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Coding took a bit longer than expected - and also I got adventurous with the CSS, which was actually a lot of fun - but I have a bunch of pretty photos to share of Hawaii, and a very pretty gallery to show them in.

Click the picture of the adorable baby to go to the gallery and see the rest.


Sep. 20th, 2010 04:16 pm
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Andrew just stood up on his own, without using anything/one for support.

Okay, it only lasted for five seconds, and I can't get him to repeat it, and now he's far more interested in laughing at the cat on the stairs (I'm not entirely sure what she's doing that is so funny, but for that matter, neither is Cleo).

Even so. The days, they are numbered. I would turn this into a contest, except I'm already behind on owing people fic/fudge/whatever.

I figured out what's wrong with The domain name expired. It's now been renewed, but the website still isn't showing, and I have no idea why. Argh.
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A series of short thoughts:

1. I think the latest episode of Doctor Who ("The Unicorn and the Wasp") might very well be my favorite of the season so far. Which is, for now, all I'll say about that.

2. My Red Sox totally smashed Bill's Brewers yesterday. Go team!

3. Bill is making spaghetti sauce for dinner tonight. And tomorrow. And Wednesday. Yay for freezers. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it's another pepper sauce. Mmm, pepper sauce.

4. I also made a chocolate pie for dessert after spaghetti. Mmm, chocolate pie.

5. I went estate saleing yesterday for the first time in about a month - nothing interesting at all. It was a fairly disappointing experience; plus, there was traffic. Maybe this Saturday will be better.

6. I got my hair cut yesterday - it's shorter (above my shoulders) again, and the stylist didn't even touch my bangs. Which makes me think - since they're pretty long at the moment - that perhaps I shouldn't just give up, grow up, and let 'em grow out. Eek! No bangs for the first time in what has to be 20 years - I said this to Bill, and all I received in return was a blank look. Men do not understand the importance of hair.

7. Have been playing with the new gallery like mad. It doesn't look half bad, but it's still sort of sparse.

8. I posted the fifth chapter of One Day here and on Teaspoon. My regular reviewers on Teaspoon (and I do have them, there's TWO of them) seem to have disappeared. Either I've lost their interest (hope not) or they've been scared away by the utter slowness of Teaspoon uploading at the moment. I just wish, if Teaspoon needed help, they'd ask.
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My NetFlix movie came in yesterday - for some reason, it's High Noon. I have no idea why I got a western. I'm pretty sure I didn't ask for a Western - yet, here it is. Perhaps I didn't realize it was a Western?

(Although, seems to be a good one, so I'll still give it a shot. But plot bunnies took over my brain this evening, and I am slave to plot bunnies.)

On the bright side, my lovely computer guru Don fixed the new photo gallery at earlier this evening. I was torn, momentarily, between plot bunnies and trying to figure out how to use the new gallery. The bunnies won. Vicious little creatures. I'll play with the gallery this weekend and see if I can't get it to look more interesting than it does currently. I link only because the test photos are of the long-promised Udvar-Hazy Center. Eventually, the entire thing will be a thing of beauty. One can hope, anyway.

(Also, does anyone really care to see all the specs on a photograph? I mean, yeah, I know actual photogs do, but it's kind of pretentious for the rest of us, methinks. My opinion as one who has a degree in the subject, anyway.)

In other news, just finished watching "The Rise of the Cyberman/The Age of Steel" again, from DW Season 2. I never noticed the first time around, and now I'm wondering --- did anyone else pick up on the incredibly shippy tension between the Doctor and Mickey? Because really, there were a couple of moments there I honestly thought they'd just finished snogging or something.

That is all.
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An extremely odd day.

The good news is I finally have PaintShop Pro working, and while on Sunday I was all a bundle of nerves anxious to do a thousand things with it - now I can't seem to get up the enthusiasm to do any of them. Really, I very much want to revamp the photo galleries on, but I'm not sure how just yet. I don't think I know enough of the coding to do what I want to do, and I can't seem to find the good HTML shortcuts online anywhere.

