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Andrew and night-training )

In other news, Bill and I are finally catching up on Doctor Who.  We have watched all the way through "Listen", and so far, I really like Twelve.  He is dark in a deliciously alien way - far more alien than any other Doctor, Bill thinks, but neither of us are well-versed enough in Classic Who doctors to say for certain.  (From what I saw of One, he was fairly alien as well, if not actually dark.)  Robots of Sherwood was hysterical.  The one where they went into the Dalek was... weird.  And I would have liked Listen very much if it wasn't for the whole "Clara is the Impossible Girl who Pops up in the Doctor's life CONSTANTLY.  Again.  Always.  As a Convenient Deux ex Machina."

(Bill's laying odds that Danny Pink becomes a companion.  I would approve, I like Danny Pink.)

(Also, I keep seeing Rose references, but that might be just me.  And I could swear we saw that woman in heaven before, but I can't place her and I refuse to look it up.)

Beyond that... it's just striving to make it through the week and finding things for Andrew to do.  It's sunny but omgcold outside, which Andrew couldn't care less about but I freeze the second I think about going outside.  (Cleo keeps wanting to go out and then changes her mind: "OMG ARE YOU INSANE LET ME BACK IN NOW Right it's too warm in here can I go back out?")  The editing on Alpha 1 is done; Alpha 2 is a hot mess.  No, seriously, it totally is, I swear there's one scene where I claim it's June and then three pages later, it's suddenly October, and it's like I changed my mind practically in the middle of the sentence.  All those people who swear by outlines are laughing at me, I can tell.
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Title: Crossover
Fandom: Sherlock/HP/DW
Characters: Donna Noble, Mycroft Holmes, various Weasleys
Warning: Weird.  So, so weird.
Rating: G

Summary: Donna has been investigating the odd while looking for the Doctor, so of course she notices the announcement in the paper.

A/N: The twenty-fourth installment of the Advent Calendar Drabbles.  This fic is titled with the prompt, which was given to me anonymously.  My husband had the idea of putting Sherlock Holmes, Hermione Granger, and the Doctor on Final Jeopardy (and even came up with a really awesome answer for it) but alas, I wrote this instead.

Read it on AO3
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Title: A Snowy Planet with No Ood
Fandom: Doctor Who
Characters: Ten, Donna
Warnings: None
Rating: G

Summary: Ten promised Donna a winter wonderland.  Well, he got one right.

A/N: The fifth installment of this year’s Advent Calendar Drabbles.  I’m lazy, so all fics are titled with the prompt.  Today’s prompt was given by [ profile] acciochocolate, who requested Ten and Donna at a Christmas/Yule/Winter Solstice, not necessarily set on Earth, or basically a snowy planet with no Ood.  Like the Doctor, I got one right.

The inclusion of the specific snowy planet can be blamed on my husband; when I read the prompt to him, he immediately countered with, “Hoth!”  At which point I had to write it.  You understand.

Read it on AO3
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In honor of the fact that today I hit 50K for this year's Nano... I bring to you this year's Advent Calendar Drabble Request Post.

Prompt me a drabble. One to two words, name your fandom/pairing or suffer author's choice. If you're here, you know my main fandoms (Sherlock, Doctor Who, Harry Potter; if there's something you know/think I watch and want me to give it a go, by all means, we can discuss). Keep in mind that I have a habit of taking short prompts and turning them into chapter-length fics, so I don't promise they'll stick at 100 (or 221b) words. Feel free to specify a specific series I've written if you like.

(Incidentally, most of last year's drabbles far exceeded 100 words, and only a few stuck at 221. One was interactive, one was an art project, one helped me break writer's block on Fiddle, and two years ago, the resulting fic was so long it had to be posted on consecutive days.)

(Basically, I never follow directions. This explains a great deal about my 5-year-old, actually.)

If you're on Tumblr, please indicate your name over there so I can tag you when I post the story.

Requests will be taken until all slots are filled; drabbles will be posted daily between Dec 1 and Dec 25.  Only one request per person. As of Thursday noon, there are 8 prompts left.

