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I realized after a moment of terror earlier today that there are ten days left before Thanksgiving, and beyond my usual smoked-paprika turkey, I have no idea what to make.

As usual, it’s a small table: four adults and Andrew.  I decided last year that I wasn’t going to make a full on T-Day dinner if it’s just a few people, so I started asking what one dish people needed to see on the table lest the holiday not feel like Thanksgiving.  Three of the four of us answered: sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, and stuffing.

We’re in for a starchy supper, apparently.

The problem being that I see all those starches and I immediately feel the need to overload on veggies.  Which means….it’s gonna be another full table.  Again.  Despite there being four of us.  (Plus Andrew.)

The answer, of course, is to just have smaller amounts of things.  It’s a nice thought.  I try for smaller recipes.  I usually fail, because I look at the single sweet potato and think, “BUT THAT WON’T BE ENOUGH, NOT EVEN CLOSE.”

I’ve also got this weird hankering to try making Brussels sprouts.  Because I am weird.

Proposed Thanksgiving Menu

Smoked Paprika Turkey
Whiskey-Glazed Sweet Potatoes
Some kind of stuffing.  Could be Stove Top.*
Potato casserole supplied by guest**
Brussels Sprouts with Bacon
Those Roasted Garlic Carrots I always talk about
String Beans with Shallots
Some kind of roll, because three kinds of starch is not enough
Cranberry sauce***

Spiced Vanilla Custards with Sweet Potato Streusel
…something else, because Bill will probably not eat those.  He also hates pumpkin.****

*There is NOTHING WRONG with Stove Top.  I like Stove Top.  Plus, it doesn't make a mountain of stuffing but a perfectly reasonable amount that will not overwhelm my kitchen, or take up space in the oven.  The only downside is that it's...well...Stove Top.  Stove Top is cheating.  Yummy, yummy cheating.

**According to the guest, it is basically a baked potato with everything in casserole form.  This sounds perfectly good to me, plus I do not have to make it.

***I make my own cranberry sauce, but my FIL has demanded the sort from a can.  I have informed him that he’ll get both, and he can do a taste-test and let me know what he thinks.

****If I asked him, he would request apple pie.  That’s nice.  He can have apple pie AFTER Thanksgiving.  If all else fails, I could just give him chocolate ice cream and Reddi-Whip, and he’d be happy.  It’s a thought.  I admit I’m tempted.

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Strawberry Soup
Salmon Pate in Cucumber Boats

Main Courses and Sides:
Wine-Braised Pot Roast
Herb-Roasted Turkey Breast
Mashed Potatoes
Sweet Potatoes with Red Onion
Garlic-Roasted Carrots
Gujarati-Style Green Beans
**Some other fresh green veggie, whatever's on sale and/or looks yummy when I do the shopping

Chocolate Mousse
Pear Vanilla Sorbet
Gingered Figs

(A lot of the recipes are from books, so I don't have links. I swear I've typed up that carrot recipe before; I just can't find it at the moment. I really wanted to make the Strawberry Mousse recipe from the latest Cooks Illustrated magazine but it involves gelatin which I think is not actually kosher for anything, much less Passover. Not like I follow strict kosher rules - note that I shall be adding milk and cream to things when I've also got meat on the table. Bad me.)

Sooooo...who's coming to dinner on Tuesday?
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I broke down and bought a hand-held mixer this morning. Granted, I bought it at Goodwill for $3.50, and it's probably as old as I am - it's that lovely avocado green color that was popular in the 1970s. This, however, is not a deterrent, because my mom had a fridge that color until I was in college. The damn thing went twenty years before it broke. By the end, my mom was walking through the appliance section at Sears, looking longingly at the pretty new fridges with water dispensers and ice makers and I think I caught her caressing one once. The day the fridge finally bit the dust, Mom was in the car and ready to shop before the repairman had even finished saying, "This fridge is dead, go buy a new one."

So avocado green? That just means it's got some kick left in it. (And I plugged it in before I bought it, and that motor sounds just fine.)

The way I see it, this is just $3.50 insurance that our shipment will show up next week. I'm okay with that. In the meantime, I'm making rosemary shortbread.

Apparently I've also been volunteered to make mac & cheese for Sunday night's potluck dinner. Now I'm torn. See, I make box mac & cheese for Andrew - granted, it's the Annie's version with the organic pasta, and I throw in an extra handful of shredded cheese, but it's still box. It's not the real stuff where you cook everything separately and then add it together and put crunchy stuff on top and bake it. And now that I've been volunteered to make it, I kind of feel like I should put some extra effort into it, and make the real thing.

