Sick Day

Nov. 10th, 2015 02:19 pm
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Andrew is having a sick day - he's been coughing a bit the last few days, but last night at bedtime, he coughed so hard that he ended up with a bloody nose that took a bit longer than normal to stop.  (He's had them before - and like this one, they're usually connected to his coughing and/or having a temper tantrum.  I think he's starting to equate temper tantrums with bloody noses.  Which is... okay, not entirely good, but not entirely wrong, either, and if it results in fewer temper tantrums, I'm tempted to let it ride.  If this makes me a terrible parent, can it least mark me as a pragmatic one?)

Anyway, it would have been fine at that... except he continued to cough most of the night, and woke us up around 1am with another bloody nose, which took even longer to stop, mostly because he was so tired and out of it that he wasn't letting us even touch his nose, much less pinch it together to stop the bleeding.  And then he woke up again around 3:30 to request my presence while he peed in the potty.

I let him sleep until 8:30 this morning, so he missed the bus to school, but  he woke up in a much better mood, no cough... and a third bloody nose, at which point I decided school was definitely out and I called the doctor.  He's spent the rest of the day on the couch watching TV, and in between movies, he's done homework or eaten lunch or played with Charlie.  All in all, totally good child who is willing to do whatever I ask as long as it's reasonable.  And no coughing or bloody nose since.

Of course, no doctor calling me back, either, which is really annoying.  I'm guessing that this means this isn't anything to worry about... but I'm still super annoyed that I haven't been called back.  I left a second message about an hour ago, I'm not sure what else I can do but camp out at their office... which I don't want to do.


In other Andrew news, we had his first parent-teacher conference yesterday, where we learned that Andrew... is awesome.  Okay, we knew that already, but basically the teacher confirmed that for the most part, he's doing great at school.  In some areas, he's way above grade level (like, he knows all his letters and most of the sounds they make, which most kindergarteners at this point don't).  He pays attention mostly, and he's well behaved, mostly, and he gets along with his classmates, and there were NO behavior issues at all.  And his teacher really likes him, which makes me totally happy, because it means he's more likely to be forgiven on the bad days.

(I will say, when Andrew was informed that he was not going to school today, he was initially really upset.  Frankly, so was I: he already has tomorrow off, so that's two days in a row of Andrew, and if he's sick again tomorrow - he's going to be really ramped up on Thursday and I will be slightly crazy.)


Writing Update: So I've been going into the Sherlonano2015 chat room a lot on Mibbit, and the last couple of days, Mibbit's been giving me actual words or names as suggested nicks for myself.  Mostly they've been super funny (or even prophetic, like the time it gave me "sprog" and five minutes later, Charlie woke up).  I've decided that I'm going to give myself an extra challenge (or game, however you like), and use all of the actual word suggestions and put them in the Nano story.  So far, I've worked in "Bernard", and now I've got to work in "guacamole" and "Ferdinand".

Current count: 19,030.  And probably going to stay there until older sprog is back in school.  *sigh*  Technically, I'm still ahead of the daily goal even if I don't write anything today, but.... yeah.  I have a lot of days this month when I can't write, so I kind of have to load up on the ones when I can.  I was sort of counting on today being a writing day.  ARGH, LIFE, COUGHS, AND BLOODY NOSES.

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Chocolate Chip Shortbread cookies (simiilar to the ones sold at Marks & Sparks)
(click the link for the recipe)

So, why I made these....

So a few days ago, I was on the Nano website and realized there's a write-in this afternoon (Sunday) being sponsored by my region about half an hour's drive away.  I haven't attended a write-in in years - probably since before Andrew was born, though I'm not entirely sure.  Definitely when we were still in NoVa, anyway.

I asked Bill if he'd mind watching both boys on Sunday afternoon, so I could go, and he said yes.  This is sort of a big thing, because he doesn't usually have both boys at once.  Maybe once every couple of weeks, for an hour or two, and he did have both of them for the entire weekend I was in Gridlock - but that's not typical.  It's not that I don't trust him - or that he doesn't trust himself, it's clear he's totally capable of everyone coming through the experience, limbs intact.

Of course, morning of, I'm having second thoughts about going.  Well, going to the write-in, that is.  It is awfully tempting to ditch the write-in, keep the cookies, and go hang at the local coffee shop for the five hours instead.

