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Cleo had a very good vet appointment, if you ignore the fact that she was most unhappy in the car and yelled the entire way there, and attempted to look seriously pitiful in the cat carrier. When that didn't work, she let out a few seriously deep howls, and then did that open-mouth-pant thing cats do when they're stressed. I think she was also trying to convince me that she was suffucating.

We got to the vet, where we had to sit in the waiting room for a little bit. I unzipped a corner of the carrier and slipped my hand inside to rub her chin and ear and neck, and that seemed to calm her a lot. She didn't attempt to escape, but she was seriously intrigued when a few of the dogs started posturing and attempting to be the Big Dog In The Waiting Room.

End result: Cleo is fine, she's 9 pounds 3 ounces (a little smaller than last year, actually). Her teeth are good, her heart sounds healthy, the vet claims she is the smoothest jumper she's ever seen. (Cleo jumped the four feet from floor to counter in a single lovely leap. My girl is clever, yes she is!) She got her two shots and some more heartworm meds, and then back into the carrier, lucky girl. I've got a picture of her at the vet on my cell; I forgot to transfer to email, so I'll do that tomorrow.

Stopped by Arena's costume shop for a quick visit. It's in a new space than when I worked there, but it was still funny being there. I felt kind of guilty, chatting with people while they're all chugging away on costumes, so I ended up working on an apron for Carol. Nice to do some actual sewing again, and I feel like I was a little bit useful, even if it was only a fifteen-minute fix. But man - being on an industrial sewing machine after two years was something of a shock. I forgot how tetchy those can be.

Guest for dinner (chicken & tomatoes, garlic & ginger potatoes, and chocolate cupcakes with coconut frosting), so the rest of the day was spent preparing for that.

Which means - not one single word written today, save for LJ entries/comments. I am sitting within spitting distance of 50K - and yes, I'll get there tomorrow - but I'm ignoring it while I let my brain contemplate the fate of AU Stephanie for a while longer. I know what she has to do next, I'm not sure how to write it.

Oh - feeling much better today, btw. The stomachache has completely disappeared, although my muscles are a little sore. That's probably Thursday's pilates, though. At least, I'm going to blame pilates, so I can tell the instructor that my stomach hates her. She seems to get a kick out of that....
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And so ends another Christmas, for which I am eternally thankful. The year is rushing to its end, and I could not be gladder. 2006 has turned out to be about as wretched as a year could be. I swear, there must be a curse at Arena in the costume shop, because in the last week, five of us have had a family member die. Extend that time frame by a few months, and the number grows to eight, although you can count nine people if you include Rachel.

In your own best interests, people. Defriend me. I am not safe to know.

I still find it hard to believe that Aunt Kathy is gone. Her car hit a tree; it was instantaneous, or so the doctors say, which I suppose is some level of comfort, although the fact that it was a car, once again, that took someone I loved away doesn't help matters one bit. I can still hear her voice in my head, "How you doin', Shar?" She was one of two people who call me by that shortened name; the other is a friend from high school, who called me by it because she knew it bugged me. It never bugged me when Kathy used it. The way she said it, that name was a caress. I could no more have said, "Don't call me that" than I could have flung her out the window - which I would never have done anyway, because she was the aunt Bill felt closest to, and therefore particularly special to me.

People at the wake and funeral both (and the entire damn town showed up for one or the other, it seemed) said over and over how unfair it was. That's one lesson, though, I remember all too well, and I don't think I can ever forget it.

On Arena )

Asmodeus is sitting on my lap - Cleo sleeps on the futon behind me. His purrs have not stopped for a single moment since i began, but he is much anxious to put his two cents in because he keeps jumping up on the keys .njntk,l;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; (Man of few words, is Asmodeus.)

And lastly: I don't like making fun of people; I think those prank shows are horribly mean and cruel. But this is too funny not to share, and besides, I've always had a soft spot for that old routine.

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Since there's not much going on today, I was assigned with reading the script to the upcoming play, Gem of the Ocean. August Wilson. I hate August Wilson. But this way, I could then summarize it for the rest of the shop.

The synopsis of Gem of the Ocean, in four short themes. Spoilers. )

When I gave the script back to the production office, I was asked how I liked it, to which I responded with my four-sentence summary.