All gone - more or less.  Thanks!
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1. Andrew did not go to school today, so I still have not seen any of the ice-bucket challenge videos, celebrity or otherwise.  I did, however, watch one of our teenage neighbors record an ice bucket challenge video on Sunday afternoon.  Her brother dumped it over her head.  It was probably the highlight of his life.  (Would have been for my brother, anyway.)

2. I am definitely developing a head cold; my throat is all scratchy and my nose is beginning to run.  Well, at least I'm getting it now and not two weeks ago.  Must look on bright side.

3. I'm pretty sure I missed the first ten minutes of the new Doctor Who episode, and a great deal of what happened in the middle, because while I saw it, I've been reading other people's reactions and reviews and I have no idea what anyone's talking about.  This is likely because Andrew was playing with Trent in the other room and kept demanding my presence, and there are only so many times you can let everyone else pause the show or rewind for you before it gets ridiculous and you tell them to just keep going.

(Two.  That number is two, in case you were wondering.)

3a. Are there any costumes in which Clara does not look impossibly adorable?  Seriously.

3b. LOVE the new Doctor outfit.  Not sure about him, really, but I think he'll do nicely once he settles in a little bit.  (That first episode is always a bit tricky; no one's figured him out yet.)

3c. I think I'm more afraid of the clockwork people than I am the Weeping Angels.

3d. Strax is my favorite character of all time EVER.  I want to cuddle him but he would hate that and that's partially why I want to cuddle him.  (What was that line?  "...and then we will melt them with acid."  "Strax...."  "And then we will not melt them with acid."  I wish I could remember it properly, it was awesome.)

4. I got a call from Andrew's regular school this afternoon saying that they need an updated physical for Andrew.  Why they had to tell me this four days before school starts, I don't know.  The only time the doctor can see him is tomorrow at 9am, which means he's going to miss half his day tomorrow of his summer school - but he's GOING, I do not care, because I have things that have to be done and I've been pushing the ironing back for the last three weeks and I can't fit anything else into my ironing basket.  
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School continues to be cancelled (and we got word that it's cancelled tomorrow, too, though that doesn't matter for Andrew so much since he doesn't have school on Fridays), so we headed over to a neighbor's house to finally watch the Christmas episode where Matt Smith regenerates into Peter Capaldi.

End result: I have now seen the Christmas episode.

Actual truth: I didn't actually hear most of it, because Andrew and his best friend Trent were chasing each other around in the background, and when they weren't, Andrew was on my lap asking me to identify Daleks and Cybermen and Clara. Also the 8- and 10-year-olds were providing running commentary and asking my opinion on who the scariest Doctor Who monster is, and if the Sontarans are bad guys or good guys.

(Although it was fun to watch the episode through the eyes of the audience intended to receive it.)

I'm not sure why I'm cutting for spoilers, since I'm probably the last person who wanted to see it who actually did )
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This is not a drabble. This is what happens when you live with the person who gives you a weird prompt.

Bill: I want Thomas/Lightning McQueen slash.
Me: No.

Last year, my husband Bill requested Weasleys on a TARDIS. He seems to have a thing for crossovers.

Bill: I want Sherlock interviewing Donna.
Me: Why is he interviewing her?
Bill: Not my problem. But wouldn’t that be awesome?

It would be. I’m not sure who would win. Probably Donna, but Sherlock would complain about it afterwards.

Bill: Are you working on my prompt?
Me: You haven’t left it yet. I’ve told people to hurry and fill up the slots before you do.
Bill: Are they full?
Me: ………..No.
Bill: *gets on computer*

There are reasons I haven’t introduced Bill to the Kink Meme yet. I’m afraid of what he’d leave there.

*slow exhale*

The rest of the story. With pictures. )
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Title: Firelight
Fandom: Doctor Who
Characters: Donna Noble, The Doctor (10)
Warning: none
Rating: PG

Summary: The Doctor watches Donna and muses to himself.

A/N: The sixth installment of this year’s Advent Calendar Drabbles. Because I am lazy, I’m titling the drabbles with the prompt. Today’s prompt is from [ profile] time_converges, who requested either Sherlock or Doctor Who. And it’s an actual 100-word drabble! I feel like I’m shortchanging you, t_c – I’m sorry!

Firelight )
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1. I am trying like heck to respond to comments this week; I know I've been bad, so if you see a reply to a comment you left in the last week/two weeks/year, try not to have a heart attack.