(I highly suspect what I want is going to involve JavaScript, and I have never found a comprehensible guide to writing it. Even when I copy the damn code, it doesn't work half the time. I love HTML like chocolate ice cream; JavaScript is the lima beans. They're good for you, but you don't necessarily want to eat them unless truly necessary for survival.

Also, I hate lima beans.)

So really, I need an excuse to play with PaintShop. It's new and improved since I played with it last; I want to learn all the fun new tricks. I may end up revamping the entire layout of, if I'm not too careful....

(Also, serves as handy procrastination tool for not editing Crossroads Part Three.)
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Pictures of the Kittens at, for your perusal. Click the link or the picture below to see them.

See! the cat who imitates a shark! See! the cat who has no neck! See! the husband look at a cat and NOT GRIMACE!!!!

p.s. That photo of Cleo is now my wallpaper, incidentally.
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The house! It is painted!

(And it looks darn good.) )

Next on the block: windows. Everyone we mention this to has a sudden intake of breath through their teeth, which I do not take to be a good sign. Perhaps intelligent homeowners would have done the windows first. Well, I never said we were practiced at this. If the estimates are scary, we'll just wait a little while longer, that's all.

A friend lent me her NetFlix copy of Fever Pitch - the one with Colin Firth about football/soccer, not the one with Jimmy Fallon about the Boston Red Sox (although that one's number eleven in my queue at the moment). Not bad, kind of fun, and I've determined that I like Colin Firth much better when his hair is not all shaggy.


Huh, that was fast. One of the window places called me back already, and I've got an appointment for this afternoon for a free estimate. (Yay, free.) This'll be interesting.
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Two observations:

1. I ought to do soapboxes more often, since more people responded to that than to anything else I've posted recently.

2. There are new photos of the kittens available for viewing. Click the link or the photo below. Hey, as long as they persist in being cute, I'll persist in taking pictures of them.

I've been doing overhauls of the Photo Gallery at - I think I like how the pages are shaping up. At some point, I might do scaled-back versions of China and Istanbul. (Considering China's got some 300 photos, that might be wise.)
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New pictures of the kittens are now available - click on the above picture or link to see.

Nothing much else to share at the moment, save for an observation: isn't it nice how you get good reviews on old stories when you especially need them the most?
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Due to a strange series of events, Asmodeus is back in the house, much to Bill's chagrin, because it means there are TWO cats to make his life a living hell. I seem to spend much of my time now with a squirt bottle close to hand. Doesn't help, although it's fun to get both of them in one shot - as I did this morning, when I found both of them on the kitchen counter. Clearly, one is a bad influence. I just can't figure out which one that is.

Anyway, there are pictures of them ready for viewing at, either by clicking the link or the photo below. (That's Modi in front, by the way.)


On a similar note, I saw in the Washington Post that their Travel Photo Contest is open for the summer. They don't accept digital version of photos, which is probably what stopped me from entering last year, which is too bad, because my China photos aren't eligible for entry this year. However, the second and third gos at Istanbul are good, and my cat-inspired trip to deliver Abby and Lou is good, so I'm not entirely out of luck. The only thing is, one entry per person, which means I have to pick ONE photo out of the last year and a half.

I'm supposed to surprise them. The meat market in Bishkek springs to mind rather rapidly....


Edit: And you only THOUGHT Yaks couldn't ski. Although it sounds more like bullfighting, except with snow, and nuts, and yaks instead of bulls, and the matadors wear parkas and not sequined short pants with purple leggings. Which, in retrospect, is probably a good thing.
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Assuming I have a free hour or so this coming weekend, I will be reworking One of the things I plan on doing is to either take down or seriously downscale the Harry Potter and Peter Pettigrew pages. This is partially because (a) I don't really follow the fandom any longer, and (b) I would rather use the space for photographs.

Point being, if anyone would like to take over the Peter Pettigrew fanfic database, or any other portion of the site, send me an email and I'll transfer the files to you.

In other news, pictures of Cleo are available for viewing, for those interested. She is still way cute, and Bill is still way annoyed with a cat being in the house.
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Well, it certainly took long enough.