(Bill, of course, says just to make a pot and be done with it. Bill is the one who volunteered me, because someone else offered to bring dessert. Which is really just as well; I prefer dessert, but I don't have all my baking implements with me.)

There's also the irony in that we're not actually going to attend the potluck on Sunday, because we have family in town that night, and we're having dinner with them. But Bill wants to make an appearance, and thus, mac & cheese.


In other news, Bill and I have started watching Community, which is cute, but not drop-dead funny. And I got my birthday presents in the mail yesterday, which include Matt Smith (by way of DW series 7) and Benedict Cumberbatch (by way of Star Trek Into Darkness). And father-in-law is arriving this afternoon instead of tomorrow afternoon, so we're going to have crab cakes for dinner tonight. Yum.
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The bonus of having your father-in-law stay with you is that it's essentially free babysitting. From the minute he arrived last night, Andrew has been tagging along after Grandpa, except for this morning when he was in school, and for about an hour after coming home because Grandpa had hidden in the garage. (To be fair, he was at Home Depot first, but then he came home and hid in the garage until we accidentally found him.)

It's been two hours, and I have no idea where either of them are. Last I saw, they were on the porch. It's possible that Grandpa is teaching Andrew how to drive. Either way, it's giving me time to do stuff around the house that otherwise would not be getting done. For instance, today I set up Andrew's new bed, assembled two sets of garage shelving units, unpacked all of the boxes of tools, and ironed. I'm also about to put the spicy roast chicken in the oven. (It's missing a teaspoon of cumin, though, because I ran out, and I'm not buying more on principle because I know I have reserves. It's just the reserves are somewhere between here and Egypt. I did buy more turmeric, because I like turmeric.)

(Andrew also helped me massage the chicken up with the spice rub, and now I have yellow stains all over the kitchen. *sigh*)

I was hoping to get one of those beyond-organic chickens for dinner tonight, but the cold I wrote about on Saturday? Yeah, as soon as Andrew woke up, all my energy was zapped into the ether, and I ended up laying out on the couch and letting Andrew watch TV all day. So no run to the farmer's market, and thus today's chicken has been sourced from the local organic-overprized grocery, antibiotic-free, veggie-fed, humanely treated, etc. Whatever all that means, of course. We'll see how Felix tastes.

The free babysitting is short-lived, however, because Dad-in-law leaves tomorrow. I predict much sadness from Andrew when he comes home tomorrow and there is no Grandpa.

The good thing, though, is that I'm feeling a bit more in control of the week - there's less things piling up, a lot of the big things are done. There's still some boxes to unpack, but the only major thing left to accomplish in the house is the bookshelves in the office, because I don't want to unpack the books until the bookshelves are secured to the wall. (Considering Andrew tried to climb the garage shelving before I was done with them - saying he was a "monkey", which at least is accurate - I think this is not a bad thing to ensure.) So I'd say there's a decent chance that I might actually get to hang in a coffeeshop at the end of the week and get some writing done, which would be lovely, since I have a whole mess of writing I want to get done for half a dozen stories buzzing around in my head. (Including a one-shot sequel or addendum to Mise. Blame EGT, it's her fault. Well, her and Alton Brown.)

In the meantime, Andrew has hit over-stimulation (Grandpa AND a new bed AND a fixed scooter AND being well enough to go to the playground) and I have to give Felix his first flip.

Andrew: Felix chicken!
Me: Yep, Felix is a chicken.
Andrew: Felix hot chicken.
Me: Very hot. Don't touch!
Andrew: Poor Felix. He's sad.
Me: He's gonna be sadder if he doesn't want to stay on his side.
Andrew: Poor Felix.
Me: Yummy Felix!
Andrew: Poor yummy Felix.
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Just in case anyone was wondering, I want to find the guy who invented Spring Break and have him shot.


Do you know what every good restaurant needs on its menu? Soup. Soup is good.

Carrot Ginger Soup )
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I was a co-host to the writer's group meeting last week. So far, every group has involved food. Because we're writers. And we eat. I don't know, it seems to be a thing.

Anyway, since I used the group as guinea pigs to test out a Mise recipe last time, I figured I'd go with the trend. Actually, the funny thing is I didn't even intend for this recipe to be a Mise recipe, but I think it's going to be, because I like it better than the carrot soup I made a few days later.

