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So it's three years to the day since Andrew joined the family (well, two years if you're going from the legal standpoint), and in celebration of that, he threw a party. Okay, it was a somewhat impromptu party, because Jazz's mom came over and we baked cookies, and Lila came with and together the three of them wrecked the living room. Seriously, they found every single toy of Andrew's and pulled it out and tested it, then they found the musical instruments and started playing them all full volume.

And thus, when Andrew was three, he started a band. )

So.....can anyone think of any good band names? Best one gets a free copy of their first CD. Or possibly something awesome from the UL. I haven't decided. :)
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It is with great pleasure that I announce the conclusion of

The Guess When Andrew Will Crawl Contest
Starring Andrew

I am also happy to announce there will be two winners. While someone did guess today, someone also guessed yesterday, when I had reports from the other mommies at the Par-tay that Andrew was crawling. Since I didn't see it myself, I didn't believe them. Having now seen him crawl, I'm thinking they were probably right, so it's only fair that both today's and yesterday's guesses win.

Andrew started crawling sometime this morning; his goal was the trash can. It was somewhat anti-climatic. He also didn't go all that far, but then, distance was never a pre-requisite for the contest to be won.

It took a few tries, but I eventually got it on video: this time, his goal was Cleo, and apparently she makes a good goal, because he went much further.

Congratulations to [ profile] aut0 and [ profile] wendymr, who guessed today and yesterday for Andrew's first crawl. You win your choice of fic, fudge, or a cross-stitched bookmark (or any combination thereof). Fudge won't be mailed until October, because otherwise it will melt, and that would be very sad, particularly for the poor postman.

Thanks for the playing! When Andrew shows signs of walking, we may need to play again....
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On the plus side, Andrew has a TOOTH. (I am still extremely impressed about the tooth.)

On the minus side, Andrew is still not crawling. And the last guess was June 29, which means it's time for...

The Guess When Andrew Will Crawl Contest
Round Two

(Round One being here, if anyone wants a peek.)

All previous guesses are now null and void. Everyone may play (that means you, [ profile] amberfocus). The rules more or less remain the same, but for those playing for the first time:

Rules & Andrew's current stats )

The Sample: (video taken this morning)
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Gakked from [ profile] shinyopals:

Post a single sentence from each WIP you have (or as many as you want to pick). No context, no explanations.

Actually...this could be interesting.

Therefore....let's play a game. The first person who guesses correctly which WIPs these quotes are from gets their choice of a Doctor Who bookmark.

The stories are, in no particular order:

1. Part Five of Crossroads.
2. The epic poem for [ profile] doctorsdiva.
3. The Phantom Fic
4. The unfinished Nine/Rose smut
5. Timey-Whimey, Smurfy-Wurfy
6. The reworking of The Locked Room.
7. Water Music

Lines under the cut! )

Off you go, then. Bill has to do a bit of studying, so the winner - assuming there is one - may not be announced until tomorrow.

And congrats to [ profile] time_converges, who correctly paired the quotes with the WIP. I think I know what her choice of bookmark will be....
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Well, flist, it's Sunday morning and the close of the Mundane Spoiler Challenge: Torchwood Edition. I do hope those of you who played had as much fun playing as I did reading your spoilers.

In short, I adore you all. The laughs were very much needed, and very much appreciated. I had around 75 entries, for which I don't think is half bad considering there was very little advertising and just about no notice whatsoever. I might have to do this again for Doctor Who, should the opportunity present itself.

What follows are, of course, spoilers. Also winners. Click at your own risk. )

To all who played: Thank you. I had great huge amounts of fun, and I hope you did as well. With luck, we'll have a reason to play again sometime soon. :)

And now I leave you to your regularly scheduled reactions to Torchwood: Children of Earth.
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I haven't done this in a while....and [ profile] ashfae's recent post about not wanting to be spoiled about the new Torchwood got me thinking....

I think it's time I had another contest. I haven't thrown one in ages.