The rest of the Lumos pictures are up and ready for viewing. Apparently, I ran out of disk space on's server. Anyway, it's all fixed now, so go and see if I took a picture of you.


Also, not that we're on the subject, but the counter offer on the Technicolor Townhouse was exactly what Bill and I thought it would be, and we are very pleased with it. Bill's all muttering about home inspections and whatnot, but I'm quite willing to say that it's OURS. Woo-hoo!
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1. Took the last 48 hours off from dealing with computer issues. Mostly because the computer was giving me more of a headache than I really felt capable of dealing with at the time.

2. Bill went to the leasing office today to find out about what the heck's going on in our apartment building, as well as ask about why it's taking so long to get me on the lease. It would seem that Crazy Neighbor Lady has, in the last two days, moved out of the building, which solves that problem. As for Possible Insane Upstairs Neighbors...well, they moved out two months ago, and a new family has moved in. Which would explain why CNL's stories all dealt with Latinos or American Indians, but the people currently living there are Pakistani.

(Bill's theory about why CNL didn't notice this is because being C, she has refused to come out of her apartment unless someone was around.)

Therefore, while the apartment has returned to its former strange but acceptable status (and the leasing office to its incompetant but at least not criminally negligent status), I'm still sort of grateful with the way Point Number 3 is going.

But before I move on to Point Number 3 - no, I am still not on the lease. The leasing office doesn't know why. Like the teenager on The Simpsons, they have to go ask their manager, and will get back to us tomorrow with an answer. Bill's giving them the day, but on Thursday he plans on camping out in their office until he gets an answer.

One final comment on the whole apartment issue, which somehow makes a lot more sense now that I know about CNL. Last week, I got a package delivered. I was at Arena, so it was left by the front door. It was addressed to me with the correct address - and someone had written on it: "Don't live here."

Odd, I thought. Plus, spooky. "Don't live here" - was someone telling me not to live in the apartment? Was someone giving me a warning? Since I had to go over to the leasing office anyway - they were holding another package ransom, plus they were handing out free Metro farecards - I took this mysterious message along.

Their theory? "Oh, it was probably delivered to the wrong address and that's the note telling the mailman that you don't live there."

Except, in that case, it would be "Doesn't live here", wouldn't it? So either this person with the very nice handwriting doesn't know jack about grammar, or - and this is my current theory - it was CNL leaving me a message.

[Poll #796605]

3. We are putting a bid on Barcellona. Incidentally, someone at Arena - I forget who, it might have been [ profile] isewforsatan - called it the Technicolor Townhouse, in light of the crazy colors on the walls. (Did I mention that one wall in the living room is silver? Like, metallic silver. I must give them credit for finding the paint.) I think we shall have to start calling it the Technicolor Townhouse, particularly if we actually get the bid. Bill and I (and Neil) think that the owners will counter-offer. As long as it's reasonable, I'm willing to accept without further negotiation, with the goal of having the place under contract by the end of the month.

It's sort of like Bill's "I want a car" and then getting a car within four days. Except not, because we've been talking about houses for several years, although only seriously looking since April. I do have to admit this is moving faster than expected, but I'm not one bit sorry. Granted, if we end up living next door to CNL again, then I reserve the right to throw in the towel, move to Antarctica, and shack up with the penguins.

4. I am Not Dealing with FTP programs this evening. It's not that I'm ignoring the photographs of Lumos, it's just that I'm ignoring the error that is disallowing me to post them. Suffer.
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Well, on the bright side, I figured out how to make the Axim and my cell phone talk to each other. They're on very good terms now, all Bluetoothy and such. They're probably plotting against me as I type, but so far have yet to actually stage a rebellion.

My laptop, on the other hand, is actively participating in rebellion, darn its silly grey casing, and has teamed up with every FTP program I've downloaded in the last 24 hours to make it impossible for me to upload all of the 150 photographs from Lumos 2006. And we're talking three different programs - apparently there are file errors. I have no idea why one file has an error and the others are spotless (and they're all copies of each other with different names, that's how I do mass-fileage), but I've sent emails to my computer Guru Don, the all powerful and all knowing Great Red One.


