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So I had the weirdest, most awesome dream last night. And it starred Benedict Cumberbatch, whose name wasn't actually Benedict Cumberbatch, but Sebastian Moran. (Yeah, I know.) So "Sebastian" and I were at the airport - I want to say LAX, but only because it was LAX in the dream, it didn't actually look like any part of LAX I've been in), and we were going to be flying somewhere. We were accompanied by one or two minions/employees/someones, and a baby. (I have no idea what was going on with the baby, I just know it was sort of there in the background.) So we're waiting for our flight, and Sebastian and I decide to try an experiment, so we leave the baby and the minions in the safe waiting area we've found, away from the public who will presumably all adore "Sebastian" as soon as they see him because he's famous and whatnot (because I think he's still Benedict Cumberbatch, even though in my dream he was called Sebastian). So we leave the room, and he goes and finds a seat in one of those massive waiting areas, and just sits and twiddles his thumb, and I stand back and watch the crowd to see who's going to notice (and recognize) him first. And we keep catching each other's eyes, and trying not to giggle, because no one pays the least bit of attention to him. Then it's time to catch our flight so we give up on the game and as soon as he moves, the whole lounge goes "OMG IT'S SEBASTIAN MORAN" and they chase us through the airport and we only narrowly manage to escape to our safe waiting room where the minions look at us and are presumably about to call us a pair of dorks, but then I woke up so who knows.

My brain is a weird, weird place.

And then I woke up and wrote Apocalypse fic where everyone dies, even though no rocks actually fall. Or maybe they already fell. And it's an Advent Calendar fic. Here, Merry Christmas, have some death and destruction.
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The weird dreams continue, though thankfully I forget most of them shortly after waking. This morning, though, I had a very vivid memory of last night's dream, in which I learned that I was actually the daughter of J.K. Rowling (conveniently ignoring the fact that she's only eleven years older than I am). The media, having gotten wind of this information, was making much of it, particularly the fact that JKR's long-lost daughter actually wrote Harry Potter fanfic *gasp horror shock*.

(Sorry, Mom; I've got a silly, traitorous brain.)

But seriously, can you imagine the field day news reporters would have with that story? Imagine the hit counts! Or do you think the long-lost daughter of JKR would be required/compelled to remove her fanfic from the internet?

I woke up highly amused at my brain. Then again, I also woke up with a toddler in bed next to me. I'm thinking he had a nightmare or something around 3.30, although it might have also been because he was messing around with his nightlight and now it doesn't work. Considering I spent two dollars on the nightlights, I'm not overly upset, but I am annoying because it was a pain trying to find this one, and I think it was still too bright for him because every time he wanted to go to sleep, he covered his head with the blanket.
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1. Andrew continues to wake up whenever I start typing on the computer. He can be dead asleep to the point that Cleo is caterwauling next to his ear, and he won't wake. I type two words on the computer in the next room, which he can't hear because of the white noise from his Sleep Sheep, and he is instantly and completely awake and yelling. This is driving me slowly insane, because there's only so much work I can do on the laptop downstairs, which is much older than the desktop, can't process the videos or photographs, and doesn't connect to the internet.

For instance, he is screaming now, because he's desperately tired and wants to nap, but I'm desperately lonely and want to communicate with someone. It's said that screaming isn't a bad thing, but that's generally spoken by the people who don't have to listen to the screaming anymore.

2. The new season of Doctor Who starts this weekend, apparently, which I only figured out by reading in between the lines of the flist. (Because I only get online once every other day if I'm lucky, I've given up on reading communities. Or newspapers. Or anything else, really. Did you know there was a shooting in DC this week? And apparently, Chile had an earthquake?) This is good, I liked the little we saw of Eleven, and I think it's going to be a fun season. With luck, Andrew won't make me watch it in ten minute increments.