"Yeah," said the assistant. "Sounds like August Wilson all right."
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There was a good review of She Loves Me in today's paper, which resulted in so many phone calls to the box office upstairs that when one of ticket sellers came downstairs, he was practically breathless. Ticket sales have been soaring, apparently. Seems that this particular reviewer hasn't given a positive review for anything Arena's done in the last few years - and though this review was positive, it included a couple of pot-shots at Molly.


I have heard word that the kittens are on their way here. Theoretically, they are in the plane now. Gabbie and I will pick them up tomorrow afternoon from the airport, after finally purchasing the kitty food and litter and litterboxes. Toys I have aplenty, thanks to my mother, who has decided the new acquisitions are her grand-kitties and seems to enjoy spending money in the pet aisle.

I still vaguely feel like there's too much that needs to get done before the cats arrive. Like, you know, clean. Of course, initial reports have these two already destroying the house (they have given themselves a hot wax treatment, as well as destroying at least one shower drain) so I'm not sure why I'm bothering.

One thing's for sure - the kittens arrive tomorrow afternoon. My father-in-law arrives tomorrow night. Somehow, I anticipate this coming week to be extremely entertaining.
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The computer is up, and now I remember why I was annoyed with it - IE, as you may or may not recall, was not working correctly. That is, the little open bar where you type in the web address (not the sort of open bar where drinks are free) had somehow disappeared.

Now, IE is refusing to open any sort of page at all, Favorites or not. Seems very confused about the existance of the World Wide Web. Grr.

I remember when we had this problem before, you lovely folks out there jumped in unasked with "We hate IE and here's something else you ought to try." So, now I'm asking. Anyone have suggestions for a free downloadable web browser?

In other "Gah Computer" news, I have had major issues downloading the updates to Norton Anti-Virus. Sometimes I wonder if all those anti-virus softwares are just more trouble than they're worth, because at the moment, we have no anti-virus software on our computer at all, expired or no, and somehow, it's running much faster than it was previously.

(Of course, IE has mysteriously decided to stop working. Coincidence?)

As far as RCS goes, today was a not-so-good day, though it had its moments. Gabbie and I might be getting our kittens in the next two weeks, which is one of the good moments. And Bill picked me up from the Metro and we went to Chicken Out for dinner, where I had a very yummy green bean salad (another good moment).

Tomorrow is a memorial for Rachel. A bittersweet moment, methinks, because while I look forward to seeing her parents again, I don't look forward to the reason.
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I had a dream about Rachel last night. )


Arena has picked up overtime hours again, due to the upcoming production of She Loves Me. (Wikipedia entry for the show here.) I'm of two minds about the overtime. One is that overtime is good for the intention of paying off the house; the other is that I would far rather not have any overtime at all because quite frankly, I'd rather come home and be with my husband.

If overtime was sporadic, I don't think I'd be resentful of it half as much as I am. But the thing is, it's not sporadic, and most of the time it seems to be a required thing. In another life, I did overtime without question. Now, not so much.

So here's the thing: I can't change theatre, and theatre is tied up with overtime. I don't want to have to do overtime, so does that mean I can't do theatre again? What does cutting out one mean for the other?

And scarier, if I don't do theatre, what will I do? My immediate answer is, of course, stay at home and write, and goodness knows the last time I didn't work I was busier than ever, so I imagine I'd find something. But truth is, I like having the companionship. I like interacting with people. And to stay home all day long, without continuous interaction - I think I'd much rather have a part-time thing, for a little each day, just so I have some sort of contact with the world outside the house.

So there's my quandry for the day, anyway. The rest of the day will actually be taken up with driving Bill to the airport, driving in to Arena for a few hours, and then hooking up with Heather and Brian to do something in the afternoon, depending on their schedule. And perhaps buying a computer desk so that I can at last set up the computer in the office where it ought to be. (The one that came back from Bishkek is toast, sadly, because whoever put it together or took it apart stripped the wood and no screws will stay in it.)
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I am watching the Oakland-Detroit baseball game on TV. Slightly snowy, but OMG is it a good game. Bill would be screaming at the TV right about now if he were here, but he's in Connecticut with relatives who are pissed off about the Yankees, so is likely not getting any baseball at all.

You do not want to know what I'm blowing out of my nose tonight. This is because I spent all day at the Arena Stage costume sale. Egad, it was loads of stuff, and we didn't sell even a tenth of what we actually kept. (Some customer asked us how much we own. I think my blank and somewhat frantic stare answered the question, because as I was still tallying ten minutes later, he said it was okay, he didn't really need to know.) The grand total? Well into five digits. Woo-hoo for us, but it won't stay in the costume shop's budget, because the theatre needs it to keep the lights on.

