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Non-spoilery reaction: THAT WAS AWESOME, AND I LOVED IT.

Everything else is under the cut )

Anyway, here's the dilemma:

Andrew really, really wants to see this movie.  He's been excited about it for months, he was a Stormtrooper for Halloween (we think based on the fact that he saw Finn in the preview wearing a Stormtrooper uniform).  Right now, he is sleeping in Star Wars pajamas on Star Wars sheets with a Star Wars duvet, and his dad's Millenium Falcon toy sitting on the headboard.

But Star Wars is PG13.  And I have to say... both Bill and I think it's earned that rating. Read more... )

Anyway, I shall stop, because it is late and I'm exhausted.  In short, awesome movie, I have a theory, and we have no idea what to do about Andrew's love of Star Wars.
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I think I like living in the South. (If one can assume that southern Virginia is the south.) So Gonzo, the RAV4, has had a tire indicator light on the last couple of weeks, despite having decent air pressure in the tires, and when I went to check the tires on Saturday, I noticed that the treads on the front pair were seriously low. As in, completely-fail-the-penny-test low.

The last time we went to Jiffy Lube, we got kind of burned because they forgot to replace a cap or something and we ended up having serious warning lights flashing all over and it cost another $70 to fix what was essentially their mistake, so I figured I'd call the Toyota dealership which is just down the road. We didn't buy Gonzo from them, but I figure if anyone's gonna know how to service a RAV4 properly, it's a Toyota dealership.

Now. Every time I'd try to make an appointment at the dealership up in Fairfax, it would be a three week wait for a time that was decent. I expected something similar here - yeah, we're not in Fairfax, but I'm seriously tied into a certain time frame if I want to do anything without Andrew. (And sitting at a car dealership for who knows how long is not something I want to do with Andrew.)

You know what? They can see me tomorrow.

(I'm kind of loving the South right now.

In other news, we saw Monuments Men yesterday afternoon. For being a film with a lot of great actors, it sure as anything didn't seem to make good use of them much. It was too long and rambly in the beginning, with not a heck of a lot of dramatic tension. There were two excellent comedians who never really got to be funny, and two very good adventurey actors who never really did anything dramatic. And Cate Blanchett, who was awesome, but seriously underutilized.

Spoiler )

Writing meme shortly. :)
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Bill and I went on our date tonight, and through a comedy of errors, ended up seeing Saving Mr Banks, which was totally all right by me because I'd wanted to see it anyway. Bill wanted to see American Hustle.

My Parents: What are you going to see tonight?
Bill: Saving Mr Banks.
Me: That's not true! We're going to flip a coin.
Bill: And then we'll see Saving Mr Banks.
Me: Don't be silly. If it's heads, we'll see Saving Mr Banks. If it's tails, we'll see not American Hustle.

So outside the theater, we tossed the coin, and sure enough, it was tails. American Hustle it was. Except, as it turned out, we'd remembered the start times to the two movies incorrectly, and American Hustle had already begun. So, alas, we saw Saving Mr Banks instead.

(I'm not entirely sure that Bill believes it was a mistake.)

The movie was really good. I'm not sure I liked it half as much as I liked Gravity, but the costumes were fantastic and Emma Thompson was her usual Emma Thompsony self, and Tom Hanks was gentle and endearing, which are two traits I'm pretty sure he's trademarked by now. And I remember enough of Mary Poppins (the movie), so I was able to catch all the sly nods, and appreciate the renderings we saw of potential costumes and set/prop design.

The rest is spoilery. You know, for those of you who don't know that Mrs Travers eventually did let Mr Disney make a movie about Mary Poppins. )

This turned out to be less review of the movie, and more review of my thoughts of the movie. Sorry about that. If you're wondering: yes, go see it. But if you're a writer, consider bringing tissues.
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So, as previously mentioned, Bill and I were able to go on a date yesterday. It was preceded by a bunch of screaming from Andrew, as soon as the babysitter showed up. (This kid is no one's fool.) But we managed to get out, and we dropped a bunch of clothes off at Goodwill, and then we headed to the movie theater, which is one of those tavern places where you can have lunch.