Part of this is the cookies, sure... but not all.  For one thing: I don't know anyone at the write-in.  Not that it's a big deal, I don't mind meeting new people.  But I don't know if they're going to be more of the talky sort, or of the writing sort.  I'd rather have a write-in that is actually... well, a write-in.  And I admit... the idea of having to explain Omegaverse to people who primarily live in a super conservative vote-Republican-or-go-home district sort of makes me a bit nervous.

Then there's the boys.  Charlie's nose has been running the last couple of days, but we've been chalking that up to teeth, because it's been clear and he hasn't had a fever.  Except now, Andrew's coughing and has a runny nose and his disposition has been somewhat sour, and now there seems to be something going around.  He's already got Wednesday off from school this week (Veteren's Day), so now I'm worried that he's going to end up having another day because he's sick, which means I'd have even less time to get writing done.

So it's entirely possible that in addition to being one of the first chances I've had in months to have a really nice chunk of time to which I can write (more than an hour or so) - my writing time this week is already under threat of being cut.

In short... I might really, really need these 4-5 hours to write, not to make friends.

Anyway, thoughts.  And about an hour and a half to decide.  And Charlie just woke up from a monster morning nap, which he needed.  Poor runny-nose baby.
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I am currently participating in that time-honored tradition of stealing my children's Halloween candy.  Of course, in this instance, only Andrew received candy, because I only took Charlie to a few houses to show him off, and then we went back home to hand out the rest of the cookies.

(There are five bags left.  I'm feeling good about that.)

Of course, we also ended up with a neighbor's stash, because she brought over her bucket halfway through the night since she had to take her daughter to a party across town, and was for some reason disinclined to leave it on her porch step for the kids to take piece by piece.  So what ended up happening was that we handed out my cookies, but kept raiding the neighbor's stash for ourselves.  (That's not the royal "we", either - we had friends over, so I had company for most of the evening, which was awesome.)  Andrew and I returned her bucket this afternoon.

Neighbor: So how much did you end up eating yourselves?
Me: I can reliably attest that you no longer have Milky Ways in that bucket.

(Milky Ways and Reece's Peanut Butter Cups.  And York Peppermint Patties, though those are kind of hard to come by.  Used to be I was a sucker for Butterfingers and 3 Musketeers and Whoppers.  Not sure what that says about my taste buds either then or now.)

(No one hands out candy corn anymore.  Sad.)

I'm wondering now how much of my candy my parents stole.  I don't remember noticing that the stash was depleted as November wore on, but maybe they were just sneakier about it.


In other news, today's the first day of DST (or the first day off, I can never remember which way is which, and don't bother telling me because honestly, it doesn't really matter all that much and I'll never remember).  Both kids were awake by 5:45am.  Charlie woke up just before 5am, and then Andrew woke up (but I was able to coax him back to bed for another 25 minutes or so).  Charlie took his regular morning nap - just accelerated by two hours - but only two additional 30-minute cat-naps, so he was an absolute joy for most of the afternoon.  (Sarcasm, btw.)

And then he defied everything and was all adorable and smiley at bedtime, mostly because Andrew was playing with him.  Andrew decided to read him a bedtime book, and then Andrew decided they were going to pretend to drive a dolphin rescue truck (he's been watching Dolphin Tale) and they were also playing construction trucks at one point.  (Charlie was nominally the bulldozer.  Well, he was chewing the bulldozer, I think that counts.)  It kind of killed me to break up the fun and put Charlie to bed, but he'd been awake for four hours straight by then, and showing sleep signs for twenty minutes, and I was scared to put it off any longer for fear that he'd have a terrible night.

(He's had a lot of terrible nights lately.  I don't know what to do about it anymore.  And I'm sure that in comparison, they're not that bad, but at 2am when he's been awake for an hour and a half and screaming for most of it because you just can't hold him anymore because you're afraid you're going to fall asleep on your feet and drop him.... yeah.  It seems bad enough to me.)

(I mean... how the hell do you convince an attachment baby that no, really, they actually ca put themselves to sleep without Momma standing right over them?  Please?  I love you and will totally give you anything else your baby heart desires if I can just have four hours uninterrupted sleep?)