3. I'd really like to know why days can go by with no one sending me an email, calling, or wanting to stop by, and then every person I know feels the need to reach out in the span of 3 hours, generally when I'm trying desperately to get stuff done because Andrew is finally asleep. At one point a few days ago, I actually answered the phone with a seriously testy "WHAT?!?!", because it'd been ringing off the damn hook for twenty minutes, a different person every time, and Andrew had been a pill all day. The only reason I answered it at all was because I can't turn off the ringers for every phone in the house, and I was sick of listening to the damn noise while I waited for the machine to pick up. It was my mother-in-law on the other end. She hung up pretty quickly, and luckily has a sense of humor about things.

4. The next person who tells me to take a nap is getting slapped. If you want me to take a nap so badly, YOU come over here and fold the laundry, wash the dirty baby bottles, make the formula, clean the litterbox, sweep the floor where the baby plays, and make something for me to eat on the run.

5. Speaking of food, I'm doing a half-assed Passover this year. The problem with Passover is that it involves cooking - a lot of cooking, because there still aren't that many ready-to-eat meals for Passover available (although there are more now than there were when I was a kid). What does exist is ridiculously expensive. So I'm trying, but this morning I had a bowl of cereal, because honestly? I just couldn't be bothered.

6. I had a dream about David Tennant last night. Considering it didn't end all that well, it was still a really good dream, oddly enough. I'm pretty sure by the end of the dream, he thought I was a crazy stalker fangirl. Which I sort of was, in the dream anyway - he caught me going through his mail. Whoops. I did manage to get back to sleep and continue the dream, and I think I almost had him convinced I wasn't entirely crazy, and almost endearing in a cute-but-please-keep-your-distance sort of way, but then Cleo woke me up so we'll never know for sure.
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Weird dream last night, probably precipitated by the fact that I woke up at 2am with cramps, and ended up sleeping sitting up on the couch downstairs. I dreamed that for some reason, Bill and I bought a new house, and I was seeing it for the first time. The kitchen was...weird, and little, and every appliance in it (fridge, dishwasher, oven, even a deep-freeze) was avocado green. I don't think deep freezes even were made in avocado green, but nevertheless, there they were. It was kind of frightening.

Although - when I was growing up, our fridge was avocado green. That fridge was older than I was; it died while I was away at college. Apparently, when the repairman announced the time of death, my mom was already in the car, ready to go to Sears and pick out a new one.

Weird dream, plus I slept late - I only woke up about half an hour ago - so now my whole day feels a bit off-kilter. I finished editing the Phantom/Doctor Who fic for [ profile] momdaegmorgan yesterday, and it's off with one of the usual suspects for betaing. I looked at the O.S., laughed, and put it away again. I wrote a query letter for Two Roads Traveled, but I'm going to write two additional scenes for it so the query letter is probably a bit premature. (But I've never actually written a query letter before, so maybe an early start isn't a bad idea.)
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Reaction )

But! [ profile] time_converges wrote me a drabble - a double drabble, even. All about Donna's reaction to the events of Planet of the Dead. It's a wee bit spoilery for the ending, but not overly so, and I think I'm still squeeing, so go and read and comment and join me in the squee.

(And for those wondering: yes, I will definitely have something ficcy and new to post tomorrow. I'm accumulating a nice little stash of stuff over here, my To Be Posted folder is very happy indeed.)
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At approximately 5.45am:

Me: I had a weird dream.
Bill: Yeah?
Me: I dreamed that someone showed up at the door and handed me a baby.1
Bill: Huh. I dreamed that Rose Tyler worked for MI5.

Am now plagued with "Tyler....Rose Tyler. I like my men rude, not ginger."

1 Little boy, blue eyes, blond "hair", which is to say, fuzz. Very sweet, curled up asleep on my chest. I cuddled him for most of the dream. And I distinctly remember for some reason going through baby toys that looked like soft dioramas, and not liking any of them, or thinking we needed any. One was Noah's Ark. Weird.
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New chapter of Reflections tonight - we got in late last night, and I was too exhausted to turn on the computer, much less plug in it.

