'm in a hurry-up-and-wait mode for a lot of things. I'm waiting for the covers for Pen's next two books. I'm waiting for final read-thrus for both books as well as the next chapter of TNL. I'm waiting for inspiration to strike for the FTH fic. (Which... it sort of has? And it sort of hasn't? And the sort-of-has could be really really good, but I'm not sure how to start?)

Once I get those things... I'll have a mountain of stuff to do. Just I can't do much of it yet.

I used to keep a list of story ideas for fanfic. I know I had a bunch of ideas for YOI fic back in January, but I don't think I wrote them down, and now I don't remember any of them. Gah.

I think I'm just eager to get Pen's next book up. The whole idea behind having the part-time nanny for Charlie was to give me more uninterrupted, guaranteed time to write. And I have, but... I feel like I don't have anything finalized to show for it, if that makes sense, except a couple of fanfics. Which is not exactly the original point to the exercise. I agree that all writing is good because it's writing and writing begets more writing, etc, and definitely the fanfics I've posted and written since January have been extremely good for my ability to write more words (even TNL, especially TNL for the sake of writing new words, maybe the reason no one's reading it is because it actually reads like the word vomit it was, because seriously, who writes 90,000 words in two weeks?). 

But I don't have guaranteed time to write just so I can write fanfic. I don't know what Bill thinks about it, but my idea is that Pen's paying for the nanny, and so far, she's not pulling her weight just yet. 


In other news, we're seriously looking at flying through London to get back to the States this summer - which means I won't have my laptop with me. The only reason this is doable - because fine, make fun, I cannot survive without a laptop for 2-1/2 months, I barely managed a week in London - is because my father has pointed out that he owns extra laptops which he is not using, and I can use one. Mind, I have no idea what kind of laptop in what kind of condition, but hey, it's a laptop and with luck I'll be able to type on it. 

(Failing that... I fold and buy a Chromebook. I do not need a Chromebook, and I don't want to spend the money on a Chromebook when I do not need a Chromebook, no matter how much I love the idea of a tiny little laptop that I could fit inside my purse. My laptop is barely a year old, I should not have to replace it just yet.)

Hopefully we'll have tickets by the end of the week. There's a bunch of traveling we'll do in the States in August, but getting there and back is the main focus; everything else is incidental. I also still need to figure out where I'm going while Bill and the boys go to Milwaukee. Andrew is actually lobbying for me to go with them, which is very sweet of him, and ironic considering he also routinely tells me that I'm fired. (Usually for serving veggies at dinner.)

(But he also tried to retire from first grade last night, so who knows. He was totally fine going to school this morning, at least, and we didn't remind him that he's now retired.)

(Charlie is trying to potty train himself. It's adorable. I'm going with it for now, but I still have a serious reserve of diapers left over from our not-consumable shipment so we're going to work our way through that before I really focus on actual potty training.)


Things I want to learn how to do on Dreamwidth:

--post pictures. Why is this so difficult, ugh?
--italicize while I type. Why does CTRL-I not work, ugh? I never remember to go back and do it manually, which is probably a sign that I do it too often anyway.

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