Anyway, some previews for those who are interested. All of these were taken during the Harry and the Potters concert.

Lumos 2006 Photos Preview )

Grr. Hopefully Don will have an idea on how to get the rest of them up. Some of my favorites aren't online yet!
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Meme gacked from [ profile] here_be_dragons:

Do you read my LJ? Or do you skip it over and not bother reading it when it comes up on your flist? And if you do read it, do you remember when/how/why you friended me?

On a completely different note, I've revamped the Recipe Box at New, improved, prettier. Hopefully. In the meantime, still heavily frame-influenced, because I still like frames.
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A general announcement:

Photographs from the Red Canyon hike are now up and available for your pleasure. They're open to the general public - no passwords or supersekrit handshakes necessary. To see them, please click the above picture.

(This is partially in preparation for tossing all the noteable photographs from the last two years up for general viewing.)

As always, commentary on broken links and general layout is appreciated.
azriona: (Default) has undergone a major rehaul - most notably, the front page looks more mature (or so I think, anyway), and I've added a new section for fanfiction. The Peter Pages are the same, if ignored, and I need to add more recipes to the recipe box, but otherwise, I'm fairly pleased. I'd be more pleased if I could make those stupid lines between frames go away. Setting the borders to "0" is leaving me with white lines, which is NOT preferable.

(I'm sure there are those who look at it who are not, because such is life.)

Anyway, if you'd like to take a look, and it looks all funky to you, please get a screen shot to show me what's weird. Thanky.
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I've been coding like mad the last two or three days, trying to fix up because it's boring as all heck at the moment. Part of the reason it's taking a while is because I'm also uploading all the fanfiction there while I'm at it - something I always intended to do, and am now doing in earnest.

This is also nerves looking for something to do, because I want to start editing the O.S., and one of my betas says she'll have Part One done by this weekend, and I've decided to wait for her before I begin. There's only so many times you can watch Buffy while cross-stitching before you go crazy, you know.

(Besides, I feel no need to repeat Seasons 4-7.)

Anyway, I saw someone using graphics on their longer stories, and I thought they looked like fun. And I created this for the Broadway Series, which is just too funny not to share. I spent entirely too much time and had entirely too much fun making it. I'm only sorry I couldn't find a good shot of Voldy to add in. (I wanted the one from the last movie where he's touching his head for the first time.)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Had another weird dream last night - I was at my grandparents' house in Dallas, except they'd redone the bathroom. How a little yellow bathroom suddenly turned into this great big luxurious day spa, complete with marble flooring and a lap pool, and all these sheer draperies hanging here and there is beyond me. I asked my grandmother, who was laying out by the pool sipping something fruity and adorned with an umbrella, and she said, "Well, we knocked out the wall into our walk-in closet, since we don't go in there anymore."

Not like that makes a lot of sense, but that's what she said. The closet and the bathroom do share a wall, but the new and improved bathroom was way bigger than the closet would allow.

I don't even want to think about what dreams with bathrooms mean.
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Okay, it's officially cold here, and since city-wide heat was Turned Off last week, I've been running the air conditioners as heating units. Helpful, but not particularly useful, as the units are placed near the ceiling and heat rises, so it takes forever to actually warm the room up.

Bleh. Or rather, brr.

On the bright side, I've had this weird-ass daydream stuck in my head for the past week, and last night while watching The Incredibles and working on Erised, it started for actually form words. This generally being a good thing, I snatched up a handy-dandy notepad and starting writing the words down, and now I have two pages of story and story-boarding, and will attempt to work them into an actual story this afternoon.

Nothing to do with the O.S., I'm happy to say, and better, might actually form a short story, of the sort you send in to magazines so they can reject them. Yay me.

In other news, need to rework the front page to The old one highlights stuff I don't particularly want highlighted any longer. I wish I could remember what JKR's page looked like; I liked how she had it done, but I suspect it involves more than simple HTML and basic JavaScript. (I can't access anything but her text pages over here, sadly. No WOMBATs for me, whatever those were.)

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