So without further ado, I would like to announce:


Some of you may recall that I did this with the release of HP6 and HP7. It was a rousing success both times, and much fun was had by all. And I've been kind of hankering to do it again...and as I won't have a chance to watch any of the Torchwoods until this occurred to me that we might enjoy ourselves with this.

The Rules:

1. Spoilers must be completely and totally mundane and inconsequential. For example, "Ianto makes coffee" or "Jack dies and comes back to life." (Do try to be a bit more creative than that, though. One of the best spoilers I got for HP6 was "Draco goes to the bathroom a lot", given to me by [ profile] miriammoules. Utterly and completely pointless - until you read the book and realize that it's actually seriously crucial to the plot.)

2. Spoilers may be about anything that occurs in any of the five episodes of Torchwood: Children of Earth.

3. One spoiler per entry, but as many entries per person as you like. All entries MUST MUST MUST be in this post.

4. Anonymous entries are allowed, but please note in the entry who you are, so that I can properly credit you.


Oh, yes. There will be prizes. I just haven't figured out what. It might be fic. It might be brownies. It might fudge. It might be something TOTALLY DIFFERENT. ([ profile] shinyopals might know what I've got in mind.) It might be personal bragging rights. What have you got to lose, really?

Feel free to spread the word on the fun and come back as often as you like. The contest will end 24 hours after I've seen all five episodes (and I'll give you warning - it won't likely be before Saturday).

Lastly....please be aware that there are spoilers in the comments. Duh. Read at your own risk - but have fun if you do!

Please note the contest is closed. Winners have been posted. Thanks for playing!
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Well, it's a few days late, I know, but it's time to award the prizes for the:
Mundane Spoiler Challenge

Deathly Hallows Version

I am happy to report that the entries were all excellent this year, and there are quite a few honorable mentions to hand out.

Cut for Spoilers, obviously. Click at your own risk )

To All Who Participated:
Thank you. At 128 entries, I think we can call the contest a rousing success, and it's all thanks to you. Congratulations to you, and to all the winners!

If winners could please email an address to me where I can send their prizes, it would be most helpful. With the exception of Ms. McMuffin, I will be able to mail out prizes this weekend. Ms. M, I should have yours out by the weekend of 18 Aug.
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Good morning, all. Reason #47 on why I love my husband: He went out at 11:30 last night and didn't come home until nearly two, bearing a copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Thus, instead of having to wait for the stores to open today, I've been curled up on the couch since about 5.30 this morning, reading. I am approximately....oh, a quarter through? Good book. I shall say no more, despite the fact that I am using this post to officially open:

The Mundane Spoiler Challenge

Deathly Hallows Version

We played this game for the last book; it was a rousing success. The game here is similar. Give me spoilers, people. The more mundane and pointless, the better. Send 'em all my way.

The Rules
1. Spoilers must be true. That is, if the book released earlier this week is deemed to be incorrect, a spoiler from that book won't count.
2. Spoilers may be about anything in the final Harry Potter installment: that is, you can tell me all you like that Peter Pettigrew is really Scabbers, but as that's a spoiler for Azkaban, it won't count here.
3. One spoiler per entry, but as many entries per person as you like. All entries MUST MUST MUST be in this post. Entries posted anywhere else in this journal, or emailed, or otherwise given to me, will NOT COUNT and may end in your disqualification. I respect people's right to remain unspoiled, please do so as well.
4. Anonymous entries are allowed, but please note in the entry who you are, so that I can properly credit you.

A word to the wise: the dumber the spoiler, the better. one of my favorites from Book 6 was about the frequencey with which Draco went to the toilet, submitted by [ profile] miriammoules. Utterly true, utterly pointless, and utterly crucial to the twist at the end if you knew what it was about.

I now declare the contest open. Anyone and everyone is welcome to enter. Please keep in mind that [ profile] lordofthechaos is already disqualified, although I'm sure he'll be playing; feel free to cause mayhem with him.