(Eh, on the food. The fries were overcooked and therefore crisp all the way through, the sandwich, which was meant to be a wrap, was fried, which I do not understand.)

So, the movie: Gravity. In short, excellent movie. I saw the trailers at some point (I don't remember when) and thought, "Yeah, that's gonna be a really tense movie to watch." And I'd say that assessment is accurate, because I spent the entire movie stock still, staring at the screen, scared to even blink. I mean - two astronauts floating around in orbit, cut off from everyone else? FLIPPIN' NIGHTMARE SCENARIO, my friends.

Also this (all non-spoilery):

1. I spent most of the movie thinking, "Okay, now is when the Doctor will show up and save them." This did not happen. (And no, that does not count as spoiler.)

2. I want to know where Cuarón got the footage of the Earth, because man, that was all lovely. At one point, we could see Cairo all lit up at night, and it was gorgeous, strings of golden light against black earth, and I pointed out that maybe we were there while that bit was being filmed, and if so, we were in the movie. Sort of. Okay, maybe not.

3. Sandra Bullock is gonna get an Oscar nod for this, if not the actual statue itself, and wow, does she deserve both.

The rest is spoilery. Like, majorly, I'm-going-to-give-away-the-ending-and-most-of-the-plot spoilery. )

In short, awesome movie, Bullock deserves all the gold statues. If you're anything like me, don't bother with the popcorn, because you will be too invested in the movie to remember to eat it.

Moral of the story: space is flippin' scary, kids. You go up in it, you are totally bad ass, and should never have to buy your own anything (beer, dinner, automobile, anything) ever again.
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The gist: Bill and I went to see Star Trek yesterday morning. A bit late (it’s been out here since Wednesday), but it took a while to find someone to watch Andrew. (Who ended up going to a friend’s house to play with his trains. He barely noticed we were gone because Trains.)

Benedict Cumberbatch was awesome. There were some very clever lines from all the cast, and there was one plot twist in particular that I did, quite frankly, adore.

But the movie as a whole? I didn’t like it. In fact, I didn’t like it so much that I was grumbling about it before the movie was even over. At one point, I was in my seat doing OMGFLAIL at the ridiculousness of the movie. If JJ Abrams had been sitting next to me, I likely would have popped him over the head with my purse.

(Honestly, the only real praise I can give the movie as a whole is that it was better than Star Trek 5. Which, if you remember 5, pretty much tells you everything you need to know about the movie.)

And the rest is spoilers. )
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1. Andrew v Cleo
Cleo snuck into Andrew's room just before I put him to bed tonight. Normally Cleo does not hang in Andrew's room at night, because we keep his door closed so that we can watch TV and not worry about noise. Also, because Andrew doesn't need the distraction of OMG CLEO IS ON MY BED when we're really rather he go to sleep.

Except Cleo snuck into his room, and then crawled under his bed and refused to move.

This was about an hour ago. She's still in there. Andrew's asleep.

This is very odd. I kept expecting one or the other to bother each other so much that the bothered one would vacate the room and come in here to complain. And I'd really like to get some cross-stitch done, but I don't want to turn on the TV and wake Andrew up. Grr.

2. The recipe testing continues
Recent recipes tested included two kinds of soup (watercress, which was way yummy, and carrot and ginger, which was a bit salty but I blame that on locally-purchased bullion). I have plans to remake the chicken-and-tomatoes dish, which is going to be heavily modified, and traditional English bangers, which will not be bangers because I can't get the casings, so they'll be patties instead.

Oh, and [ profile] ashfae's gingerbread. Hmm. Ash, think the gingerbread would work in an ice cream cake, if I baked it thin?

3. Writing
I've figured out the next major movement in Mise - whew. I'm still somewhat stuck on Heart3. I have apparently signed up to write a soulmate AU. I'm also apparently writing another essay on Omegavere Genetics, based on some fascinating conversations in the comments about genetic theory.

