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1. Okay, I'm going to link from various social medias to other various social medias.  That is - in my profile for LJ, AO3, and Tumblr, you'll find links to P.P.'s site.  I will probably link back from P.P. to AO3 at some point, but at the moment I'm still trying to decide how much presence that personna is going to have online.  (Mostly, this boils down to whether or not I get P.P. a Tumblr or a Twitter or a FB page.  Opinions welcome.)

2. Definitely getting the copyright.  If I'm reading the website correctly, if I wait until the book is actually published, I'm better off to the tune of $105.  I like this tune.  I'm also not overly stressed about someone swooping in and saying "BUT I AM THE REAL P.P."  It's more for peace of mind than anything else.  And anyway - the book comes out in about two weeks, and the current wait time for the copyright office is 8 months, so I think waiting isn't going to make much of a difference in the long run.

3. Bill got me the official Sherlock calendar for Christmas.  It's lovely. Right now, it kind of looks like Benedict Cumberbatch is greatly annoyed by the state of my desk. Except I just realized that instead of the weeks being listed Sunday to Saturday, they're listed Monday to Sunday.  Which is fine, but is going to probably confuse me for a little while when I look at it and try to plan things.

But the big news is:

4. Charlie has a tooth!!!!!
It's the lower left-hand side tooth, and it just started peeking out this afternoon.  I was looking at it, and it looked kind of ridgy, and I felt it with my fingernail, and it is DEFINITELY A TOOTH.  Charlie has been in a reasonably good mood for most of the day, except that he only napped this morning because sleep is for wimps.
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I blocked myself from getting onto Tumblr until tomorrow morning, mostly because I could feel myself being dragged back into the pro/anti-Mary fight all over again, and since that particular battle nearly pushed me into leaving the fandom two years ago, I'm pretty wary about going back there.

Also, I spent a good chunk of last night's writing time on it already, and I'd really rather not procrastinate any longer from working on the stories that need writing.

Which is why I'm writing an LJ entry instead.

Writing Things )

The Children )

Anyway, that's all I can think of, and I'm exhausted, and I'm going to bed where I will curl up with my current book and read until I fall asleep or when Charlie remembers that he doens't like to sleep through the night.  Usually these things occur simoultaneously.  Which might be why I'm exhausted.

p.s. oh, yes, the Sherlock special was awesome and I loved it tons and it might be my favorite of ALL the episodes, I haven't decided.  and someday, when Charlie is in kindergarten, I will write a review of it.  
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In no particular order:

1. I spent two hours and cleaned the floors on the first level of the house so well you can eat off them.  (Shut up, it's been a while since I had a chance to do that.)

2. I sort of organized the office, so it does not look entirely like a disaster zone.  Now it just looks like a disaster zone waiting to happen.  This is improvement.  Also, I have a plan that will result in me being able to unpack the LAST DAMN BOX leftover from last summer's move.

3. I had lunch with my husband THREE TIMES.

4. Andrew and I had a very funny conversation which I meant to write down but did not and thus have forgotten nearly all of it except for the fact that at one point, he said, "No, Momma, I trying to TELL you."  (Because I kept correcting him what he was saying, except I misunderstood what he was trying to say.)

5. Oh, and the editor liked my story and sent back some really good feedback and I have to edit it and send it back now. Squeeee.

6. Cleo got caught in the rainstorm and is walking around the house entirely pissed off and looking like a wet rat.  Hopefully this will teach her not to go outside and she will stay in where it is nice and safe and there are no foxes.

But the best thing is:

7. It is 9.30pm and Andrew finally fell asleep.

Priorities, yo.
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1. I am trying like heck to respond to comments this week; I know I've been bad, so if you see a reply to a comment you left in the last week/two weeks/year, try not to have a heart attack.