2. FINALLY, FINALLY, FINALLY saw "The Bells of St John", with about one hour to spare before it was taken down from BBC's iPlayer. Except now it seems like all the rest of them have been taken down; I sort of assumed since the first episode was up for just about forever, the rest of them would be too. Stupid me, apparently. Grr. And I'm annoyed about how they're set up on Amazon: I could buy Part One and Part Two of Series 7 separately for about $20 each, not including the Christmas special, or I could wait until August and pay twice that for the entire series in one set. WTF, Amazon???? That is not terribly intelligent marketing there.

Shall discuss with Bill when he wakes up, to see what he thinks (half the reason I waited so long to watch was because it's nice to have something to watch together. Which is not blaming him for them being taken down; I could have easily watched them on my own earlier and he was okay with that; I should have kept a better eye.)

3. Almost done writing Mise. HURRAH. The chapters are getting mysteriously short toward the end. And once that's done, I'm going to write the epilogue to Heart3 and be done with THAT. The goal is to be done with the actual writing before Andrew's done with school in three weeks, because I'm not going to have a lot of time after that. Editing I can wedge in - writing, not so much.

4. There are cinnamon rolls going into the oven in about ten minutes; I'm trying a new dough recipe. It's gonna smell awesome in here in about half an hour. Who wants to come over for breakfast?
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I am steamrolling right on to a dramatic...well, not a conclusion, I don't think, but at least a stopping point on Mise, which is good, because Andrew has spring break next week which means he's going to be home All. Day. Long. (Note my enthusiasm. I love my son, but omg he has energy.) There is a plan amongst the other mothers in the complex to try to come up with ways to distract our wayward children while they're at home. Unfortunately it doesn't allow for a lot of time off, so I'm not entirely sure how much writing I'm going to get done.

(If I'm really lucky, I might actually get to my stopping point. Well, if I'm lucky and not easily distracted. It's the second part that seems to be the really tricky thing. So far I'm doing all right. I had to do a bit of rewriting today - a kid mysteriously popped up while I was writing, but I axed her today so that's fine. It's not that I'm against kid!fic, I think kid!fic is a lovely thing. It's just that I don't want Mise to be a kid!fic.)

In the meantime, I've started writing the Sherlock 60s again. It occurred to me last week, after I was bemoaning the fact that everything I'm writing seems to be turning into Epics of Massive Proportions that I did have at least one thing that wasn't going to spiral out of control. I'm majorly far behind - the community is about 15 stories ahead of where I stopped - so I figure I'll write one of the backstories along with the current story every week until I'm caught up, the year ends, or Series 3 is aired, whichever happens first.

Anyway, in reading the story from fifteen weeks ago, I realized why I stopped: it was The Dying Detective, which frankly, I hated. I mean, really horrible I-cannot-stand-this this-is-not-the-way-this-friendship-works sort of hate. And I realized that the way I feel about this story is the exact way that most Doctor/Rose shippers feel about the DW episode The Girl in the Fireplace. "NOOOOOOOO!!!" And then you're obligated to write a fic explaining it, or explaining why you're ignoring it. Like a rite of passage.

Is it spoilers if the story was published over a hundred years ago? )

I wonder - do all fandoms have that one story or episode that a segment of the fandom ignores? The Dying Detective for me, or The Girl in the Fireplace for Doctor/Rose shippers, or the epilogue in the last Harry Potter book (because I'm sorry, Albus Severus is the dumbest name ever, and you know that child was beaten up at least once a week). Pretty sure most Star Trek fans ignore Enterprise as a whole. (I still have trouble buying Scott Bakula as a starship captain; I kept expecting Al and Ziggy to come around the corner and tell Sam what he'd need to do to get home that week.)

(I wonder what LOTR or Avengers fans ignore? Hmm.)
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[Poll #1888630]

I reserve the right to ignore the results of this poll, especially if I get a brainstorm on any of these fics. I think I might have written myself into a corner in at least two of them.
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Title: The Other Half
Fandoms: Sherlock BBC & Doctor Who crossover
Characters: John Watson, Donna Noble
Warnings: None.
Rating: PG

Summary: John overhears an oddly familiar complaint while grocery shopping.