I could digress here and complain about how Arena makes the government appear financially competant, but we'll let that one slide for now.

Anyway, I am currently exhausted and I feel somewhat grungy. It was quite a lot of fun, though - we opened the doors at 10am, but people started lining up at 9, and the first two hours were a madhouse. We couldn't move! I could see Megan across the room, and we ended up texting each other on our cell phones for most of the morning! People were waiting in line for over a hour to buy things! I was in a sort of quiet corner, and ended up having lots of girls try on their costumes over their clothes, or ducking behind a nearby clothes rack, and did all sorts of impromptu fittings, which was all sorts of fun. Those folks were the best, the early birds - they were the serious ones, the ones willing to be creative with their costumes and cheerily happy that things didn't quite fit.

There was one lady who apparently spent over $1K on stuff. NO IDEA if she was from another theatre or not, but there were loads of high school and middle school drama teachers there, all doing Midsummer Night's Dream or King & I or the like.

My favorite was later, when Joe let us start cutting prices. We had some two hundred pairs of men's pants to sell, originally priced at $3-5 each. Joe let us drop the price to two-for-the-price-of-one, and finally we convinced him to go lower.

"HI EVERYBODY," shouts I from the top of a riser. "Everyone having fun? I have an announcement! All men's pants are being repriced at one dollar per pair! Do you know what that means? That means BUY MORE PANTS."

Megan texted to me, "Who needs a bullhorn when we have Sharon?"

I think we ended up with some fifty pairs of pants by the end, so I figure I did pretty well.

Anyway, we have a vanload of clothes heading off to Goodwill, which is much less than the vanload and 10-foot U-Haul truckload we started with 24 hours ago. I'm all sorts of pleased, but in no mood whatsoever to clean house. Which, unfortunately, is what I get to do tomorrow, so if I could do a little of it now, it makes it that much easier. But I've never liked cleaning when it's dark outside. And dude....tired.

Eh. Maybe I'll at least pull down some ironing and get that done.
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Noel's been out all week so far due to family issues, so I'm in charge of all our build for Cabaret. This is both good and bad: good, because it means I have minions. I like minions, and as far as minions go, Gabby and Rae are fantastic. They're smart, they're funny, they do everything I tell them to do, and most importantly, they're fast.

The best part about having minions is that you get to give them things and have them done, which has been excellent for our workload - we're plowing right through all the things that need doing, so much so that my list of things is running low.

Which leads me to the down side of being in charge: because Noel is out, and for various reasons can't really be reached, there's a lot of unanswered questions. Now, some questions are easy: "Does this shirt get rigged for quick-changes?" But some questions, such as "HOW IN HELL DOES THIS DRESS GO TOGETHER?"....well, that's a little tougher.

See, there's this dress I don't know anything about, and it's hanging behind Noel's table. I'm calling it my Question Mark. Unfortunately it's hanging in such a place that every time I turn to look at my minions, I see the Question Mark hanging there. Like a great big...question mark. It's annoying. It's also sequined, so I cannot possibly ignore it.

Now, as far as I'm concerned, the rest of our stuff is in such a good place - all of our actors could go on stage and not be naked, which is always a bonus, unless you're talking about Colin Firth, which in our case, we aren't - that if Noel were to say to me, "Sharon, this is what you do to finish Sherri's dress and robe, and have a nice week and I'll see you after the damn show opens", then I'd be perfectly happy to finish off Sherri's dress and robe and let my minions finish up the rest of the stuff and we'd probably have time to go and help everyone else before tech actually begins. (Heck, I might even be able to let a minion or two go to another team.)

But I can't do that yet, because we don't know when/if Noel is coming back, and until then, I'm on hold. Grr. I don't like being in charge when I'm on hold.

The only other issue I have is that I've discovered that quality control, when you're in charge of minions, goes a little bit screwy. Which isn't to say that I'm letting the minions put up hems with glue (though I have threatened doing this in the past). It's that while I'm far more willing to go the ghetto route when I'm on my own, I'm much more strict with the minions. "Sew that hem by hand! Pin that garment on the form! Stand in line for your regular beatings!" I howl in their general direction, weilding my Powerful Chopstick of Doom.

(Of course, the minions just laugh and throw safety pins at me. Have I mentioned how much I love my minions?)