2. FINALLY, FINALLY, FINALLY saw "The Bells of St John", with about one hour to spare before it was taken down from BBC's iPlayer. Except now it seems like all the rest of them have been taken down; I sort of assumed since the first episode was up for just about forever, the rest of them would be too. Stupid me, apparently. Grr. And I'm annoyed about how they're set up on Amazon: I could buy Part One and Part Two of Series 7 separately for about $20 each, not including the Christmas special, or I could wait until August and pay twice that for the entire series in one set. WTF, Amazon???? That is not terribly intelligent marketing there.

Shall discuss with Bill when he wakes up, to see what he thinks (half the reason I waited so long to watch was because it's nice to have something to watch together. Which is not blaming him for them being taken down; I could have easily watched them on my own earlier and he was okay with that; I should have kept a better eye.)

3. Almost done writing Mise. HURRAH. The chapters are getting mysteriously short toward the end. And once that's done, I'm going to write the epilogue to Heart3 and be done with THAT. The goal is to be done with the actual writing before Andrew's done with school in three weeks, because I'm not going to have a lot of time after that. Editing I can wedge in - writing, not so much.

4. There are cinnamon rolls going into the oven in about ten minutes; I'm trying a new dough recipe. It's gonna smell awesome in here in about half an hour. Who wants to come over for breakfast?
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It's been a busy day in a crazy busy week - I don't know what it was about this week, but every day was something else that came up that had to be done, and it didn't help that I didn't have the car from Sunday until this morning, because it was in the shop for repairs.

The silly bit was that my week was mostly taken up with small things. Coffee with a friend on Sunday, and writers group on Monday, and Tuesday was shopping and yet more coffee with some of the other moms in the complex, and today I had to go to the embassy for a couple of small things (to include mailing back my father's hat, which he left here two weeks ago).

(Hence the A/N on the last chapter about the morning being busy but hopefully not eventful. Which for the UL, is saying something.)

Tomorrow is more of the same: I'm going to teach yet another friend how to make lasagne, because apparently I am now the expert by the sheer fact that I'm one of the few people who actually makes it from scratch. (Doesn't hurt that half of the moms here aren't American-born. But it's a trade: I'm going to teach her how to make lasagne and she's going to teach me how to make something Thai. We're all trying to convince another mom to teach us how to make paella, but that mom declares loudly that she can't get the proper ingredients which makes it a wasted effort.)

Also, and this may not have been the best of ideas, I had to run into the PX this afternoon and the end result is that dessert tonight consisted of chocolate ice cream with Bailey's Irish Cream. There's an actual rationality to this dessert, or at least there's rationality to me having the Bailey's Irish Cream, but I've just finished it off and my arms are starting to get really heavy, which is a sign that I'm either mildly tipsy (I have no tolerance for alcohol or really tired, and I don't think I'm tired. So, in an attempt to figure out how drunk I am (off two scoops of chocolate ice cream and one of those tiny sampler bottles of Baileys), here is the chain of events leading to Bailey's:

In which I am steadily getting more tipsy by the word. I think. I don't know, actually, I'm writing this cut after I'm done writing the rest, so it's entirely possible that none of this cut tag makes any sense at all, which is probably indicative of where the rest of this post is headed. )
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1. Andrew went for the whole day wearing the same pair of shorts and underwear. This is notable only because since we went all gangbusters on the potty training, he's never worn less than three pairs per day.

2. I'm amused that the Kindle Daily Deal today is "Guests of the Ayatollah" for $1.99. Excellent book. Probably not the best thing to be reading in the UL, though.

3. I had half a glass of champagne out on the breezeway with some neighbors after Andrew went to bed a good half hour earlier than he normally does. And I don't even like champagne, but it was yummy stuff. Maybe my taste buds have matured?

4. The cat still hates me. But I did locate a vet who makes house calls, so at least I don't have to stuff her into a carrier and trek halfway across town to get her shots for our return to the States. Not like she's going to give me credit for that or anything...

5. I can't tell if the reason I can't feel my limbs is due to exhaustion or the champagne. I think this is a sign I should probably go to bed.