A/N: The twenty-second of the Advent Calendar Drabbles – and an actual 100-word drabble this time. You can use my Advent Calendar Drabble tag to find the rest.

Because I am lazy, I’m titling the “drabbles” with the prompt I was given. Today’s prompt is from [ profile] katherine_b. Not beta’ed or Brit-Picked; all comments and nit-picking welcomed.

Another quick note: those of you who are regular readers of mine have probably noticed that I’m not responding to reviews this week, something I usually make a point of doing within a day or two. It’s not that I don’t appreciate them – I really, really do – but RL has hit me and my family extremely hard right now, and it’s literally all I can do to put these up. I promise to respond to all of the comments as soon as I can.

The Other Half )
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--I am so far behind on the Sherlock60s that I may never actually catch up. I'm completely stuck on The Dying Detective and I can't figure out why.

--I'm hoping this will be rectified when I get to the States, obtain my Nook/Kindle (still undecided, will probably remain so until I can get my hands on the devices to see what I like better; there's apparently some issues with the Paperwhites and I've decided I definitely want a lit device), and have the ability to reread the stories a few times when I have a spare few minutes.

--I may have written a Broadway Musical adaptation for one of the Advent Calendar Drabbles. Well, one song, anyway.

--As a side note, I think most of the Advent Calendar Drabbles are much longer than drabbles. I am clearly crap at drabbles, but I think we already knew this.

--As evidenced by the fact that one of this is over 11,000 words long. It's being saved for Christmas Eve/Day, since I think it'll go in two parts.

--There's another drabble prompt that is giving me FEELINGS in the Doctor Who world, so I'm saving it for a few days and it may also end up being ridiculously long. And possibly not posted over Christmas; we'll see if it actually wants to be written.
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Title: Weasleys on a TARDIS
Fandom: Doctor Who/Harry Potter crossover (yeah, I went there)
Characters: Fred & George Weasley, the Doctor
Rating: G

Summary: Only slightly scarier than snakes on a plane.

Read it on LJ or on AO3.

A/N: The sixth of the Advent Calendar Drabbles. I’m still taking prompts, feel free to join in.

Because I am lazy, I’m titling the “drabbles” with the prompt I was given. Today’s prompt is from my husband, who would be a terror to crack!fic if he ever bothered to write half the ideas he has. Not beta’ed or Brit-Picked; all comments and nit-picking welcomed.

Weasleys on a TARDIS )
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Title: Guidebook
Fandom: Doctor Who
Characters: Nine, Rose, Jackie
Rating: G

Summary: Rose has a fascination for travel guides.

A/N: The fifth of the Advent Calendar Drabbles, and an actual drabble this time. I’m still taking prompts, feel free to join in.

Because I am lazy, I’m titling the “drabbles” with the prompt I was given. Today’s prompt is from [ profile] wildwinterwitch; it was also supposed to be 9/Rose, but didn’t work out that way (sorry about that). I thought of the last line and that sort of dictated the rest. Not beta’ed or Brit-Picked; all comments and nit-picking welcomed.

Guidebook )
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This past week has been something. I don't know what, but it was definitely something. We all came back from London with colds, though only Andrew seems to be completely over it. Mostly his cold manifested in a really obnoxious, trumpet-like cough, and I ended up keeping him home from school on Thursday because I'd heard that two kids in the complex had been diagnosed with strep throat. (One of whom he plays with constantly.) No strep for Andrew, luckily, but cough syrup which seems to have done the trick and he's much better now.

Me, all I've got is a stuffed-up nose, but I can breathe mostly, so that's fine. Bill, however, is Death Warmed Over.

I was supposed to take a cooking class at the local expat community center tomorrow - but I got a call this morning to tell me that it's been cancelled. Apparently, no one else wants to learn how to cook Japanese food. (I admit, I wasn't sure I wanted to either, but it's cheap and it's something to do and it actually kind of counts as RESEARCH, so I was willing to do it.) And I signed up for a Moroccan cooking class next week, and no one else has signed up for that one either. But everyone wants to learn how to bake and cook Thai food and they're going on a field trip to a chocolatier. I kind of want to find those spouses and yell WIMPS at them.