Quick comments:

1. I love traveling with Bill. We nearly always get bumped up to first/business. Yesterday was no exception, except he couldn't be bumped with me, and said it was okay if I went alone. Ahhhhh, the loveliness of sipping a cocktail while the peons walk back to coach. :)

(In reality, no cocktail, but lots of peons. And I was the only female in first class; all the rest were businessmen who spent most of the ride annoying the flight attendant, so I asked only for water and spent the ride scribbling away in my notebook.)

2. I had two odd dreams this weekend. One involved David Tennant arguing with Sir Robert Dudley, which is probably a result of me writing DW fanfic while reading about the life of Elizabeth I. The second involved someone putting a rice casserole type thing on my plate, and demanding I eat it, which I couldn't do, because it was Passover.

Even in my dreams, I'm keeping kosher. I get bonus points for that, right?
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Odd dream last night. )

Code Orange weather today, according to the paper, which means all the buses in Virginia are free. Pity that doesn't apply to the trains as well, or at least the parking garages - although those fill up very well on their own, even at $4 a pop.

Woke up this morning to the thundering herd of elephants that are the kittens chasing each other up and down the stairs. I laid down on the living room floor last night and looked at it from their perspective: the world is their jungle gym.
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I had a dream about Rachel last night. )


Arena has picked up overtime hours again, due to the upcoming production of She Loves Me. (Wikipedia entry for the show here.) I'm of two minds about the overtime. One is that overtime is good for the intention of paying off the house; the other is that I would far rather not have any overtime at all because quite frankly, I'd rather come home and be with my husband.

If overtime was sporadic, I don't think I'd be resentful of it half as much as I am. But the thing is, it's not sporadic, and most of the time it seems to be a required thing. In another life, I did overtime without question. Now, not so much.

So here's the thing: I can't change theatre, and theatre is tied up with overtime. I don't want to have to do overtime, so does that mean I can't do theatre again? What does cutting out one mean for the other?

And scarier, if I don't do theatre, what will I do? My immediate answer is, of course, stay at home and write, and goodness knows the last time I didn't work I was busier than ever, so I imagine I'd find something. But truth is, I like having the companionship. I like interacting with people. And to stay home all day long, without continuous interaction - I think I'd much rather have a part-time thing, for a little each day, just so I have some sort of contact with the world outside the house.

So there's my quandry for the day, anyway. The rest of the day will actually be taken up with driving Bill to the airport, driving in to Arena for a few hours, and then hooking up with Heather and Brian to do something in the afternoon, depending on their schedule. And perhaps buying a computer desk so that I can at last set up the computer in the office where it ought to be. (The one that came back from Bishkek is toast, sadly, because whoever put it together or took it apart stripped the wood and no screws will stay in it.)
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I had a dream about Rachel last night. )


HHE Update: So I'm chatting with Holly at work, as Holly's been watching my copies of Lost season 2 to catch up. Two nights ago they reached the episode where the Lostaways find the boxes of food in the jungle. Their first thought upon seeing the shipment? "OMG, it's Sharon's HHE!"

I was amused.

Anyway, Bill called the folks in charge of said HHE's delivery to give them our new contact information. Kimberly confirmed that the crates are nowhere to be found, but entered in our phone numbers and such.

Not half an hour later, I got a call on my cell. It was Kimberly, saying they had our HHE in hand and when would we like it delivered?

"How's your day so far?" asked Kimberly.

"Awesome, now!"

So our HHE has been located, it was not dropped on a magical island in the Pacific, and it's not sitting in someone's house in Arlington. It will be delivered on Wednesday, as that's the first available date. (This makes sense, because when they deliver, they also unpack and put things together, so it does take some time to do.)

This is okay by me, because I have to organize like crazy now in order to make room for all the stuff that's coming in. Hoo-boy, I haven't even organized what I've got!

Bill goes up to Connecticut this weekend, but will return on Monday with his father in tow. As his dad is an extremely competant fix-it man, I have already written up a list of things for them to do that I can't handle on my own. Figure if they accomplish half of them, I'll be happy.
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Odd dream last night about buying dresses - weird, elasticy, baby-doll type denim dresses, of all things, and for some reason the smalls were really gigantic. I have NO idea what it means, but happily the phone rang and woke me up anyway.