(That's me trying to be fancy with the glass bowl because I wanted to make sure that everyone could see the pretty color of the soup and the little bits of watercress suspended within. Not sure it works too well, honestly.)

Watercress Soup )
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I've been a bit bad about posting updates to the recipes, so I'm going to try to catch up in the next couple of days.

First up, though, let me give you the second round of Spinach.

Spinach with Almonds and Raisins, Take Two )
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1. Andrew v Cleo
Cleo snuck into Andrew's room just before I put him to bed tonight. Normally Cleo does not hang in Andrew's room at night, because we keep his door closed so that we can watch TV and not worry about noise. Also, because Andrew doesn't need the distraction of OMG CLEO IS ON MY BED when we're really rather he go to sleep.

Except Cleo snuck into his room, and then crawled under his bed and refused to move.

This was about an hour ago. She's still in there. Andrew's asleep.

This is very odd. I kept expecting one or the other to bother each other so much that the bothered one would vacate the room and come in here to complain. And I'd really like to get some cross-stitch done, but I don't want to turn on the TV and wake Andrew up. Grr.

2. The recipe testing continues
Recent recipes tested included two kinds of soup (watercress, which was way yummy, and carrot and ginger, which was a bit salty but I blame that on locally-purchased bullion). I have plans to remake the chicken-and-tomatoes dish, which is going to be heavily modified, and traditional English bangers, which will not be bangers because I can't get the casings, so they'll be patties instead.

Oh, and [ profile] ashfae's gingerbread. Hmm. Ash, think the gingerbread would work in an ice cream cake, if I baked it thin?

3. Writing
I've figured out the next major movement in Mise - whew. I'm still somewhat stuck on Heart3. I have apparently signed up to write a soulmate AU. I'm also apparently writing another essay on Omegavere Genetics, based on some fascinating conversations in the comments about genetic theory.

I really, really, really need to stop turning minor projects into major epics.

3a. Writer's Group
So, three meetings now. I ended up presenting a portion of the still-unnamed Original Story at the second meeting, which was fairly well received, especially if you consider that I didn't submit more of it for the third meeting, and was consequently scolded for the omission by two of the members.

But it's fun. And I really like the group of women, and I don't think I'm the best writer in the group, but I'm not the worst either. (Apart from the journalist, I might be the one with the most experience.)

3b. Speaking of writing and experience
Don't suppose anyone on my flist ever worked in a restaurant, did you? If so, speak now, or you don't get to criticize when I do finally start posting Mise and everything that happens in the kitchen is all wrong.

4. Speaking of Movies. We weren't speaking of movies? Well, now we are.
Bill and I are getting Skyfall from Netflix next. FINALLY. I understand that Bond/Q is the pairing to watch, or something like that. There's also a whole bunch of BondLock, and I'd like to see what the fuss is about.

5. Supernatural

Okay, people. Convince me. Why do I need to watch this? Better yet, how do I convince Bill, because he's started rewatching BSG, and there's only so much doom and gloom I can take in the evenings.
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1. Cooking. I continue to be a lean, mean, recipe-testing machine. I remade the spinach on Friday night and it turned out MUCH better, though could still use some tweaking. Picture/recipe to follow. I also made Anzac Biscuits with the golden syrup, and they are quite yummy and being passed around. Currently there is a chicken in the oven, rubbed with garlic and parsley and balsamic vinegar and a little olive oil. Eventually, it will end up in risotto.

(The chicken, incidentally, is not for Mise; it's just because I have a chicken and risotto rice and wanted to do something with them.)

Later this week: English bangers, but without the sausage casings because pig parts are proving to be difficult to source in a Muslim country - SHOCKING, I KNOW - and a carrot-ginger soup, because I might convince Andrew to eat it.

2. Cross-stitch. I AM DONE WITH BABY ANNOUNCEMENTS. I finally finished the last one a few days ago and so I'm back to working on Erised - which means there will have been PROGRESS by the time its anniversary rolls around next month.

All I have to say is, no one's allowed to get pregnant now, because dammit, I want to finish Page 7 of Erised before Andrew starts kindergarten.

3. Television Watching. I got the next disc of To the Ends of the Earth. Hurrah! Pirate-shirted Benedict Cumberbatch is in my future; let's see if Edmund continues to be a jerk or if he gets his comeuppance in the last episode.

Bill and I have also started watching Star Trek TOS again. I have not been doing recaps, mostly because I've been caught up with other things. But OMG, the second season seems to be all about trying to kill Spock and leaving Scotty in charge of the ship. And Chekov keeps getting the girls. It's very strange.