I really, really, really need to stop turning minor projects into major epics.

3a. Writer's Group
So, three meetings now. I ended up presenting a portion of the still-unnamed Original Story at the second meeting, which was fairly well received, especially if you consider that I didn't submit more of it for the third meeting, and was consequently scolded for the omission by two of the members.

But it's fun. And I really like the group of women, and I don't think I'm the best writer in the group, but I'm not the worst either. (Apart from the journalist, I might be the one with the most experience.)

3b. Speaking of writing and experience
Don't suppose anyone on my flist ever worked in a restaurant, did you? If so, speak now, or you don't get to criticize when I do finally start posting Mise and everything that happens in the kitchen is all wrong.

4. Speaking of Movies. We weren't speaking of movies? Well, now we are.
Bill and I are getting Skyfall from Netflix next. FINALLY. I understand that Bond/Q is the pairing to watch, or something like that. There's also a whole bunch of BondLock, and I'd like to see what the fuss is about.

5. Supernatural

Okay, people. Convince me. Why do I need to watch this? Better yet, how do I convince Bill, because he's started rewatching BSG, and there's only so much doom and gloom I can take in the evenings.
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Andrew slept until the ridiculous hour of 10am this morning. Which, had it been Sunday morning in most places, wouldn't have been that big of a deal, but it being the UL, the week runs on a Sunday-Thursday schedule, so today was a school day. School opens at 8.15.

On my end, it wasn't a total loss; I just kept writing until he woke up, and then he only ended up being in school for about two hours. The good thing is he woke up feeling pretty good, which is notable because he had a horrific cough yesterday - the sort that you wonder how long the kid's been smoking. (After some conversation with some of the other moms in the complex, it appears that most of the kids had the cough within days of returning from Christmas vacations, so I suspect it's just re-entry to the UL's lovely pollution.) It did mean he logged in a good fourteen hours of sleep, which he apparently needed. But now it's going on 4.30 in the afternoon, and he is the epitome of crabby, and I don't particularly want him to nap this late.

The upshot is I'm probably once again going to miss late afternoon playtime downstairs, which sucks, because I like hanging with the other moms. Plus it's the only chance I get for adult conversations most days. Argh.

I tell you, jet lag sucks. Especially when you're three.

Writing )

Anyway, since I appear to have a little bit of time at the moment...

The Hobbit review )
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So Bill and I watched Midnight in Paris last night - I've been carrying the DVD around with me since we basically got to the States, in hopes that at some point we'd be able to watch it. Stands to reason we watch it a few days before finally returning to the UL.

We also saw The Hobbit today, but that's another post, once I've processed it.

Midnight in Paris was an excellent movie, sooooo pretty. A little silly, and I giggled like mad every time someone new popped up. Ernest Hemingway sounded like all of his books compressed into ten words, which is probably about accurate, and despite the fact that I have never much cared for Gertrude Stein's writing (I actually went into a rant during a poetry class in college, focused on how Gertrude Stein is Evil, which was so full of vitriol that it made the professor fall off the desk), I couldn't help but kind of like Kathy Bates in the role. (But ALICE. And JOSEPHINE BAKER. And RHINOCEROS.)

(And Unexpected!Tom Hiddleston, as it turns out. I thought that was him, because his face shows up on Tumblr every third post, but I've never seen reference to him being in the movie, so I figured not. And then it was.)

Anyway! The premise of the movie (and I'm not spoiling anyone by this) is that Owen Wilson's character slips back and forth between modern-day Paris and 1920s Paris, which is an era with which is he utterly fascinated.

Question of the Day:

If you were going to slip to another city and decade - what city and decade would it be?

Me, I'm fascinated by 1940s London, but someone, I don't think I want to travel back there. It'd either be the Blitz or rationing, and neither actually appeals in terms of living through them.