6. Do you know, when I type out champagne, I have to say it sham-pag-nee, or I don't spell it right?

7. (Pssst. Re: Number 5. My money's on the sham-pag-nee.)
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1. Andrew v Cleo
Cleo snuck into Andrew's room just before I put him to bed tonight. Normally Cleo does not hang in Andrew's room at night, because we keep his door closed so that we can watch TV and not worry about noise. Also, because Andrew doesn't need the distraction of OMG CLEO IS ON MY BED when we're really rather he go to sleep.

Except Cleo snuck into his room, and then crawled under his bed and refused to move.

This was about an hour ago. She's still in there. Andrew's asleep.

This is very odd. I kept expecting one or the other to bother each other so much that the bothered one would vacate the room and come in here to complain. And I'd really like to get some cross-stitch done, but I don't want to turn on the TV and wake Andrew up. Grr.

2. The recipe testing continues
Recent recipes tested included two kinds of soup (watercress, which was way yummy, and carrot and ginger, which was a bit salty but I blame that on locally-purchased bullion). I have plans to remake the chicken-and-tomatoes dish, which is going to be heavily modified, and traditional English bangers, which will not be bangers because I can't get the casings, so they'll be patties instead.

Oh, and [ profile] ashfae's gingerbread. Hmm. Ash, think the gingerbread would work in an ice cream cake, if I baked it thin?

3. Writing
I've figured out the next major movement in Mise - whew. I'm still somewhat stuck on Heart3. I have apparently signed up to write a soulmate AU. I'm also apparently writing another essay on Omegavere Genetics, based on some fascinating conversations in the comments about genetic theory.

I really, really, really need to stop turning minor projects into major epics.

3a. Writer's Group
So, three meetings now. I ended up presenting a portion of the still-unnamed Original Story at the second meeting, which was fairly well received, especially if you consider that I didn't submit more of it for the third meeting, and was consequently scolded for the omission by two of the members.

But it's fun. And I really like the group of women, and I don't think I'm the best writer in the group, but I'm not the worst either. (Apart from the journalist, I might be the one with the most experience.)

3b. Speaking of writing and experience
Don't suppose anyone on my flist ever worked in a restaurant, did you? If so, speak now, or you don't get to criticize when I do finally start posting Mise and everything that happens in the kitchen is all wrong.

4. Speaking of Movies. We weren't speaking of movies? Well, now we are.
Bill and I are getting Skyfall from Netflix next. FINALLY. I understand that Bond/Q is the pairing to watch, or something like that. There's also a whole bunch of BondLock, and I'd like to see what the fuss is about.

5. Supernatural

Okay, people. Convince me. Why do I need to watch this? Better yet, how do I convince Bill, because he's started rewatching BSG, and there's only so much doom and gloom I can take in the evenings.
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1. Cooking. I continue to be a lean, mean, recipe-testing machine. I remade the spinach on Friday night and it turned out MUCH better, though could still use some tweaking. Picture/recipe to follow. I also made Anzac Biscuits with the golden syrup, and they are quite yummy and being passed around. Currently there is a chicken in the oven, rubbed with garlic and parsley and balsamic vinegar and a little olive oil. Eventually, it will end up in risotto.

(The chicken, incidentally, is not for Mise; it's just because I have a chicken and risotto rice and wanted to do something with them.)

Later this week: English bangers, but without the sausage casings because pig parts are proving to be difficult to source in a Muslim country - SHOCKING, I KNOW - and a carrot-ginger soup, because I might convince Andrew to eat it.

2. Cross-stitch. I AM DONE WITH BABY ANNOUNCEMENTS. I finally finished the last one a few days ago and so I'm back to working on Erised - which means there will have been PROGRESS by the time its anniversary rolls around next month.

All I have to say is, no one's allowed to get pregnant now, because dammit, I want to finish Page 7 of Erised before Andrew starts kindergarten.

3. Television Watching. I got the next disc of To the Ends of the Earth. Hurrah! Pirate-shirted Benedict Cumberbatch is in my future; let's see if Edmund continues to be a jerk or if he gets his comeuppance in the last episode.

Bill and I have also started watching Star Trek TOS again. I have not been doing recaps, mostly because I've been caught up with other things. But OMG, the second season seems to be all about trying to kill Spock and leaving Scotty in charge of the ship. And Chekov keeps getting the girls. It's very strange.