So this responsibility thing? This Being In Charge Thing? I don't much like it. I like the minions, but I could live without the whole "If this Show Isn't Done, It's Your Fault" bit. I don't mind doing it in the short term - actually, it's sort of fun - but I don't think Noel or Steven or Carol ought to be worrying that I'll be plotting to take over their jobs any time soon. Mid-level minionhood is just fine by me.
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Theoretically, my cell phone will be returned and in working order tomorrow. I shall believe this when it happens. Please note that I am not holding my breath.

Bill has gone to Delaware for Aunt Do's annual Beach Week and will not be back until Sunday, after which he will almost immediately leave for Pittsburgh to see the Brewers play the Pirates, so I really don't get him back until Tuesday. In some ways, this is something of a blessing as I still have over 100 photos from Lumos to post, as well half a dozen emails and a good chunk of writing.

On Saturday, I have to figure out how to return the license plates to Virginia, since the Buick Bohemoth will no longer need them, and chances are fairly good that we aren't going to get another car to replace it. Instead, once Bill (and the rental) are gone, I'm planning to use FlexCar, because the bike is good enough to get me where I need to go.

Latest word on Barcellona Court: we're waiting on answers to questions about the age of various utilities and whatnot. Once we get those answers, we'll probably put a bid in. Neil and I chatted about it this evening: we're not in a rush, and obviously, if after a day and a half the owners haven't given us the answers yet, they're not in a rush, so I can be as patient as a pea. (Personally, I consider not knowing to be an acceptable answer, but I'd at least like to hear it.) I have been telling anyone who will sit still long enough about the house - heck, I'll follow people around the block in order to tell them, forget about sitting still. If we don't get the house, I will be disappointed - heck, I might be very disappointed, if only because I won't get to take pictures and share the awfulness of the paint job with everyone.

Work I want to say it's different than it was two years ago, but the truth is, Arena hasn't changed a bit, nor have the people who work there. The problem is that I have, and I have spent the last 10 days - and will spend the rest of the month - trying to figure out if I fit. Sometimes, it feels like I never left. Other times, it feels like I've never been there at all.

Lastly, Bill and I met with a financial guy, and during the course of the evening he started to espouse about how he takes a "Christian View" of debt and credit cards. It would seem that Jesus died not for your sins, but for your credit card debt. Beware the junk mail, oh brothers and sisters, for the 0% interest rates will surely lead you on the path to Hell. Fear the Mongolian hordes from the Capital One commercials! Are they not Satan's diciples, luring you into greater temptation? Cash, my brothers and sisters! CASH, is the answer!

Oh, I am so going to hell.
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Bill called while I was out and about - happy news, our storage will be delivered on Friday. This is good, as we'd only extended the hotel room until then, so we'll go straight from hotel into newly-furnished apartment.

This means, of course, that I shall be stuck at the apartment all day on Friday, which is just as well, as I'll probably spend it doing laundry and unpacking and assembly of all the things we'd previously stored. There are people coming over on Saturday - perhaps everyone who walks in the door should be required to put something together, be it futon or kitchen table or chair.

(Ooo. Tools. I will need tools, won't I, as we stupidly sent both sets overseas? BYOS - bring your own screwdriver!)

So I'll have an apartment on Friday, as well as internet (hopefully). We'll see about the internet, anyway.

I stopped by Arena this morning to drop off my contract and see everyone there. They were busily working on some show or another - very bad of me, I didn't ask what, although I did meet the designer, who seems very nice - and so I didn't want to stay long and disturb them. Stopped by in the admin offices too, where the old folks who dealt with production were glad to see me - one of whom, Brian, is in charge of paychecks and therefore is a good guy to know on a first-hand basis.

"What's K like?" he asked, all bright-eyed and cheerful, and I sort of stalled on the answer. Because how do you describe something so completely out of the realm of a reality based in Washington DC so that the listener actually gets it? I don't think it's really possible. After I thought for a bit, I told him about what people wear, and about racial tensions, and a little about the cultural history of the people there.

It's sort of scary to realize that I'm not going to go back. And it's only now that I'm kind of realizing it, that I'm never going to go back.

Lunch with [ profile] casapazzo and Karen, and then I walked to H&M and Hecht's, which in retrospect was probably not the wisest of ideas, because though it was a very nice walk (and I'm even wearing the pedometer today), I'm now on the tired side. I meant to go to Target this afternoon, braving to drive the dreaded Buick, but now all I really want to do is sit in the hotel room and watch more of Angel.