(Bill's first inclination was 1917 Moscow, but this was rejected for similar reasons.)
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1. The cold that has been lurking somewhere over my shoulder caught up with me again today. I've had some degree of unwellness for the last two weeks (coughs, runny nose, etc), and sometime overnight it decided that today was a good day to strike. (It also struck on the day we flew from Connecticut to Indiana, and silly me thought I'd licked it. No such luck.) So I've spent most of today in my pajamas, curled up in the bedroom and listening to Andrew be spoiled rotten by repeated viewings of Puss-in-Boots and Toy Story 3. (Every so often he comes to seek me out, mostly to tell me what horrors Daddy has subjected him to.)

More about Mom-in-Law )

4. Before my cold struck this morning, though, I went on a DATE last night. Not with Bill, though - with Aunt Do. We dropped off another round of bags at Goodwill (and went in but found nothing of value, because you can't drop stuff off at Goodwill without going in to look, I think it's actually a misdemeanor or something), and then we went to a movie and dinner. We saw Silver Lining Playbook and it was excellent. I thought it took a bit to get started but once we got into it, it was very funny, and now I want to read the book.

4a. Speaking of books, I was able to score Steig Larsson's Millennium Trilogy (The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo) from the library for my Kindle, and I just finished the second book. Very good read; I'll start on the third one tonight or tomorrow. The selection of books from the Fairfax library isn't half bad, but I don't know if I'll be able to download them once we're back overseas.

5. Writing is getting the short shift this week; I feel like every time I start writing, I hear the plaintive cry, "Maaaammaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa." And thus ends the writing for the day. (Six adults in the house, five of whom are prepared to give him anything his little heart desires, and who does he look for first? Me, who is a card-carrying member of the Deny-Your-Child-All-That-is-Good-and-Fun-in-the-Universe club.)

I seem to be stuck in a swirl of Mystrade at the moment - not that it's a bad thing - but I'd like to wrap it all up, or at least get them to a stopping point, so I can get back to Heart3 and Mise. And I'm afraid I'm not going to be able to do that until we get back to the UL and our regular (barely-remembered) routine. For all that I was tired at the end of November, and then the push to finish the Advent Calendar fics, I miss the daily routine of waking up and writing. I've had a bit of that, but Andrew's been waking up shortly after I do, for the most part, so I haven't had as much of it as I'd like.

Of course, I'm not going to write now; Bill and his dad took Andrew to McDonald's for dinner, so I'm going to sit and actually watch the first half hour of Puss in Boots because I keep missing it and showing up halfway through the movie, and I've seen the ending three times now, and never the beginning. And I'll probably code the next chapter of Power Play while I'm at it, so I can claim to be productive. I is SNEAKY.
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Writing continues to go as the bunnies dictate - which is basically that I'm writing one larger Sherlock story at the moment, and frantically scribbling notes/dialog for several others during the day. I don't remember if I've ever had so many bunnies bite at once - usually I get one bunny who latches on and sticks for weeks/months at a time, until I've written what it demands and then it flits off to go bother someone else. I've never had half a dozen stories crowding my head at once. It's seriously disconcerting.

More on Writing )

In other news, we went to see Madagascar 3 yesterday with Andrew. Half the fun was going to a local movie theater, which definitely was an experience. We had to pay for the 3-D glasses apart from the ticket (but that meant we could keep them - and at $10 a pop, too). The previews were weirdly inappropriate - one was for The Dictator and the other was The Five-Year Engagement, neither of which I'd think are kids' films. Assigned seating, but the theater only had about 12 people in it so I suspect it would not have been the end of the world had we not been in our proper places (and Andrew wiggled a lot anyway so he rarely sat down).

But the best part was that about twenty minutes into the movie, the film stopped. We're not sure why, but the theater decided just to play it again from almost the beginning, so we ended up seeing the animals arive in Monte Carlo and the first chase scene twice. And then, about twenty minutes before the movie ended, we got a 10-minute intermission. Oh, and it was in English, with Arabic subtitles.