There will likely be multiple prizes; it will depend on the entries.

And lastly: please, please, please ---- do not look at the entries if you wish to remain unspoiled. I am not responsible for you spoiling yourself if you look within.

I think that about covers it. Have fun, spread the word, enjoy. The contest will officially close sometime on Saturday, July 28 - probably in the afternoon. I'll make sure to give warning.
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This is not turning out to be a good day.

For some reason, people are entering spoilers into the Mundane Spoiler Challenge Announcement post - when I specifically said Don't Put Spoilers Here. Part of the reason they're doing this is because [ profile] lordofthechaos did it first. PEOPLE - JUST BECAUSE HE DOES IT, DOESN'T MEAN YOU CAN TOO. I'm married to him, he's automatically disqualified from winning. Plus, he's a bad influence. Do you really want to follow the lead of a guy who likes the Milwaukee Brewers????

Bill: Are you writing about how I ruined your contest or the windows?
Me: Both.
Bill: What????
Me: Well, you didn't really ruin the contest. You're just...and remember I love asshole.
Bill: WHAT?
Me: Well, not an asshole. What's that word that means you're inciting people to rebellion?
Bill: That's really different from asshole.
Me: It's the same thing to the person you're rebelling against.
Bill: I'm not rebelling against you, I'm rebelling against *mumble mumble*.
Me: Huh?
Bill: Nothing!

Also, I got word from the Architectural Control Committee for our subdivision that we are not receiving approval for our window replacement. The stupid thing about this is that we actually ARE following all of the rules. I said in the letter, "We're going to put in horizontal sliders and there will be clear glass." They said, "Well, we want them to be horizontal sliders and clear glass, so approval denied."


So really. Not a good day to test me, people.
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Well, people. It's that time, well, not year, exactly, but it's certainly that time:

The Mundane Spoiler Challenge

Yeah, I know, it's been an eon since I've done a Challenge, but I haven't had much to challenge anyone about, have I? However, the upcoming release of the final installment of Harry Potter seems good enough for me, particularly since I have been a complete and total lazy slob and haven't so much as ordered the book yet.

Strangely, I'm not overly worried about this. Which is funny, when you consider that last time, I managed to get someone to carry the book halfway across the world for me, one week late.

That's what started the first Spoiler Challenge, by the way, which became a HUGE hit, with 113 entries. Since it was a week between the book's release and when it actually arrived in my apartment, and since I'd accidentally spoiled a storyline for someone else, I decided fair was fair, and invited folks to give me the most mundane, random spoiler they could imagine.

And boy howdy, didn't you.

The Rules )

I figure, regardless of when I get the book, I will let the contest run for a week, since that's what it ran last time, which seemed to be plenty. Anyway, I'll give everyone fair warning.

As for prizes...well, I'll work on those in the next few days. Promise they'll be good, anyway.

If only it were possible to do this for the movies as well....


Edit: Please note that this is not a valid contest entry post. If there are any further entries in this post, the poster will be disqualified.

I'm not doing this to be mean. I'm doing this because in the official entry post, I'll be turning off email notification, because frankly, I don't much like to be spoiled. If you post your spoilers anywhere BUT that post, I'm going to see them, and I'm going to be mad, and you're not going to win, which amounts to being disqualified.

If this sounds unduly harsh, I'm sorry. It's my journal, my contest, and I'm not having a good morning.
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Well, so ends another Contest - pardon to those of you who blinked and missed it. The meeting at Arena is nearly over, I am home awaiting a plumber to deal with the master bathroom, and I am happy to announce the winner of the Yak is [ profile] cecelle with what has to be the most ingenious and cleverly devised play ever.

"Zwei Huehner auf them Weg nach Vorgestern" (Two Chickens on the Way to Day Before Yesterday) - dangerous and vital modern German play by Alfons Yondrascheck, who has been rightfully called the master of irrational parasymbolism. It involves a naked mime, a bucket of paint, and, of course, three chickens.