I still like Spike better, but I do have to say that watching a shirtless David Boreanaz carry armloads of chocolate and peanut butter to the bed is awfully entertaining.

Anyhow, I think I shall stay in. It has very little to do with me continuing to avoid driving the Buick, and everything to do with the fact that this evening, Bill and I are going to meet up with our realtor, and I really should be awake for that, especially as I bet Bill makes me drive either there or back. Yes. That sounds plausible.

Why Sharon is NOT AFRAID of the Buick, just way overly cautious )
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I have before me a contract for next year's employment. It's actually been sitting in my email, waiting to be printed, for a day or so.

I only printed it now, and haven't signed it yet.

Why I'm waiting, I don't know. I guess...well, leaving Arena two years ago, this is not exactly what I was anticipating would happen - I didn't think I'd be coming back to DC so soon, and I sure didn't expect to be doing it solo.

I mean - I've spent two years now either being a Kept Woman or employed part-time. What if I can't get back into the swing of full-time employment again? What if reverse culture shock hits me as badly as it did in December, and I take out the entire costume shop? (Hey, could happen. Some of those bolts of fabric are mighty heavy.)

I don't know. Sometimes I think I don't know anything. Other times, I believe it.

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I am in what I'm blithely refering to as "negotiations" with Arena to return there full-time next season, instead of the part-time Joe and I decided upon in January. We'll see what comes of it; really, I'm good either way the cookie crumbles. Full time, I get more money for a house and travel expenses but less time to look for said house or go on said travel; part time, I get less money but more time. Bill is of the opinion that financially speaking, I don't need to work, but the idea of spending six figures on a house and not working scares me silly.

I finished off the short story with edits (after a week of letting it sit); reports back from the one beta I sent it to say to continue sitting, and then send it out. I'm good with that, as I can't really market it at the moment anyway - shifting addresses, no idea where to send such things anyway, etc etc. Anyway, it's as done as it will be at the present moment and while walking to Baku yesterday I thought of another story idea, and even the first paragraph, except as I was walking I didn't write it down and now I've only got the barest memory of that absolutely brilliant opening line. Damn.

(Speaking of Baku, I got 24.32 miles last week. The embassy leader has 44, damn him. So far, in the past three days, I've accumulated upwards of 15 miles. I am well on my way to at least beating last week's mileage, even if I'm not going to catch up with him.)

In other news, there is a cream soda in the fridge. Bill brought it back from the States for me.

Bill: Are you going to drink the cream soda?
Me: Yes, eventually. I'm saving it.
Bill: For what?
Me: For the right moment.
Bill: Isn't now the right moment?
Me: No. I want to savor it, because once it's gone, I won't have another one for two months.
Bill: I brought a cream soda for you all the way back from DC and you're NOT DRINKING IT.
Me: But it makes me happy every time I see it chilling in the fridge!
Bill: Waiting for you to drink it!
Me: But then I won't have it in the fridge anymore!

See, I think it makes perfect sense. Plus, Bill's annoyed, which is a bonus.

(Speaking of which - well, speaking of Bill, not Bill being annoyed, although it's lots of fun - Bill is continuing to post more random polls on his journal. Most recently: the Politics and Foreign Affairs Knowledge Quiz, Easy Version. He's working on an Intermediate Version. He's also working on the next Tournament, but we're having trouble deciding if it should include 19th Century Writers or Duos. I'm thinking a smackdown between Upton Sinclair and O. Henry could be all sorts of fun. He's thinking the Ambiguously Gay duo v. Penn and Teller, which could also be fun but in an entirely different way.

(Regardless, go friend him if you want to keep up with the quizzes, because I've been very lax recently in pimping them, and he likes getting high vote counts.)
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I'm very proud of myself: I didn't cry! I was almost tempted, saying goodbye to Lisa, but I think it helps that I am going to see everyone again in August before getting on the plane. I did remember to take the last of my stuff - Noel had to remind me about the Harry Potter Legos. Lucius Malfoy and Dobby! And Crabbe and Goyle! Can't forget them, no sir.

It was a nice day, all told. I worked on some cross-stitch, and listened to the radio, and chatted with Noel. We went for lunch to Austin Grill in Old Town Alexandria, and Joe gave us all Barnes & Nobles cards as thank-yous.

I like gooses, almost as much as penguins! )

But the really funny thing was when we got back to the shop, while Joe was interviewing a potential first hand. It all started with a phone call, and I got to answer it.