The saga of the phone is thus: I signed up for cell service for the next year, since I'm going to be here and it made more sense than carrying around the convenient but more expensive-in-the-long-run Virgin tracfone. It's a happy little phone, with one small problem: it's not ringing through. Bill's tried to call the line a couple of times now, and I've tried calling out on it, and it's not working.

This, as most people will tell you, is a problem. Good news being that Cingular is replacing the phone; bad news being that they aren't handing a new one over the counter, they're mailing it to me. Which means, for all intents and purposes, I'm still going off of the tracfone for now - but I'll have a very pretty phone eventually. Maybe by the end of the week. I hope by the end of the week, because I'd sort of like to take the new phone to Lumos with me. Bleh.

In other news: Bill and I finally had a reasonably quiet night, which was much appreciated as we seem to be eating out an awful lot lately. We ordered in Papa Johns pizza (which still counts as eating in, thank you!) and watched Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, which I regret to say lived up to my extremely low expectations. In other words, I didn't like it one bit. Jim Carrey I'm sure was very good in it and all, but I have yet to see a Charlie Kaufman movie that I like, or at least sounds remotely interesting. To my mind, Pulp Fiction did a much better job of telling a non-linear story and making you understand the entire circular concept of time and linkage than the waste of time we experienced last night.

I finally managed to send back Chicken Little yesterday - clearly, our issue will be mailing movies back in a reasonable amount of time - and today I will mail back Sunshine and next up on the lists is March of the Penguins for me and Old School for Bill. In the meantime, Noel brought me Pride and Prejudice and Lawrence of Arabia and I still have DVDs borrowed from [ profile] casapazzo to get through.

I can't find my mp3 player anywhere. This is somewhat distressing, as I also can't remember the last time I saw it; might have been Heathrow airport, might have been the hotel. In other electronics news, Bill is now thinking about taking the laptop with him next month, which will leave me computerless until the HHE shipment arrives (in October or thereabouts). Gah. The argument for getting a PDA grows stronger daily.
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I really need a Rock-Paper-Elephant icon. Except I'd probably be the only person to get the joke. (Well, Evan would get it too, but he's seven and doesn't read LJ. Which is probably a good thing.)

Anyway, in that spirit, apparently I am not the first to come up with odder variations of that game: [ profile] citruscommando linked me to a whole list of different endings, with appropriate endings, which is more than I can say for Evan and I, because usually he's laughing too hard to figure out what exactly Elephant would do to Scissors.

(I say he steps on them and crushes them. Evan thinks Scissors would cut off Elephant's ears. I did mention that Evan is seven, right?)

Yesterday's List )

Hmm. A really boring list from yesterday, anyway. Mostly because the day was weird, as neither of us had much sleep the night before. On the other hand, we watched a couple of old Buffy episodes, which was nice.

The downside, however, was that I broke my last tapestry needle for Erised, and can't get any more here, so that ends me working on it for the next month. Not the end of the world, as there are plenty of other projects to work on in the meantime, but I was really hoping to finish off another page before we boarded the plane.

Today's List

  1. Bake strawberry champagne scones for today's Embassy-Spouse tea

  2. Read Deanna's story. Or else dire things will happen.

  3. Continue entering DVDs into LibraryThing.

  4. [ profile] loupnoir's picture of B

  5. Iron Bill's shirts

  6. Think of something for dinner

  7. Put Cinnamon Beef recipe online. Ooo, Cinnamon Beef for dinner again, take two, so that I can take a picture for the Recipe Box! Well, gosh, there's one list item to mark off.

  8. Defrost beef.

  9. Continue taking out mountains of empty boxes and trash items to the dumpster

Eh, it's a Sunday. I'm allowed to have a short list, aren't I? Besides, I have no idea how long Tea will take, although it is at the house with the kittens, so at least I can go and oggle them a little.
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You know it's bad when you start dreaming about moving. Dream Sequence, Starting Now )

There was another dream too, this one dealing with a theatre and the sound didn't work, but that was mostly funny, and I don't remember it very well, except it had a laugh track. Never had a dream with a laugh track before.
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I've been coding like mad the last two or three days, trying to fix up because it's boring as all heck at the moment. Part of the reason it's taking a while is because I'm also uploading all the fanfiction there while I'm at it - something I always intended to do, and am now doing in earnest.