Otherwise it was pretty much a normal movie experience. There was even popcorn, although I stopped eating it after I found gum on the inside of the popcorn carton, exactly as if someone had used the carton previously and then the management had dug it out of the trash to reuse. Blech.

The movie itself was excellent, better than the first two even. The penguins were spot on ("The car goes vroom vroom" was such a funny line that we didn't mind seeing it twice) and Gloria and Melman's love affair was much more sedated than it could have been. Alex's personal journey (because these movies are all about Alex, after all) was really well paced. And all the musical background for King Julian's affair with Sonia the bear. So fabulously perfect and funny. And the actual circus act in London was amazing and so much fun to watch.

But my favorite part, bar nothing, was the villain, Dubois. OMG. From her very first scene, I fell in love with her, and this was only emphasized by the moment when she came zooming out of the smoke like a devil. She was AWESOME. We got to the end of the movie and every time she showed up, I giggled like a maniac and kept whispering to Bill "I LOVE HER I LOVE HER OMG I LOVE HER." I know she's supposed to be evil and maniacal and stuff, but OMG I LOVE HER, especially when she started singing Edith Piaf with her mascara running down her face. And I love that she goes back for her clearly incompetent but extremely well-trained team and rouses them on to the battle. Because seriously, what villain goes back for their team?

So yeah. I liked the movie. As did Andrew, he watched it and danced with the music and yelled at the screen (he was also not the only one doing it) and was fairly well-behaved. He also fell asleep on the way home, but unfortunately it didn't stick. (But he did go down like clockwork at 8pm. I think Bill's still in shock; he fully expected Andrew to spent 45 minutes complaining about not being tired.)

We're waiting for Brave to arrive (it's not here yet, at least not in any of the theaters nearby), and Bill really wants to see The Dictator, assuming it actually does show here. (The fact that it was a preview is not a guarantee.) I have to admit I was somewhat mortified to see it previewed; I kind of wanted to slink down in my seat and start humming O Canada. The only saving grace was I could hear other people in the theater laughing.

Oh - and of course one of the best parts about yesterday? I found Sea Salt & Balsamic Vinegar potato chips/crisps, which are awesome and only produced in the UK, and I haven't had them for years and I LURVE them. Just when I start to think the UL is too weird for its own good, it throws me a bone. Silly UL.
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Bill and I saw the Avengers this afternoon. Neither of us are sure it was the end-all be-all of comic-book-movie existence, but we enjoyed ourselves.

(We also enjoyed making fun of the movie afterwards, but that's us.)

On the whole I liked it; it was a bit slow at the start, and I didn't quite understand a lot of the backstory of the various characters. (As I said to Bill afterward, when I didn't know what was going on, I just ignored the plot and admired the pretty, and that usually carried me through to when I did understand again.)

Mostly, though, I figure my lack of comic book backgrounds is because the only other film I've seen in this particular franchise is the first Iron Man movie, and even that, I don't think I actually sat through the entire thing but saw it in bits and pieces. I did remember liking it, though, and now, having watched a movie where Tony Stark was only part of the ensemble, I really want to watch both because I think he might have been my favorite part of the movie. I figure this is for several reasons:

1. He is snarky.
2. He pokes the Hulk-guy with sticks in order to make him turn green.
3. He owns seriously awesome technology. I totally want computer screens that let you shove windows across the room and onto other screens and into 3-D objects that you can manipulate with your hands and even pick up and hold. I have no idea what I'd do with them, mind you, but OMGSHINYWANT.

I also want to point out that in every horrible-event-happens-in-New-York-City movie, there is a scene where the police force drives up to the scene of the horror, whereupon a slightly overweight cop will emerge from the car, stand behind his door, and gape in shock at the creature/alien/bad guy/tidal wave that is threatening the city. Shortly thereafter, there is usually a scene where said police force is seen running from the creature/alien/bad guy/tidal wave, often with flying police cars, and perhaps with a wall of fire for added emphasis. Every. Movie. I'm beginning to wonder if this isn't just stock footage, or perhaps there's one assistant director in all of Hollywood who is so practiced at these shots, that he spends his entire career creating them for different movies.