Man - I'm calling to find out if there are any openings for dressers during the August run of "Crowns."
Me - Oh, well, the guy who does all of that is in a meeting right now. Can I have your name and number, and he can get back to you?
Man - Sure.

(He gives it to me, I write it down.)

Man - But it's not really for me, it's for my son.
Me - Your ... son?
Man - Yeah, he's going to be a senior in college, and he needs something to do over the summer.
Me - Oh. Kay.
Man - He's not really a backstage type person either, he's an actor, but this is good experience, right?
Me - Uh...
Man - Anyway, he's a good kid. You'll call me?
Me - I'll let Joe know.

Is this what America's youth is coming to?

Note to all you young'uns - do not, under any circumstances, let your parents find your jobs for you. If you can't get off your butts and find your own employment, you're really not going to get hired. Even if Joe has an opening - I really don't think this kid is going to get it. After all, how do we know his dad won't be coming in to dress the actors too?

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The next to last day went more or less okay ... I am happy to say I did not cry, although there was a moment when I thought I might have done. Anyway, I packed up all my stuff, and Noel and Carol had to help me carry it all to the car, but all I have left at work is my small pair of scissors, my cross-stitch project, my ruler, and my Tigger cup. All of which can come home in my backpack tomorrow.

Because though Bill was nice and offered to let me drive on Friday, I refuse to deal with traffic again. The GW Parkway was so backed up, I ended up hopping off of it and camping out at Teddy Roosevelt Island for 45 minutes, typing on the laptop. (Yay for having plenty of power.)

Plus, we're going out for a boozy lunch, followed by a short interview with a potential First Hand for Noel or Steven, followed by a boozy Margarita Hour at 4pm. So I really won't be up for driving anyway.

(I suggested that we have the potential First Hand stick around for Margaritas as an extention of her interview. "Here, sew this curve, and bag this pocket out, and mix the margaritas. That's your qualification test!")

Today's Visit to the Doctor did not include shots - at least, not for me )
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Today is my next-to-last day at Arena ... and as I'm driving, it's the day I take home all of my stuff.

It's going to be very strange, carting out all of my things. Last summer I didn't bother, because I came back in so often to do little projects. This time, though, I just don't have time for little projects, and I need everything at home anyway so I can pack it all.

I'm a bit nervous about all these things. The stack of CDs alone is a bit daunting. (Half the CD collection in the Annex is mine.)

Not to mention all the scissors, pencils, measuring equipment, assorted small tools, small projects, and whatnot.

Every bit of it comes home. Today.

I swear I will not cry; I swear I will not cry; I swear I will not cry.
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I am so evil. I sent Rebecca the link to The Fire and the Rose on Saturday (it's the one where Hermione and Snape change bodies), and yesterday she left a message on my machine. "Sharon, I'm reading that story you sent me and I'm on chapter 30 and it's hysterical. Just thought you should know."

Hehe, another convert. Go me!

Annoyance with Credit Cards... )

This week and next week are the last at Arena ... it's somehow very much the same, because it feels more and more like summer, and we're all getting ready to go off in our different directions. Except my direction this time is a bit more permanent than previous years. I am simply not thinking about my last day, because it's too scary to spend time thinking about.

Doesn't mean work isn't a bit weird ...

Joe - Sharon, are you going to put pockets into Kate's coat?
Me - Yes, Joe, just as soon as I finish Kate's and Anne's dresses.
Joe - Well, I really would like those pockets for tomorrow's dress rehearsal.
Me - It's next on the list, Joe.


Joe - Sharon, have you put pockets into Kate's coat yet?
Me - Well, Joe, I have to finish with Kate's hem first, so she can actually walk in it.


Joe - Sharon, it's really important to put those pockets in the coat.
Me - Sure, Joe, just like it's important that Anne's dress gets buttons.


Joe - Sharon, I really need those pockets in the coat.
Me - That's nice, Joe. I think Anne would like her dress to close.

*some time later

Me - You know, Joe, it's really difficult to put pockets in the coat WHEN YOU CAN'T FIND THE BLASTED COAT.

Fearless leader Joe had put the coat not behind Kate's name on the rack, but amongst the coats set up to be returned to the store.


Linda, the designer, is not worried one whit about not having buttons in Kate's coat today. Good thing, too, because she probably won't.

Joe - Sharon, if you're going to cut out Janice's apron in the morning, you should probably wash the fabric first.
Sharon - Joe, it's 5:45. I'm going home. And you never gave me the fabric in the first place.