4. Paris. Three people I know have been to Paris in the last month. I am jealous, but mostly because of the food.

5. Bill has written a haiku, based on current events in the UL and the fact that the news tends to blow things out of proportion.

UL is burning.
We are fine; do not worry.
Today ends in Y.
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1. I'm somewhat punchy at the moment. I have no idea why.

2. That's not true. I know exactly why. Last night was awful, Andrew woke up at 1am and didn't get back to sleep until 2.30, and I didn't get to sleep until 3am, and when I did straggle back to bed I found Andrew in it, taking over my side, so I ended up falling to sleep in his bed instead. And at some point during the night, Andrew shoved Bill out of bed, so he went to sleep in the guest room, so no one slept in their own beds last night. Cleo woke me up at 5am, demanding food, but I was still so exhausted that I just went back to sleep and didn't wake up until 7.30, which is really late for me, and Andrew woke up 10 minutes later so I didn't get a chance to actually write my words until this evening.

3. And then I wrote 1700 words, and the quick little Mystrade fic I'm writing with the intention of being done before Nano in four days is NOT going to be done in four days, unless Andrew suddenly becomes King of Calm and Sleep. HA.

3a. Because apparently, I am writing ANOTHER casefic. Dammit. I did not want to write another casefic. Not only that, but it's going to be an EPIC casefic. Can you have an epic casefic? Or would the whole epicciness get in the way of the caseficciness, to the point that no one remembers who died by the time you reveal who killed him?

3b. And who would want to read a Mystrade casefic in which there is no Sherlock Holmes, anyway?

3c. Would you spell "epicciness" with one C, or two?

4. Also, I had coffee ice cream. Well, caramel macchiato ice cream. This was possibly a bad idea, but there was a dollar off coupon at the Commissary for Starbucks ice cream. HOW DO YOU IGNORE $1.50 ICE CREAM? YOU DON'T.

4a. Please don't ask how much ice cream is left. But I promise I didn't finish it.

4b. If the first word in an ice cream name is "caramel", you'd think it would be caramel based, wouldn't you? UNLESS YOU ARE STARBUCKS, apparently. There's a really good caramel ice cream on the local market but if you think Ben & Jerry's is expensive, this stuff is worse - it's $10 for a container slightly larger than B&Js. NO LIE.

4c. It's really yummy though.

5. The ice cream is possibly contributing to my punchiness.


7. Okay, I think I need to go to bed now.
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1. So I'm going to be doing Nano this year - I figure I'll use the Sherlock AU for it since I need time to do some research & development for it anyway. Thing is, it's been three years since I wrote a book for Nano, and I can't remember what the "rules" say about writing before November actually begins. (Mind, I'm happy to ignore rules when it comes to writing, but I'd at least like to know them beforehand so I know which ones I'm breaking.)

I know I can write outlines, but does anyone know if I can write snippets of dialog or short scene treatments as I think of them, and if I do use that dialog, they'd still count for the overall word count? (I'm hoping the AU is long enough that it wouldn't really matter, but again: like to know the rules before I go about breaking them.)

2. Bunco was excellent yesterday, except that only four of us showed up. (Apparently there is a softball game on Wednesday nights, and all the guys go, meaning none of the wives have babysitting.) So we ate the cookies and learned how to play, except without the round-robin-chair-switching-thing, and once we were done with that we gossiped and scared the newly-arrived expats for a few hours. It was fun. I have now offered to drive just about everyone in the complex around town, because apparently while I'm not the only SAHM anymore (yay!), I am the only one who is willing to drive here.

(A feat which is apparently getting me all sorts of Awesome points from the newbies. Like I'm a BAMF or something. Yeah, no. I wouldn't say I'm a BAMF, just incredibly fool-hardy, because drivers here are insane. Although maybe this is proof that JKR is right, and I really am a Gryffindor? God, I hope not.)