While Cecelle assures this is not a real play, I'm betting that if someone at the meeting is willing to try to sell it, Molly just might bite. I would be highly amused if she did. Can't you see the write-up in the Style section? "It started as a joke, and then became a phenomenon...."

Anywho, Cecelle wins for herself a small porcelain yak, brought all the way back to the United States from Kyrgyzstan. The yak also doubles as a whistle. I thought I had a picture of him already uploaded, but sadly, all I have are donkeys. Anyway, in lieu of yak, I give you a picture of the head of a lamb, taken in Osh Market in Bishkek about six months ago:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Cecelle's yak is much cuter, and hopefully Cecelle will be much happier upon receiving her yak than this woman was with me taking her photograph.

Getting back to the joke at hand, Bill also convinced me to submit that Jihaad! The Musical thing he's been joking about since forever. A touching story of the rise and fall of one of Osama's minions, and how Al Quaida was corrupted from within. Can you imagine the showgirls?

In retrospect, it's probably a very good thing that I was unable to attend the All Staff meeting today. )
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Okay, folks. Fun and entertaining query for you. All Arena Stage staff has been called to a meeting tomorrow in which we are supposed to design a season at Arena. (No idea if this meeting is SUPER-SEKRIT or not, but eh.)

Therefore, I have a new contest: Give me plays. Give me musicals. Give me anything you can, whether or not it would be good in the round or not. List 'em out for me, folks. (We're also supposed to include two premieres of American plays in this lineup; how we're supposed to know what new American plays ARE is beyond me.) Link 'em if you can, otherwise just give me title and playwright.

As an incentive, I promise to bring up every play that you give me in tomorrow's meeting. AND if a play suggested here gets into the actual season my group decides upon - the one who suggested it first gets a prize to be named later. (I suppose this counts as a contest, doesn't it?)

Mind that these rules mean that there's a good chance NO ONE will win...but anyway, here you are.

Spread the word, my lovelies. Give me some good plays. You have 24 hours. GO!


Edit on rules: Due to circumstances sort of out of my control, I may not actually be able to attend tomorrow's meeting. In short, the plumber is going to be able to come by the house to fix the leak in the master bathroom. However, I will give the list of plays to someone who is going to attend to submit in my stead.

Therefore, I'm altering the qualifications for the top prize a little. IF the play you suggest ends up in Arena's season next year, you will get something good. (It will likely end up being tickets to said play.)

I should also add that this contest is not sponsored by Arena, nor do they have anything to do with it. It's my thing only. Blah blah blah.

Because of the change in rules, though, I'll offer a booby prize. The play suggestion that makes me laugh the hardest will have its suggestor awarded a YAK. (I unpacked the yaks yesterday.)

So there you go. You all have approximately 20 hours left. GO TO IT.
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Okay, so I'm a little late. Yesterday was somewhat hectic. Anyway, I can now present to you the second half of the:

Everybody-Gets-to-Rename-the-O.S. Contest

So, folks, it's currently up to you. Which of these fine titles do you all like best? Choose one, please don't choose your own, and you've got until whenever on Monday I finish off this train wreck.

[Poll #698134]

(Also, because I am exceedingly lame, I'm leaving the award for Funniest Title open for the moment, so if anyone would like to continue to try their hand at that one, please do so. The forerunners are both highly absurd, so I'd go in that direction if you're wavering.
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Happy Revolution Anniversary to all of youse - it's a bright, beautiful day here in sunny K, and maybe there will be a repeat of last year's events.

(Then again, probably not.)

My parents saw part of the rehearsals for today's celebrations downtown: it involves lots of people trying to crawl out of a big netting. We're thinking this is symbolic of the people's climb out of the old corrupt government into corrupt government. Bill also mentioned that the militia is going to fire blank rounds as a symbol of revolution from last year. I suppose if there had actually been shots fired a year ago, they'd be firing live rounds into the crowd?