Previews were for Pixar's Brave (excellent), Batman (OMGAWESOME), Expendables 2 (um, what?), and a second movie with Gary Oldman, but neither Bill nor I could remember the name, only that it was yet another movie in which he did not look like Gary Oldman. How is it that Gary Oldman can be in a million different movies, and never look the same in any of them? Does anyone actually know what Gary Oldman looks like when he's at home?

Anyway, 9pm, and jet-lag is getting to me. On the bright side, I made it to 9pm! On the other hand, I keep waking up at 4am. *sigh*
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My birthday present from Bill was to have yesterday off. He took Andrew to the park in the morning, and then to a movie in the early afternoon, and then I got to leave the house to run errands and go to a movie myself in the late afternoon, and by the time I came home, it was nearly Andrew's bedtime. With all the excitement of having Daddy ALL TO HIMSELF all day long, Andrew napped for 15 minutes, so I'd say Bill was well and truly exhausted by the end of the day. All in all, an extremely good birthday present.

(No, I'm not vengeful in the least.)

I got some cleaning done, and organized the Filing Cabinet of Dooooooom somewhat, so it's not quite as Dooooooooooooomful as it was previously. And I got to see The Help, which to my pleasant surprise has Allison Janney, who is possibly my favorite actress ever. (I need an icon for her. [ profile] ladychi, why do I recall you having a kickass one of her with an awesome CJ Craig quote about alcohol or something?) It also had, much to my amusement, Lafayette from True Blood, again behind the counter cooking things. I sense a theme....

And on that note, I also finished the latest of the Sookie Stackhouse novels, and spoilers within )

Back to The Help. Excellent movie, but that's probably because I haven't read the book yet. (I did just request it from the library: I'm #278 in line, but there's 350 copies so theoretically it won't be too long, assuming everyone who has a copy turns it in on time.) [ profile] talloakslady will no doubt be unsurprised to learn that I thought the costumes were fantastic.

In other news, my parents got me this for my birthday, because my old spiral-bound recipe journal was falling to pieces. Literally. I've been filling this one in for the last week and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. Seriously, is there anything Moleskine can't do?


In other news, Bill and I have started doing a Star Trek marathon, starting with the original series, and going until we either give up or run out of shows. The original series is on Netflix streaming, and Bill's borrowed his father's DVD copies, so we're able to watch separately and then discuss over Skype, which works out very well - and it also means I've been taking notes. Bill thinks the notes are worthy of sharing; I'm thinking they'd be worthier if I could screencap the lot, but I don't think I have the right programs to do it. And anyway, I'm not sure anyone would be interested in reading them.

[Poll #1779116]
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I have been amazingly productive in terms of seeing new things this week. On Wednesday, with Andrew's fever abated, and the grandparents still around, Bill and I went to see Wicked at the Kennedy Center. On Thursday, after three days of ten-minute intervals, I finally finished the third episode of True Blood. On Friday, Noel and I went to see Harry Potter 7.2. So before I launch into another round of Torchwood and True Blood, I figure I need to review what I've seen so far.

Most important, of course, is Harry Potter. (Well, most important to me. Others may have other opinions.)

Pre-movie preparations; probably not much interest to anyone but me in 20 years when I'm reminiscing about all of this. )

Previews included one for the new Planet of the Apes. Why is it every time I see that preview, I start humming "Oh but wait, I was wrong. It was Earth all along. Oh they've finally made a monkey....." DARN YOU, MATT GROENING.

Right, so on to the show and my thoughts. First up: Snape )

Next up: the Final Battle and Voldy )

A thought about Ron )

One last word (i.e., the fandom reference you didn't see coming. Or maybe you did.) )
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We took Andrew to see Kung Fu Panda 2 this afternoon - under the theory that it was too hot to do anything else, and that it's been out so long, it wasn't likely to be in high attendance.