(Okay, the chocolatier could be neat, but it goes until 2pm, and I have to pick Andrew up by 1pm.)

The bright side is that since I can breathe again, I can go back to the gym. AND I finally downloaded the first two seasons of Cabin Pressure, so I have something to listen to on the elliptical. Finally! I'll understand all the lemon jokes! Hopefully, anyway.

Oh! Update on the Dog Dilemma )

On the writing front )

In other fic news, I updated the fic rec list. Not many new ones - mostly I think I forgot to add a few, so that's my fault, not the plethora of awesome fic out there - but they're marked for easy finding.

Watched the epilogue to Angels Take Manhattan, and I think I have some feels there, but I'm going to sit and think about them a little more before posting.
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Because I am JUST THIS NERDY )

There will be a longer post detailing today's adventures (Morning: Aquarium, this afternoon: Momma goes on a Fandom Binge), but for now I have to start dinner and entertain the toddler. But I had to post the photos, I had a big grin on my face all afternoon and couldn't wait to boast share.
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Last night's sleep was completely messed up; I think I got a total of four hours, with a two-hour break in the middle. And today was a travel day, complete with airports and ridiculous queues and the most awesome in-flight entertainment system ever (seriously, you could chat with other passengers, it was neat, and I saw The Hunger Games finally, and I like the book better), and then a sick-to-his-stomach toddler at Passport Control. Well, it's not like I haven't been thrown up on before, and then the guy at the passport line took pity on us and let us go in the Sooper Special Squirrel line, which was very nice of him since both Andrew and I were kind of smelly at that point.

We're attempting to put Andrew down now, which is not going overly well, and I intend to fall asleep shortly thereafter, but I wanted to say the following.

1. Watching Doctor Who along with the rest of the UK on the TV and not being forced to download it or use a VPN to stream it is awesome..


Dear Mr Moffat,

YOU. SUCK. OMG, would you frickin' get off your obsession with making people jump off rooftops already???? PEOPLE DO NOT NORMALLY JUMP OFF ROOFTOPS AND LIVE TO TELL THE TALE.



In all seriousness, I could not watch that scene without thinking of Reichenbach. I hate it when fandoms collide.

And though it's sad that Rory is timelocked....well, at least Amy's in there with him. Take that as you will.

In other news, there were a stack of magazines in the foyer of the flat where we're staying, and one of them has Benedict Cumberbatch on the cover. Hurrah for unexpected reading material!
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Bill and I watched "Assylum of the Daleks" on Sunday night. For the most part, I haven't been paying a bit of attention to the spoilers or casting notices and despite having looked at Tumblr before watching (mistake, don't do that again), I didn't really know what was going to happen. So that was nice.

But the oddest thing about the episode was that it seemed...well...done. As in done before, and frequently.

More under the cut )

And...of course...there's the Amy-Rory subplot. Which is...well. You know, I probably should have All The Feels about this, but I just don't know. )
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First and foremost, the new Doctor Who trailer, as I haven't seen anyone mention it yet. Note that Rupert Graves (Lestrade of Sherlock fame) is looking delicious in there.

Also, but omg, can we be done with the Weeping Angels already?

Otherwise...yeah. I think we'll be watching that. Assuming I can figure out how, that'll be the tricky part. I've had some trouble downloading the larger files here; no idea if it's the bandwidth or what. It might show on AFN...but at 3am, which is of no use to anyone.

Next, regarding Andrew. )

On Writing & Replacement Therapy (is that a term? it should be) )

Moving on...Olympics! )

And lastly....okay, the worst part of this week, bar nothing? Ants. Our kitchen has been invaded by ants, little tiny black ones that go in perfect little lines across my stupid black-and-white mottled counter, blending in so perfectly I can't even see the blasted things until I'm looking in the exact right spot. I swear, I'm cleaning off the counter every ten minutes and there are ant traps in every corner. On the plus side, Bill says he remembers these from last year, and they eventually went away, so there's hope.

In the meantime, I had to toss an entire cabinet of crackers because they managed to break the seals on the bags. Stupid ants.

(And the shop that sells the yummy balsamic vinegar and sea salt chips is out of them. But Metro mart has malt vinegar and sea salt chips, so I'm thinking I might try those instead.....for $4 a bag. This requires some thought.)

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