Double sigh.
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I am so sneaky. I'm at home, but I want to write a journal entry, and thus I am writing an email to myself, which I will pick up at the library later, and thus be able to post it straight into my LJ there. Hehehe.

Several lessons from this week:

Lesson Number One - Why you don't put spoons in blenders )

Lesson Number Two - Why we hate Stage Management )

Lesson Number Three - High Schools in my area get plenty of tax money, thank you! )

Lesson Number Four - How to make your Russian Instructor Turn Red )

On the plus side, though - I got an email this afternoon from Dell, saying my computer has shipped out already! Hoorah, hoorah - so hopefully I'll be back to speed by the end of next week, knock on wood.
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So here I am again, at the library, using the Internet. Mostly, it's to use IM and hopefully chat with [ profile] webbapettigrew, but it's also to update the ol' journal.

First off, there was a great article in today's Post about Jo Loesser today (for those who can access it on the Web - free, but you have to register - it's here). Why do I mention this? Well, for one, she's the widow of Frank Loesser, who wrote Senor Discretion, our current show, among other musicals including Guys and Dolls (which you may recall I converted into a Harry Potter Broadway Style musical a while ago.

In the article, Jo talks about how she really wants Frank Loesser to be remembered: 'It really is all about Frank. "My aim is . . . every time they say Rodgers and Hammerstein, Cole Porter, they should say Frank Loesser. And I think he belongs there." '

I wish I had the guts to have gone up to her today, and tell her that I had so many people requesting Guys & Dolls to be Potterized that it was the third musical I rewrote. Except I was so worried - what would she have done, had she not approved of my using her husband's music? The thought had me shaking. She was around today, and Noel and Rebecca both thought I should have told her that she shouldn't worry too much. I'm not sure how much comfort it would have afforded her.

I mean, if you met JKR in a room, would you tell her you wrote HP fanfic? This is sort of the same thing, I think.

I might have done it, actually ... except when I went up to talk to her, she was surrounded by actors. I don't mind baring my soul, but I'm not doing with an audience!

About American Idol )

Started work on the next show today - Orpheus Decending, by Tennesse Williams. I'm building some really crazy sheared dress sort of thing ... I'll have to take a picture of it when it's done, because it simply cannot be described.

Now, I'm going to *gulp* attempt to look at my flist ... hmm. Two weeks of unread material. Bets on how long this will take?


Apr. 14th, 2004 04:07 pm
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Well, the computer is still down, I'm still at work, and I'm still breaking my own rule. Whatever, I've been having withdrawal for two weeks, and because Arthur is attempting to fix the bookshelf which nearly fell over on Noel earlier this week - a very noisy business, that - I'm taking refuge in the upper costume shop, where the computer is located. Lucky me. I resisted temptation for two weeks, darn it.

AI Update, sort of )
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A short rant about AI )

Joe has approved me to work a bit more overtime than previously scheduled this week. So now I'm working up to 51 hours, which means one hour tonight (so I'm at work until 6pm) and then four hours tomorrow (after my Russian class). Keep in mind the extra three hours of overtime he approved me for won't even make a drop in the bucket in regards to the amount of work Noel and I have to do - we wrote up a list yesterday, and nearly everything on that list was a big ticket-item, each of which will take several hours of work to complete.

On the bright side, I hung the damn orange skirt with the damn never-ending ruffle back on the rack - pins and all - and started tailoring a pair of pants for Hilario. I forgot how much fun tailoring can be. I have to put the waistband on this morning, and then they're more or less finished. Here's hoping his fitting isn't at 9am!

I worked on Russian last night, and knocked most of my homework out of the way. The only one really left is the counting exercise, which I am deciding to ignore because I don't like counting past 20. Up to 20 is fine; past that it gets really difficult.

Somewhere in all of this I have to figure out what to do about Bill's birthday. It has always seemed a bit on the ridiculous side for us to buy presents for each other - after all, it comes out of the same account, and in the case of him buying for me, I'd rather he just not spend it. (Which is why I liked this past year's Chrisnukkah present - basically, he gave me the okay to spend a certain amount without guilt. Way better plan, plus I get to do the shopping, and I like shopping.) Perhaps it works differently with boys. Silly boys.

There are two or three emails in my inbox wanting to know what the plan is this weekend. I know it's Friday, but do I really have to start planning this weekend?

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