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So the summer plans are starting to come together. The boys and I have our tickets to fly back to Arizona after school lets out - but not our tickets to return to the LoL for reasons only Bill can explain. (I admit, this is worrying me, because we're supposed to fly back right before hajj, and every person I've talked to say those flights fill up months in advance. But b/c they're government tickets, Bill has to be the one to make them, so.... yeah.)

In the meantime, however, he did get the tickets to take the boys to Milwaukee, and he only bought three of them, which means I am definitely on my own for 3-4 days in mid-August. I'm still sort of trying to figure out what I want to do, and the only thing I'm sure of is that I want to fly out of California (where we'll be with my parents) and head to the East Coast, so that when my fling is done, all I have to do is hop on a train and meet the boys in Connecticut. In a perfect world, I'd find some fascinating thing to do over those couple of days and sign up and be done, but alas, it is not a perfect world. In a second-best perfect world, I'd at least score tickets to some out-of-the-way, quiet yet beautiful place that has fabulous food and people willing to bring it to me, but not even that world exists for less than $800 one-way, so that's not going to happen either.

Instead, based on Tumblr recommendations, I found a site that lets you just look for cheap flights to anywhere, because I might as well try to snag a cheap flight since I'm not going to be particular about the destination. I've narrowed it down to Boston or Philadelphia. Both places are easy train journeys to Connecticut, both have one-way flights for less than $300 (less than $200 if I'm not going to be particular about flight times), both are going to have good places to eat and presumably good coffee shops in which to write.

Pro: Never been there, so new place to see, yay
Con: Never been there, so distracting/unknown/potentially horrible

Pro: I know (and like) the city so I'm sure it'll be fine
Con: I know the city (and about half the inhabitants) and there's no way I could go under the radar for long, or not get in trouble for not contacting people in it.

Bill's threatened that if we get to June and I haven't made my reservations, he's going to make them for me. Considering the expression on his face when I mentioned Philly as a possibility, I think that's where he might have been thinking - though I also bet he was thinking Chicago because then he could meet me there with the boys after their Milwaukee jaunt, and thus decrease the number of flights he has to make with both boys by himself by one. 

(Chicago would be a good place to go - I've been there but never extensively, I have family there who I adore and would be happy to see again but am not obliged to spend lots of time with, and I know there's good places to eat and good coffee shops for writing. But it fails on the train test, and I admit, I like the thought of Bill handling both boys on cross-country flights. It's terrible of me, true, but hey, we all get our jollies where we can.)


Charlie's speech therapy is going well. In that he is babbling a TON more than he was... but it's all still completely incomprehensible. He can say "yes" extremely well, and everything else is "dada." (Sometimes there's a "mama" and a "bubble" thrown in for good measure.) 

Andrew's experiment with the fidget spinner in class is... well, I have no idea, his teacher hasn't said, but he forgets to take it to school half the time so I think if anything it's a failure to launch and not a failure in practice. 

Pen has a book coming out on Thursday. I'm trying something new with the price structure - basically raising the price steadily before it's released to try to boost my numbers - and it worked initially, presales the first few days were fabulous. And then I raised the price and now it's fairly stagnant. But there's several review blogs who have ARCs and I'm also trying an ARC company, so I'm hoping an influx of reviews will help boost the sales somewhat. We'll see. I suspect I'm going to forever be trying to copy what happened with Omega Nanny, and forever failing, because I still have no idea how that particular success happened. Total luck. 

Otherwise it's a super busy week. There's a CLO trip to a local souk tomorrow morning, both boys have birthday parties to attend on Wednesday afternoon, and tonight Bill and I are going to Swedish National Day, which is going to be held at... wait for it... IKEA. Because that's where you hold Swedish National Day, apparently. I don't usually go to these things here - but this one I can't pass up. I mean... Swedish National Day at IKEA.

And to think we're not even in the capital kow-towing to Lord Dampnut. (Though there's a group of folks from the consulate here who did go, and I know at least one person who was roped into following the daughter around for the day. I'm sure she's thrilled, too.)

It's weird to think we've been here for seven months already. It doesn't seem that long. I suppose it never really does.


Date: 2017-05-23 06:55 am (UTC)
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You're welcome to a short stay in NH/VT (near Dartmouth) at chez Editrx if you so desire. Gorgeous area in August. Things to see, surprisingly good restaurants to go to. And my tiny bookstore (emphasis on tiny, but I love it). We're right on Amtrak from NYC (White River Junction) or a short car drive from MHT (Manchester, NH airport). It's an idea.

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