Well, we had one out of two right, anyway. It was hot, but the theater was packed, mostly run-off from Cars 2, we figure. We sat on the front row, next to the exit, in case we had to make a quick get-away, but actually Andrew was fantastic for the entire time. We got there just in time for the previews (the only one of note being for Zookeeper, which made the movie look less like a knock-off of Night at the Museum than I originally anticipated). The second we sat down, Andrew's attention was on the screen. He didn't even blink while Bill and I ate popcorn, and the only time he moved was to request a switch from Mommy's lap to Daddy's lap and back again.

Also, he really dug the chase scenes. There's a part of the movie where Po keeps getting bonked on the head with street signs, and this had Andrew a bit nervous, but during one of the major battles, he was bouncing up and down on my knees, flapping his arms as if to say, "FIGHT FASTER, LOOK OUT BEHIND YOU!!!!"

(He fell asleep in the car on the way home, though I think he'll be waking up shortly. It was a very stimulating afternoon - not only was there a movie, but he rode the train at the mall two times.)

The animation was pretty good too. I swear, there were points where I felt like we were watching actual pandas and tigers and monkeys in actual lakes fighting actual fire.

Vaguely spoilerific conversation about Po and how he relates to Doctor Who. (Spoiler for the movie, that is. Not for Doctor Who. Yet. Still waiting, Mr. Moffat.) )
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So today, by Bill's request, [ profile] talloakslady kidnapped me and took me to see Harry Potter. (I did not fight terribly hard.) Surprisingly, the theater was packed for a Friday afternoon show, and unfortunately there was someone behind us who kept peppering the movie with inane questions (my favorite being, in regards to Dumbledore: "Is he DEAD?"). However, the movie was highly enjoyable, and brings about the following points of query:

--Cowboys V. Aliens looks like the stupidest movie ever, and not in a good way. Have Pirates and Ninjas somehow lost their thrill or something?

--The Green Lantern, on the other hand, looks like fun.

--I can live without seeing Season of the Witch. (Noel's extremely appropriate comment, "It ought to be Seasoning of the Witch." [You know, on account of the barbecue theme.])

--That said, The Eagle looks far more interesting.

But enough about the previews, on to the main event. )

In short, well worth being kidnapped for the day, and I want to see it again. Possibly on IMAX, so I can get a better look at the costumes.
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Oh fellow Whovians. Does Captain Jack say "mum" or "mom"? I figure it could go one way or the other, since he has an American accent ("mom") but has been hanging around Brits for the last couple of centuries ("mum"), and some things are bound to rub off.

(Insert whatever sexual innuendo you would like here.)

(Although, I should add that the Jack I've got saying it is a AU Season 1 Jack, so he's really only been hanging around Brits for a couple of years, give or take. So maybe it would be Mom? Argh. DARN YOU, JOHN BARROWMAN, FOR NOT USING YOUR SCOTTISH ACCENT AS JACK HARKNESS AND THUS MAKING MY LIFE A LITTLE BIT EASIER IN TERMS OF ACCENT ACCURACY.)

Also, apropos to nothing, but I don't think I like the new tag system. It will probably grow on me, but for now, I miss the old style.

Oh, and tomorrow's Mommy & Baby Movie is......Eclipse. I shall spend most of it either mocking mercilessly, or reminding Andrew that this (either the public mocking or the sparkly-vampire-stalking) is not the way I'd like him to behave.
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Yesterday I said that Andrew was sleeping better at night. That was posted before Bill woke up and explained to me what happened when I went to bed. Here's his transcript of how his evening actually went. Poor, amusing, sleep-deprived Bill. My sympathy is limited, but the amusement factor is high.