3. Speaking of Gryffindors....apparently part of CoS is available on Pottermore? And I keep forgetting to go? Has anyone else gone? Is it worth it? Or will I finish what's available and just be frustrated that there isn't more?

4. Bill relates the following story about bedtime last night. In which Andrew and Cleo are Either Cross-Species Boyfriend/Girlfriend or Arch Enemies. Take your pick. )
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If you're reading top to bottom on your flists, you may be shocked to see what I posted immediately prior to this one: FANFIC. Sherlock fanfic, even. I know, I'm kind of surprised myself. And in a truly ridiculous twist, nervous - because even though I've posted loads of fanfic before, I'm being silly about posting in a new fandom. Stupid, but there you are.

Plus, completely bamboozled, because I have NO idea how or where to advertise the fic, since I can't seem to find any Sherlock comms on LJ that aren't specifically ship- or kink-related, and this particular fic is neither. (Although you're certainly welcome to read them into it.) So I might have posted it, but I doubt it'll get much readership, and I don't have an AO3 account, which is where most of the Sherlock fic seems to reside.

Anyway, today is majorly busy, so I won't be able to sit at the computer and refresh the page every so often to see if anyone noticed it and didn't hate it entirely. Andrew and I are going to the pool this morning in an effort to wear him out enough for a nap (which shouldn't be too hard; he woke up at the obnoxious hour of 5.30am), and then this afternoon I get to be the welcoming committee at the airport for a new family coming in. Hence why I want Andrew to nap, so that Nita can actually get some work done while she's watching him this afternoon.

Much ado about other things. )

And with that, I have over 800 words, and Andrew is about ready to go to the pool, and so we're off. If anyone knows where one could post Sherlock fanfic, that would be much appreciated.
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1. Mamas-to-be on my flist, I thought about you all last night. Andrew had a screaming fit when going to bed; the only thing that calmed him down were the lullabies I've sung to him since he was about a month old. It occurred to me that "Little Bird" has miraculous effects when calming Andrew down, probably because it's what I've always sung to him when he's going to sleep. I think at this point it's a Pavlovian response - he hears the song, he gets sleepy. Nice thought, anyway. Which made me wonder if you ladies have figured out your lullabies of choice, and what they are?

2. [ profile] amberfocus, since you're the only person I know who might actually know this first-hand, is there a different in taste between brown and white eggs? Just curious.

3. Canadians of the flist, Bill and I are wondering. Often on our travels, we are asked where we are from. For the most part, I tell the truth and say I'm American. But there's also the school of thought that in many parts of the world, Americans aren't really liked all that much, so sometimes, we're advised to lie and say we're Canadian. Do you guys mind? And moreover, when you're overseas and say you're Canadian, do you find people giving you a "Uh-huh, SURE you are" response of some type?

4. Yesterday, I saw two ants the size of Buicks in our living room. No, seriously, BUICKS. If I see one near something that will give you a good impression of the relative size, I will take a photo. I can't promise that the photo will be taken before I squash the ant, though.

5. Andrew put himself down for a nap. According to Bill, he was happily playing with Cleo when he suddenly got up, went into his bedroom, found his Bunny and blanket, curled up on the floor, decided that the floor was too noisy, got up on the bed, decided the room was too loud, got off the bed and closed the door, and when Bill checked five minutes later, he'd fallen asleep.

6. Sample playlist, heard on the radio today, in order of play:

Ironic, Alanis Morissette
Hakuna Matata, from The Lion King
Let's Call the Whole Thing Off, Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong

I love my radio station.
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You know that saying about how kids who are quiet are generally getting into trouble?

Andrew defies that rule.

Step One: Wonder what that smell is. )
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Five Opinions All Mothers At One Time Hold
(Although Not Necessarily At the Same Time, As Will Become Evident)

*The amount of time spent believing #1 is in direct proportion to the ease with which the child in question went to bed that night.

1. I am the worst mother ever. Nothing I do is right. My children will be in therapy for the rest of their lives. I have no idea why they were even allowed to come home with me.