I am seriously tempted to grab my camera and go into town today, but if the Security Officer at the embassy found out, he'd have a fit.

Anyway, a slight extention to the Everybody-Gets-To-Rename-The-O.S. Contest, as the Anniversary of the Revolution that Wasn't will probably disrupt my plans to close it on time. Therefore, you all have until....oh....9pm Friday New York time to finish putting in your entries. There you go, lots of extra hours. Make the most of them, people.
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I am very happy to announce:

The Everybody-Gets-To-Rename The O.S. Contest

(Nope. No shame whatsoever.)

The Rules:

1. Participants can enter more than once, in single or multiple replies.  All replies must be made to THIS and NO OTHER post.  Questions can be sent to email or made here, but I might not answer for a few days as the parental units are in town.  Really, folks, anything goes.

2. Knowledge of the story is not necessary.  Research is not necessary.  Heck, English isn't all that necessary either, but it might help.

3. The contest ends Sharon Standard Time, Friday, 24 March, at noon.  (That would be around 1am New York.)  At that time, no more entries will be accepted.

4. There will be two to three prizes awarded:  Funniest Title, Best Title, and Reader's Choice[personal profile] azriona will determine the first two (and she reserves the right not to award the Best Title category if none strike her fancy); a selection of the rest will be offered up to her flist on Saturday and Sunday for voting - the title with the most votes wins Reader's Choice.  (You are not allowed to vote for your own.)

5. Prizes will be determined later.  They will likely be goodies that are currently crowding my extremely interesting, China/Georgia/K-inspired curio cabinet.  They might even involve yaks.  

6. This contest is meant in fun only.  If you win, and I do use your title or some form of it, you will not be entitled to a portion of the profits.  You will get bragging rights, you will be given credit for the title, and I'll probably toss all sorts of fun things in your general direction, but that's it.  By entering the contest, you are agreeing to these terms.

Even though it's not necessary...

Okay, chickadees, off with you and give me some good suggestions here.  It's time I actually title the damn thing.
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Well, oh flist, I have returned. I have spread my purchases out on the dining room table - it's just about completely covered. (And I should note to [ profile] freedomfry who undoubtably had the same table in her Undisclosed Location that said table currently has all of its leaves, giving it a length of approximately ten feet.) I have a slight head-cold (hence the mood) and my ears are all stuffy. Plus, I have to redo my "Where Have You Been Today?" icon to add in the new stuff.

And thus, it is time for me to reveal the location I was in and the answers to the Clues in the:

Where is Sharon Going? Contest

Clue Number One involved my flight schedule, which was as follows:


Well, I can now reveal to you that the first B stands for....well, B, as in the city I'm now in. Thus, the rest of the letters stand for the other three cities I visited (I should mention that I visited the U city twice).

The Clues (partially) Explained - or Which Country Sharon was In )

So that's the country - which most of you aced almost immediately, I'm happy to report. Smart bunch, all of you. And I thought I'd really stump you on the cities, but you proved to be smarter than I thought, because EIGHT of you guessed the correct cities:

The Cities, in Order of Appearance )

Thus, I am happy to report that the following folks will be the happy and proud owners of some extremely cool souvenirs, assuming I can figure out which ones I want to give away. *grin* You might get a piece of jade; or a pair of Cloissane chopsticks, or if you're really good, maybe a interior-painted glass globe. (I should note there's only two of those.) If you have a preference, let me know; otherwise, it's my choice what you get.

[ profile] gotroot801
[ profile] teacherem
[ profile] gehayi
[ profile] aerynalexander
[ profile] phillyexpat
[ profile] jksquared
[ profile] platypus33
[ profile] zzzshironeko

Only two people who played didn't get all the cities correctly - as I was a complete dork and did not purchase postcards, you'll get something else - probably one of the silk scent satchels. I'll figure it out for sure later.