Andrew was awake all day - no car nap, courtesy of his iPad - and conked out a bit early for him, but exactly when I want him to conk out, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed on that one.

On the whole though... I hope the person who invented DST died a slow and painful death.  And there was a very long stretch this afternoon where if Donald Trump had shown up on my doorstep and promised to take the US off DST altogether, he would have had my vote.

Election Day is Tuesday; there's always Democratic and Republican tables outside the polling place, handing out sample ballots.  I'm tempted to ask them which candidates will vote to kill DST, and then vote accordingly.  I'm pretty sure that only parents of preschoolers actually care about this issue, though.  (And owners of cows, possibly.)


In other news, Nano started today.  My word count is zero.  It is unlikely to change tonight, because it's 9pm and I've been awake since 5am and I was up for several hours in the middle of the night to boot, and I'm expecting the same tonight.  I plan to pop into a couple of chat rooms in a moment to announce my word count and let other people feel superior about theirs.  (I'm very altruistic like that.)
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Winner 2015 - Web Banner

Which basically only means I made the word count I said I'd get at the beginning of the month - 20K - and not that I'm actually finished.  But I do feel pretty good about what I've written, which is a change up since I didn't feel good about the Nano project this past year at all - evidenced by the fact that it hasn't seen the light of day since.  (I should do something about that.  Eventually.  Someday.  Maybe before Series 4 airs.  That'll give me lots of time.)

Anyway, there are now four parts of the Original Omegaverse written, and I feel pretty good about them.  I have some major rewriting to do for one part, and then I think I can write the last part.  (Well, last part for now.  I can see myself leaving lots of hooks as I write for later stories.)  The current goal is to finish the editing by the end of the month.  I think that's mostly doable.  If I can't be done with the fifth part by Gridlock, I'd at least like to have made some headway into it.  And the real goal is to be done done done with writing and self-editing by the time Andrew goes back to school in September.  Which is probably a bit ironic, what with time availability and all, but I think it's a workable goal, with wriggle room for teething.

In other news, children are waking up. Children are always waking up.  And I am getting really good at making iced mochas at home with instant coffee and Hershey's syrup.  (Coffee purists will clutch their pearls, I'm sure.)
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35,157.  Not counting the mega-long post I just posted, either.  Words are moving...somewhat more painfully than I would like, and in rather larger chunks interspersed by me tearing out my hair, but hey, they're moving, and I feel like the story is coming into shape.  So that's good.

Also in the good: Bill has tomorrow off and is taking Andrew OUT OF THE HOUSE, and all I have to in the house is to make two batches of chocolate cupcakes for his birthday party on Saturday, and then I am taking my laptop and absconding to somewhere I can sit and write like mad.  Either a coffeeshop, or Barnes & Noble, or possibly the library.  I have not decided.

But if I'm getting a nice chunky block of time in which I can actually sit and figure out what the hell I'm writing this month....well, I'm going to take it and wring every last second from it, thankyouvermuch.
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25,320 words - halfway there!

After having a terrible writing weekend – in which I wrote nothing on Saturday, and excruciatingly little on Sunday – I kicked butt today and wrote nearly 5K.  I’m not going to claim they were all good words…but better, they were plot-driven.  In that I actually sat down and thought really hard about the background to the Alphaverse, and what makes it tick, and then I sat down again and actually plotted out the points of the story.

In which I blather a bit about the writing process )
Tl:dr –

Good news: I have a plan for the Alphaverse Part Two.

Bad news: It involves a major overhaul what’s currently written as well as some extensive reworking for Part One.



In other news, I’ve blocked Tumblr for the next two days so I can actually be able to sit and work on this, instead of being sidetracked by Tumblr.  If it goes well, I might end up blocking Tumblr the rest of the month.  I figure I can still access it on my phone – but it’s not like I’m writing on my phone, anyway.  It’s the time on the computer that is killing me, not the time on my phone.  The only time I access it on my phone anyway is when I’m taking brief Mommy breaks while Andrew is in the potty or playing with trains at the bookstore.

Lastly: at some point, I do intend to write up Andrew’s IEP, and thoughts on the published short story.  I have thoughts about both things, and I want to share them before I forget them.
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(18049, for future reference)

Okay, but see, here's the thing: I totally had a Nano dream last night/this morning.  Except it wasn't about writing, or what I'm writing about.