4. Paris. Three people I know have been to Paris in the last month. I am jealous, but mostly because of the food.

5. Bill has written a haiku, based on current events in the UL and the fact that the news tends to blow things out of proportion.

UL is burning.
We are fine; do not worry.
Today ends in Y.
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I appear to be a lean, mean, recipe-testing machine this week. (I think if I were ever to start a food-centric blog, that's what my tag line would be. "Testing the Stars' Recipes So You Don't Have To.")

Last night I tried the chocolate souffles. The only ingredient I wasn't able to source was the double cream - whipping cream is easy, double cream is not. (Not the same thing, incidentally: whipping cream is 35% fat, whereas double cream is a whopping - and yummy - 48%.) However, I did get a small container of UHT whipping cream, so I didn't shake it before opening it, and thus the fat all rose to the top, and I used that thick part. I'm not sure if that was closer to double cream or not, but considering I made four souffles last night, and there are no souffles left in the apartment, I figure the recipe was a success.

(And really, it would have been fine had it not been: half the reason I attempted a souffle is because I wanted a dessert that was prone to disaster. So if it hadn't worked, then I'd have a real disaster to write about, and if it did, then I'd have a chocolate souffle. Win-win.)

I ended up baking the souffles in two batches - since I was making four, and I'm only one person, I baked one immediately for myself, and then put the other three in the fridge for friends who went to the Quiz Night at the expat club and weren't due home for a few more hours. The first one, baked immediately, puffed up dramatically, but I was stupid and didn't have my camera ready until it'd deflated considerably. I was ready for the second bake, but those three souffles didn't puff up quite so much - probably the time in the fridge. Still pretty awesome, though, and they tasted the same.

Chocolate Souffles )


Anyway, the cooking continues; I'm using the leftover cream and chocolate to make marscapone ice cream. YUM.
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So. The Sherlock AU I'm writing involves food. Lots of food. You know, seeing as how it's a restaurant AU. Anyway, because I like cooking and I'm a glutton for punishment stickler for accuracy slightly overzealous researcher, I've been creating menus.

Earlier this week, I made one of the main courses for the restaurant featured in the story. I'm toying with the idea of actually including recipes with the story (or at least links to them). And I like sharing recipes anyway. And if I do share them, I'd love if someone else could look at them (Brits, I'm actually looking your direction, but everyone else can play, too) and maybe attempt to cook them and tell me if they work or not.

So. As promised. Threatened. Whatever, take your pick.

Saturday Night Meal One, Take One )
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Regarding Harvey the Chicken )

Anyway, I took pics, and now I have to go put everything away before I fall over from exhaustion, so I'll write up the recipes tomorrow.

Sooooooo....anyone have any ideas for what to do with a slightly too spicy chicken?

Grr, 3am

Feb. 25th, 2013 04:07 am
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Dear Andrew,

Please stop waking up at 2am. I can't get back to sleep when you do that anymore, so I end up sitting up and not even being productive and writing, just goofing off on Tumblr. This is bad, son, because it means I'm zonked by the time you go to bed, or I end up subsisting on coffee, and I don't like coffee that much.



Other letters to objects that won't answer them )

In other news, I did a massive shop yesterday and bought INGREDIENTS. Which I realize is not such a big thing, I always buy ingredients, but I rarely buy them with specific meals in mind. (Usually I buy what looks yummy and figure out the details later; such is the privilege of having a well-stocked kitchen cabinet, and four veggie stalls under a quarter mile away.) But I've been doing massive research on menus for Mise, and I've gotten to the point in writing about them that I realized I actually ought to make this stuff at least once or twice.

(I'm also debating including recipes, or at least links to them, with the relevant chapters, and if I'm going to do that, I'd like to make sure the recipe is actually worth the inclusion. This is because I am a nerd, I think. I take my research seriously, especially when I get to eat the results, and one of the results is a Mexican chocolate souffle.)

(If I do decide to include recipes, particularly the ones I'm altering or creating from scratch, I might need testers. As in, you make it and tell me if they worked for you. I mean, you're welcome to come and taste-test what I cook, but there would be babysitting involved while I'm in the kitchen. Volunteers welcome.)

Anyhow, there is a chicken in the fridge. (I think I shall call him Harvey; I've decided that all chickens henceforth will be called Harvey or Zimmer because I never think of better/more original names, and all turkeys will probably be named George, not for any particular president but just because that seems to be a good name for a turkey.) Eventually, the chicken will be rubbed with various spices and roasted and served with potatoes and spinach. Hopefully, Harvey will be tasty.