This is also nerves looking for something to do, because I want to start editing the O.S., and one of my betas says she'll have Part One done by this weekend, and I've decided to wait for her before I begin. There's only so many times you can watch Buffy while cross-stitching before you go crazy, you know.

(Besides, I feel no need to repeat Seasons 4-7.)

Anyway, I saw someone using graphics on their longer stories, and I thought they looked like fun. And I created this for the Broadway Series, which is just too funny not to share. I spent entirely too much time and had entirely too much fun making it. I'm only sorry I couldn't find a good shot of Voldy to add in. (I wanted the one from the last movie where he's touching his head for the first time.)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Had another weird dream last night - I was at my grandparents' house in Dallas, except they'd redone the bathroom. How a little yellow bathroom suddenly turned into this great big luxurious day spa, complete with marble flooring and a lap pool, and all these sheer draperies hanging here and there is beyond me. I asked my grandmother, who was laying out by the pool sipping something fruity and adorned with an umbrella, and she said, "Well, we knocked out the wall into our walk-in closet, since we don't go in there anymore."

Not like that makes a lot of sense, but that's what she said. The closet and the bathroom do share a wall, but the new and improved bathroom was way bigger than the closet would allow.

I don't even want to think about what dreams with bathrooms mean.
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Found via [ profile] casapazzo's journal: If Fandoms Were Drugs. It includes HP and Buffy, and is so, so true, and really ought to be required reading.

I got my package today - T. the Mail Room Nazi pulled it out yesterday and left it for me to collect today in the hall - which is not as potentially bad as it sounds, since few embassy folks are allowed in this section of the hall, and most of us leave packages there anyway. Sadly, it's neither of the packages I thought I was collecting, but nonetheless had some good stuff in it, so I'm content for now. Until, of course, the next pouch arrives and I have to go through this all over again.

Really, if they just had mail room hours in the morning, I'd be good.

Extremely weird dream last night, probably inspired by watching the end of Buffy Season Two last night immediately before bed. Cut because who really wants to read about weird Buffy-inspired dreams, even if they do star David Boreanaz? )
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Somewhere in this apartment are two phone cards with oodles of time on them. Unfortunately, I cannot find either one of them.

This normally wouldn't be that big of a problem, because I could go to Bill and say, "Bill, darling, where's the phone card in your wallet?" And lo, I'd be able to call someone back in the States.

Unfortunately, however, Bill and his Wallet are in the States right now, and thus it's sort of hard to ask him for his wallet when I can't call him and ask as I don't have a phone card that would allow me to do so.

Argh. *headsdesk*

(One of these days we're just going to join the 21st century and do an Internet calling plan or something like that, but it's sort of impossible in the immediate short-term as the equipment you need to call on the internet doesn't really exist in K, and therefore is unavailable for immediate purchase. Bleh.)

Extremely weird dream last night that keeps coming back in pieces. All I remember was that it was sort of Revolutionary War era, and there was a river and a boat and I was in the boat with someone else, and we were washing skirts by dunking them in the river. (Somehow, this worked.) It felt very Homer-esque; the river was windy and kept going by abandoned towns that looked more like Greek ruins or Old West ghost towns. And then we ended up in this burnt-out stone castle where there was a battle going on, and for some reason, the British soldiers looked more like German Nazis than Redcoats, and suddenly the whole dream turned into a movie set without the cameras. And I want to say there was a baby involved, but beats me where it was, because I don't think I ever saw it, I just sort of knew, the way you know in dreams, that there was a baby in the boat.

Very weird dream. On the bright side, however, Bill is in the States, meaning I can have an omelet for breakfast. Mmm, omelet.

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