[ profile] aut0
[ profile] celticlullaby

So, there you go. Hope everyone had fun; hope everyone who got a chance played; hope you're all pleased with the results. Those of you whose address I don't have, please email it to - as I have yet to mail those prizes from the last contest, I'm going to try to get to the base next week. Eh, famous last words.
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Well, folks, it's been fun, but it's time to wrap it up: my bags are packed, I've checked the weather, and I have a pretty new visa in my passport. The time has come for:

The Where is Sharon Going? Contest - Clue #4

We've flown through Clue Number One, we bopped along with Clue Number Two, and we gazed in wonder at Clue Number Three. And here we are, at the end of the road!

Below the cut you will find a series of quotes and statistics, all dealing with either the country or one of the three cities I shall be visiting, in no particular order.

Clue Number Four )

Well, that wraps it up. You all have ONE WEEK to make your guesses. Guessing will end around noon my time on Friday, 21 October, when I return from my Mystery Destination. (That's around 2am New York time.)

Please make your guesses in THIS POST ONLY. Guesses that appear anywhere else - including my email - will not count. Only one guess per person, please. Assuming that I have done the comment thing correctly, you won't be able to see anyone else's guesses but your own.

Those who guess all three cities correctly get something very cool. Those who get two out of the three get something nice, but not as cool. Those who get one - or failing one, the country - get a postcard.

Have fun! I plan to! *grin*
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Well, it's that time again - time for me to post:

The Where Is Sharon Going? Contest - Clue Number Three

I know some of you are beginning to piece the information from Clue Number One and Clue Number Two together - several of you have passed along ideas and theories. To answer and clarify for everyone:

No, I'm not going to tell you if you've interpreted the clue correctly.

Yes, I will tell you what the clues mean - after I return from my mystery destination.

And I'm very glad you're all having such a lovely time.

Without any further ado.....

Clue Number Three - Pictures are worth a Thousand Words, or at least Three Cities )

There you have it - off you go now. There will be one more clue before we wrap this game up later this week. Have fun - I know I am!
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Apologies for the spam, but I figured I ought to get 'em all done. Besides, I'm sure you'll all massively enjoy this entry, because I'm happy to introduce to you:

Clue Number Two in the Where Is Sharon Going? Contest

I realize that Clue Number One was ridiculously difficult and may have given some of you headaches (I'm looking at [ profile] webbapettigrew here). However, please rest assured that it will make sense by the end. I promise. I really, really promise.

Today's clue should be much more entertaining for all of you, if not as educational as my last post. (Hey, nothing could be as educational as my last post, unless it's the next three posts on British Education.) Today's Clue is an offering of five different songs for you to download. They all have something to do with my country of destination. You can listen to one or all - although you're probably better off by listening to at least two or three.

To grab the songs, right click on each and select "Save Target As". Then save to the wherever you like to stash your music. All songs are mp3, so playing them shouldn't be a problem.

Song Number One 4.43MB
Song Number Two 8.26KB
Song Number Three 4.01MB
Song Number Four 2.44MB
Song Number Five 1.69MB

As always, discussion is welcome. Please don't make official guesses here, though - I'll set up a thread for that before I leave. The next clue should be up on Monday or Tuesday; there are at least two more clues to go. The contest will wrap up either Thursday evening or Friday morning.
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Well, folks, I've put it off long enough. I now take great pleasure in announcing to you the Next Contest:

Where Is Sharon Going?

And no, "Hell" is not the correct answer. At least, not for the purposes of this game.

In one week, on 14 October, I will be going on a week-long excursion. Your task is to figure out my destinations. (There are three.) The person who gets all three will get a really great prize - those who guess only one or two will get something nice, but not as awesomely cool. I should warn you that the person who gets all three will likely have done a small amount of research.

I shall intermittantly post clues for the next week. Don't worry about guessing yet - I'll post something before I leave inviting guesses. Discuss amongst yourselves, though, if you like. Winners (and the destination) will be announced when I return on the 21st.

The First Clue - Leavin' on a Jet Plane )

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