So we the moms in the complex have decided to try to have a regular coffee thing every week. I'm hosting tomorrow (er, today, actually). And I just realized that because I completely screwed up pack-out last spring, I have two - count 'em - two coffee cups to my name.

Can a coffee hour that you're hosting be a BYOCC? On the plus side, I made apple coffee cake yesterday, and I'm making coconut chocolate chip scones in the actual morning, once the sun comes up. Fresh-baked yumminess makes up for the lack of cups, right?
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Re: Andrew )

So I had this moment of realization last week that Thanksgiving is tomorrow. Luckily, I remembered in time to buy a turkey. Unluckily, the only turkeys for sale at the commissary are frozen ones, and I haven't cooked a frozen bird ever? Anyway, it's been sitting in the fridge defrosting since Sunday morning, and I think it's defrosted; when I push on it, my finger goes in. I might do a water bath in the morning. I haven't decided.

Mostly, though, I'm feeling seriously disorganized about Thanksgiving this year. Usually I like having a full house; this year, we've only got one person coming. I also forgot to look up recipes for stuffing, so I'm thinking to not have it at all and hope no one notices. And I'm absolutely POSITIVE that I bought carrots the other day, but I can't find the blasted things anywhere so Andrew and I are going to make an early morning run to the vegetable market to buy them.

(Andrew likes the vegetable market, because the guy selling veggies always gives him a banana or an orange as a freebie. Sometimes both. Seriously, the vendor would totally give Andrew the entire damn store if he asked for it. Andrew makes out like a bandit.)

Anyway, I'm kind of ready. I made the rolls yesterday, canned the cranberry sauce this morning*, made the pumpkin mousse for dessert, and washed ALL THE VEGETABLES. (Except for the errant carrots. And I think I need another sweet potato.)

*Things I am thankful for this year: not accidentally dousing myself with the large canning vat full of boiling water when I slid on the damp kitchen floor and did a faceplant in front of the stove. I knocked the lid off the pot but luckily did not actually jar said pot of boiling water. I'm going to have a hell of a bruise, but no burns, so I'm feeling pretty good about that.

The menu:

Roast Turkey with Smoked Paprika
Mashed Potatoes & Gravy
Whiskey Glazed Sweet Potatoes
Green Beans with shallots
Roasted Garlic Carrots (which I realize I have never actually posted the recipe for, which is a shame, because they are YUMMY and can be served at room temp)
Parker House Rolls
Cranberry Sauce (home-made; one day I should also post this recipe)

Pumpkin Mousse with Candied Walnut Topping, slightly modified because I couldn't find toffee for the topping.
Pecan Pie, not made by me

All else fails, I have a ton of bread cubes in the freezer, extra celery and onions, and a spare apple. (I make my own cranberry sauce, people. Stove Top is cheating.)
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1. I am highly disappointed in the lack of wit amongst adults in this town. All day long, I have been having the following conversation:

Me: Guess who peed in the potty this morning!
Them: Yay, Andrew!

Not ONE PERSON took advantage of the silver platter I offered them and responded in the not quite accurate but far more entertaining reply:

Me: Guess who peed in the potty this morning!
Them: Yay, Sharon! We're so proud of you!

Honestly. I should start distributing scripts or something.

2. Andrew's birthday party is Saturday afternoon, so I'm on cupcake baking duty for the next couple of days. Chocolate and yellow cake, both with chocolate buttercream frosting. And then there'll be some nibbles and juice, because the party's in the late afternoon and I don't want to ruin anyone's dinners. Basically, it's a glorified playdate with cupcakes. Considering Andrew's not one for organized games, I think this is fine. He also spent a good chunk of the afternoon chasing the girls around the trees downstairs, and when he caught them (well, when they allowed themselves to be caught), he would hug them. I'm raising a heart-breaker, I think.

3. I also had the belated realization that it's one week to Thanksgiving, and apart from turkey, I have no idea what I'm making or how many people I'm making it for. On the plus side, the commissary had fresh cranberries, so I get to make my cranberry conserve this week - I might try canning the excess, because it's seriously yummy stuff.

4. Speaking of which, Andrew goes to a British preschool, right? So you'd think that they wouldn't be off on American holidays, right? Wrong. The school is closed on Thanksgiving Day. The theory being that this will allow us all to spend the day together.