There is a plot apparently to "kidnap" me and take me to see Colin Firth in A Single Man tonight. I want to see it (I've seen good reviews, plus, Colin Firth), but....Bill hasn't done an actual bedtime yet. And even if Andrew goes down relatively well at 8pm, he usually has a bout of intense fussy before falling asleep. (The last great fight, I figure.) I have the feeling I'm going to sit in the movie only half paying attention, and the rest of the time fingering my cell phone wondering if I should call and see if they're okay.
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It actually felt like winter today - it was overcast and cold. Yesterday was gorgeous, if a bit nippy - Cleo and I actually went out into the front "yard" for a little bit, and she examined the sidewalk and nibbled on the grass and inspected the flowers before collapsing under the tree to survey her land. I would have taken her out today, but it seriously looked like rain, and I don't much want to deal with a cat who has been caught in a rainstorm. (Although I bet her reaction would be SERIOUSLY funny.)

In other news, I wore my contacts on Sunday and Monday ALL DAY LONG and had no adverse effects, until about ten minutes ago when I had to take them out.


This morning was spent at the movie theater watching the new movie about Coco Chanel - excellent film. Once in a while, I actually understood what they were saying, too, which pleased me to no end, until I realized that what was being said bore no resemblance whatsoever to the subtitles.

(Having a TARDIS must make foreign movies a breeze, is all I have to say.)

I was hoping for prettier clothes, but then it is meant to be Coco before she became Coco Chanel, so a bit of dowdy was to be expected. It was nice to see her actually sewing things, though - I've worked with far too many designers who wouldn't know how to thread a needle, much less actually draft a pattern. (And let me tell you - the best designers are the ones who actually know what they're talking about. There was one designer who would sit and sew buttons on for us, in her down time. Which was handy, because she kept designing period coats with five thousand buttons. You kind of have to wonder - did she agree to sew on buttons because she knew there were so many? Or did she design the coats with so many buttons because she wanted something to do later on? Anyway, she's the designer who gave me the rendering of the costume I built for her, so she's forgiven, either way.)

I also bought a pilates mat, to go with the pilates DVDs I found at an estate sale. (Do not ask if I actually did pilates this weekend. Far too busy playing with the cat and testing recipes. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.)
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So last night's NetFlix movie was The Piano. I had heard that this was apparently a seriously romantic movie, so I was all set to settle in, do some cross-stitch, ignore the computer, and have some lovely romantic movie time.

I would like to find the person who said it was a romantic movie and BEAT THEM SEVERELY. )

I have to revise the cover letter for Two Roads Traveled, but my eyes are stinging from having stared at the computer all day today. (I saved the world by using the correct font. I'm not joking. Apparently, Times New Roman causes nuclear holocaust.) Therefore, I shall rest my eyes by....more cross-stitch. And possibly sushi for dinner. Mmm, sushi.
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I went to see Julie & Julia this weekend with some friends. I half expected to walk out wanting desperately to cook things with cream and butter....

Instead, I came out wanting desperately to debone a duck. Why? I have no idea. Except that I own both volumes of Mastering the Art of French Cooking (the second one is a first edition! And is signed!), and I've made chicken a la Julia, chocolate mousse a la Julia, and ratatouille a la Julia.

Now, I'm thinking it's time to debone a duck, a la Julia.

(I might blog about it, provided that my hands aren't overly ducky and I can take pictures as I go.)

And since we're talking about a movie about blogging anyway.... )

This is, of course, entirely rambly and could probably be put better if I had more time to think about it. But I am queen of unfinished thoughts this week, and this would be the current unfinished thought of the moment. I also have to go downstairs and start the green beans that will go with the steak and potatoes for tonight's dinner.

(We had intended to also grill corn on the cob, until I read the recipe and discovered that corn needs to soak for about 2 hours before grilling. And unlike Julie Powell, I do not relish eating my dinner at 10pm, therefore, green beans. We'll survive.)

SO, in conclusion (YES, I DO HAVE ONE):

1. Meryl Streep was a very good Julia Child.

2. Amy Adams is far too adorable to make a convincing bitch.

3. Always soak your corn for two hours before putting it on the grill.

4. If someone blogs and no one answers, does the cat really care as long as dinner is on time?

Also, I still want to debone a duck.

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