2. I screw up a lot. My children will be in therapy, but it won't be all about me. For some reason, they still love me.

3. I make some mistakes, but mostly, I do pretty good. My children might need therapy, but who doesn't?

4. Mistakes? Well, there was this one time when I put the diaper on backwards. My children can spend their therapy money on vacations to the Bahamas.

5. I am the best mother ever. I can do no wrong. Everything I touch is gold. My children will be the therapist.

Me? Oh, I'm thinking of turning #1 into a cross-stitch sampler. )

You know what I need? I need an icon of the penguins from Madagascar, in that scene where they've landed in Antarctica and there's all this snow and cold and wind, and it's sort of quiet, and then the leader penguin says, "Well, this sucks." Because that scene makes me laugh every time, and OMG is it appropriate to my life right now. Or at least appropriate to this post....
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[ profile] frakup's new puppy, Stella (who is way cute), has me thinking. Andrew's not a Time Lord, or a TARDIS. He's a puppy.

1. Puppies like to chew on things. Andrew likes to chew on things.

2. Puppies aren't housebroken. Andrew's not toilet-trained.

3. Puppies come when they're called, sometimes. Andrew comes when he's called, sometimes.

4. Puppies walk on all fours. Andrew walks on all fours.

5. Puppies follow you from room to room. Andrew follows me from room to room.

6. Puppies probably think their name is "No". Andrew probably thinks his name is "No, Handsome."

7. Bedtime does not apply to puppies, or babies, much to the disappointment of their human mommies.


In other news, a question for the mommies on the flist: when did you stop giving your kids a bedtime bottle? I think Andrew's resisting - he's exhausted until he drinks, and then BOOM, it's like he's got that sudden burst of energy that lasts for around half an hour. I haven't heard of any other kids dropping the bedtime feeding quite this early (nine months), and I'm considering trying to drop it now and see how it goes.
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1. Birthday parties for 2-year-olds are exhausting, even when the two-year-old isn't yours.

1a. There were cupcakes decorated to be animal faces. I am suddenly quaking with fear for Andrew's first birthday, which it's only just now occurred to me is in four months, and I'm going to have to do it alone. Seriously, he wouldn't notice if his birthday is a month late, would he?

2. Bedtime tonight was the first successful bedtime in over a week. However, bedtime didn't occur until 8.30pm, and involved 20 minutes of solid rocking before Andrew fell asleep. Mommy is now exhausted and other than this post, has no intention of writing anything, and instead will be heading straight up to bed.

2a. Thank ye gods (and [ profile] papilio_luna) that the Bingo Card fic isn't due until the end of August.

3. So Day One of Yogurt was on Friday. Now, I bought the organic yogurt, same as I always do, plain flavored so I could add in his own fruits and such. I wanted to buy the Stoneyfield yogurt, but the store was out of stock of the plain version, so I got the store brand organic, which I've had before and to me tastes just as good.

And as I'm feeding my baby what I think is very good yogurt, I look at the ingredients label. Thinking it'll say "milk, live cultures, maybe water or something."

Here is what it said (scary stuff in bold):

Cultured Pasteurized Grade A Organic Nonfat Milk
Organic Sugar
Organic Corn Starch
Organic Cream
Inulin (Dietary Fiber)
Fish Oil (Anchovy, Sardine)
Kosher Gelatin (Beef, Tilapia)
Vitamin D
Contains a blend of live & active cultures, etc.

I really, really, really want to know why there is fish oil and beef, of all things, in my yogurt. I mean...ew?

Call me naive (and I know many of you think I am, so you can kindly shut up and not hit the "reply" button, thanks), but here I was expecting organic to NOT INCLUDE THIS CRAP. Or at least that yogurt would be, I don't know, vegetarian, at the very least. Sheesh.

So tomorrow, Andrew and I are going to buy a yogurt-maker. I have had a week of crappy bedtimes. I deserve a new kitchen toy, and I have a 20%-off coupon from Bed Bath & Beyond burning in my pocket, and I've checked, I can get one for under $30.