(I'm not entirely sure how having a three-year-old underfoot while I'm trying to cook Thanksgiving Dinner is going to help promote family togetherness, but whatever.)

5. Oh! I got Bill to watch The Blind Banker last night. He agrees that it wasn't as strong a story as ASiP, but is still willing to continue. No entertaining play-by-play, unfortunately, but I'm looking forward to what he thinks of TGG.
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I woke up this morning and had absolutely NO desire to work on the Mystrade fic - which is more a commentary on my mindset than it is the Mystrade fic, which is actually a lot of fun to write even if it's turning into more of a casefic than I originally intended. (I'm directly referencing one ACD story and I'm going to see if I can't pull a second one into it, just for kicks.)

So instead I started the treatment of the Nano fic, and I've written 1200 words of treatment and Sherlock hasn't even shown up yet. (Although he's about to.) I was feeling really worried about the story, but with 1200 words - and a whole lot of dialog playing in my head - I think I have more confidence now. This ought to be fun.

On baking and Turkeys )

In other news, Andrew was playing downstairs in the playground this morning and I was chatting with one of the new moms, and it turns out that she also is somewhat addicted to British TV shows (more so than I am, even), and the following happened:

Me: Did you see Parade's End?
Her: No, what was that?
Me: Costume drama with Benedict Cumberbatch, based on a book.
Her: How was it?
Me: Okay. It had Benedict Cumberbatch in period clothing, it doesn't get much better.
Her: Agreed!

I think I might like her. I've having happy daydreams where it turns out that she loves Sherlock and Doctor Who and we can have lovely shippy conversations about Johnlock and Mystrade and Doctor/Rose and how Rory is Made of Awesome.
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O.M.G. This week was insanely busy, and I can't figure out why. Well, yes I can - I kept scheduling things to do while Andrew was in school, so that once I dropped him off, I barely had two minutes to myself. Heck, once he woke up in the mornings, I was going until I brought him home - and luckily, every day except today, he was asleep when we did get home, so I had about half an hour before he woke up.

As for the afternoons...I have no idea where they went, or what happened in them. Usually they're spent running after Andrew downstairs, so that's probably where.

Daily Breakdown, featuring cooking classes, possible gropings, and potty training. Such is my week so far. How is it only Wednesday? )

Writing Update: The Mystrade fic is going really well, I'm very pleased with it; I have to do the edits on Power Play (and I am SO excited to start posting that), and I'm trying not to think too hard about the AU fic for Nano, because I have six days left before I have to begin writing it, and I'm starting to wonder if I'm biting off more than I can chew. (Which is actually not entirely metaphor.) Egad.
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This inability to bake anything is getting on my nerves. I'm pretty good at spotting teaspoons and tablespoons, but temperature is something else entirely, and if I'm going to work with yeast, I really have to check that temperature to make sure I don't kill the stuff.

And I really want to make some pizza dough. The only thermometers I have are Andrew's ear thermometer (which isn't really shaped well to measure water safely; also, it's frickin' expensive) or the plain old digital grown-up in-the-mouth thermometer that I bought for us.

The mouth thermometer is good to 111F. (Yes, I checked.) After that....I risk destroying the thermometer.


[Poll #1834692]

Edited to add: No sooner than I post this poll, but I received confirmation that the Air Shipment shipped yesterday. So it's on its way, at least, but we'll see how long it takes to get here. Of course, all my cooking supplies are in Surface anyway, but at least we can get the rest of our clothes and Andrew's toys.
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So in making an emergency batch of brownies this morning, I cracked an egg and discovered...two yolks! After double-checking that there was only one shell in my hand (yup), I set the curious egg aside in the name of research. (Also because I wasn't sure what a double yolk would do to the brownies.) Double Your Yolks, Double Your...Um, Cholesterol, I Guess. ) Science aside (apparently double yolks are safe to eat, found in 1 in 1,000 eggs, and are just a quirk of the hen who laid the egg), those who are superstitious believe that double yolks can portend a wedding, a financial windfall, or a death in the family. I know we've got the first coming up (Bill's brother was just engaged), I'm hoping we don't have the latter anytime soon, and the second would be nice. Mostly, though, I'm just amused I found a double yolk!
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Mostly for my own benefit, because every year I can never remember what I made the previous year, and so there's usually one dish I remake which I shouldn't have done. Thus, notes in a place I'm actually likely to check.

Cut for the uninterested, unless you like reading short commentary on various recipes. )

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