Seriously. Beef? Anybody want some cow-flavored yogurt? :)
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1. There's a reaction post to The Beast Below coming - it's on the laptop downstairs which isn't hooked up to the internet. Hopefully I'll have it up tonight. For now, though: does anyone know where I can find some Eleven or Amy icons? I haven't had a chance to troll for new communities yet, and I recall seeing many are virulently anti-Rose, which I'd like to avoid for general discussion.

2. I FINALLY got the call saying my sewing machine is fixed and ready for pick-up, which means I can actually get around to sewing Andrew's curtains. (Curtains for Andrew! MWAHAHAHAH.)

3. Speaking of, and most importantly: Andrew sat up this morning. All by himself. For about a minute. And then he toppled over. He has not repeated the trick. Naturally, I did not have a camera on me, but at least there were witnesses - he did it after Mommy Boot Camp, because Alex (the little red-haired girl who is exactly one day older than Andrew) was sitting up, and whatever Alex does, Andrew must attempt, and vice versa.

To celebrate, picture of Andrew in his jumperoo )

Okay, he's still napping (miracle in and of itself) and will probably remain napping for at least ten more minutes. Shower, dishes, or fanfic? Decisions, decisions, decisions.....

[Poll #1550307]
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1. Andrew continues to wake up whenever I start typing on the computer. He can be dead asleep to the point that Cleo is caterwauling next to his ear, and he won't wake. I type two words on the computer in the next room, which he can't hear because of the white noise from his Sleep Sheep, and he is instantly and completely awake and yelling. This is driving me slowly insane, because there's only so much work I can do on the laptop downstairs, which is much older than the desktop, can't process the videos or photographs, and doesn't connect to the internet.

For instance, he is screaming now, because he's desperately tired and wants to nap, but I'm desperately lonely and want to communicate with someone. It's said that screaming isn't a bad thing, but that's generally spoken by the people who don't have to listen to the screaming anymore.

2. The new season of Doctor Who starts this weekend, apparently, which I only figured out by reading in between the lines of the flist. (Because I only get online once every other day if I'm lucky, I've given up on reading communities. Or newspapers. Or anything else, really. Did you know there was a shooting in DC this week? And apparently, Chile had an earthquake?) This is good, I liked the little we saw of Eleven, and I think it's going to be a fun season. With luck, Andrew won't make me watch it in ten minute increments.

3. I'd really like to know why days can go by with no one sending me an email, calling, or wanting to stop by, and then every person I know feels the need to reach out in the span of 3 hours, generally when I'm trying desperately to get stuff done because Andrew is finally asleep. At one point a few days ago, I actually answered the phone with a seriously testy "WHAT?!?!", because it'd been ringing off the damn hook for twenty minutes, a different person every time, and Andrew had been a pill all day. The only reason I answered it at all was because I can't turn off the ringers for every phone in the house, and I was sick of listening to the damn noise while I waited for the machine to pick up. It was my mother-in-law on the other end. She hung up pretty quickly, and luckily has a sense of humor about things.

4. The next person who tells me to take a nap is getting slapped. If you want me to take a nap so badly, YOU come over here and fold the laundry, wash the dirty baby bottles, make the formula, clean the litterbox, sweep the floor where the baby plays, and make something for me to eat on the run.

5. Speaking of food, I'm doing a half-assed Passover this year. The problem with Passover is that it involves cooking - a lot of cooking, because there still aren't that many ready-to-eat meals for Passover available (although there are more now than there were when I was a kid). What does exist is ridiculously expensive. So I'm trying, but this morning I had a bowl of cereal, because honestly? I just couldn't be bothered.

6. I had a dream about David Tennant last night. Considering it didn't end all that well, it was still a really good dream, oddly enough. I'm pretty sure by the end of the dream, he thought I was a crazy stalker fangirl. Which I sort of was, in the dream anyway - he caught me going through his mail. Whoops. I did manage to get back to sleep and continue the dream, and I think I almost had him convinced I wasn't entirely crazy, and almost endearing in a cute-but-please-keep-your-distance sort of way, but then Cleo woke me up so we'll never know for sure.

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