The dream. It's weird. It's really weird. It could win awards for how weird it was. )
And this is why I say I was dreaming about Nano...because I'm a quarter into the goal, and I have no flipping clue what is going on in this story.  Usually, I have an end goal when I write.  I might not know the path too well, but I have a destination in mind.  This time, destination, not really.  Lots of path.  But I haven't a clue where I'm going to end up, and it's kind of worrying me.  I feel like I'm wandering around completely clueless, and every so often, something weird happens.

A lot how like I was wandering around in the dream, making stupid decisions and second-guessing them and ending up in weird pirate parades.  Or standing on the top of a super-high, slightly rickety tower, waiting for a zip line that is never actually going to start, and worrying about something over which I have relinquished control (or had no control over in the first place; I suppose you could read that one both ways).

(Then again, maybe this post is the worrying.)

I wish I could remember where I was with Mise at this point two years ago.  If I felt this compeltely lost, there might be hope for me now.  Well, there's probably hope anyway, but I'm still not entirely sure what's on the other side of the Bay.

Edited to add:  Guys. Guys. From a very locked entry from two years ago, tomorrow:

I’ve been staring at an empty document where I’m supposed to be typing up my Nano words for the day, and nothing is coming out, and it’s a really fun scene that I should be writing between Sherlock and Molly and then between Sherlock and John and for the life of me I can’t even type three words together.

It was painful two years ago, but I am so flipping happy about it right now you have no idea.  And I looked - it's the first dinner scene, when Sherlock is having that first filmed lunch at the Empire, so I'm pretty sure the conversation is meant to be about the chocolate pie.

Self from two years ago, *hugs*.  It'll be okay, I promise.

Self, now:  *hugs*  Alphaverse Part 2 is doing just fine.  I can't see the destination, but I'll get there all the same.
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...and the entire world decides to demand my attention.  Seriously, just about every hour, I got another email from someone who needed an answer or response or some part of my attention today.  And Andrew's off school because apparentlly you can't have school kids in the same place as adults performing their civic duties.

Also, my throat is scratchy and sore, which is generally a precursor to me being sick.  Joy.

Anyway, I shall now proceed to do announcements, and then I'm going to bed because I am exhausted.

1. So....remember that original story I wrote over the summer and was accepted into a spec fic anthology?

It's out and available on Amazon Kindle, for both US and also in the UK.

Go, purchase, borrow via Kindle Unlimited, etc.  There's a ton of stories in there; I haven't had a chance to read through them yet but they look really good.

2. Nominations are open for Round Two at [ profile] reading221b! There are seven nomination threads covering a range of topics, including ACD fics, Mystrade, PWP, and even two categories for shorter fics.  There's some great fics already nominated, and we'd love to see more!  Go!  Nominate!  Second!  Wallow in the excellent fic suggestions!


(That's 9408, btw; I forgot that the link automatically updates when I update, which means when I go back and look at numbers, I can't actually tell where I was at a given time.  Which is a bit annoying, because I do actually go back and read old entries on a fairly regular basis.)

Today's writing was a total breeze; I wrote about 2800 before Andrew woke up this morning, and then knocked myself above 3K while he was in gymnastics.  So way more than my daily non-school day, which is all sorts of happiness since Sunday was a bust, and this puts me back where I wanted to be today.  I know what the next scene will be, I just need to think about it a bit.  And I've got a much better idea about what this particular tale will be about, plus I've already dropped one twisty bomb on the readers, which just makes me all sorts of happy.  (It was a bomb for me too, but it's a good one and I can't wait to play with it.)

Anyway, at one point today, I was researching the House of Commons political structure, which is not something I ever thought I'd do, and apparently there is a (largely ceremonial) position called Father of the House, and as this is the Omegaverse, I am totally using that.  (Not in a sexual way.  I know it's the Omegaverse, but ew.)


I still need to write up Andrew's IEP, but that would require me getting to the end of the day without being totally wiped, and that is so not happening this week.

Next year, I'm voting for the candidate who is willing to abolish DST and require kids attend school on Election Day and most federal holidays.  Those are my platforms.  I think this is perfectly reasonable, considering that there was one candidate for the House seat in our district whose sole platform was "Build More Trains."  Thank goodness Andrew is only four; he would have tried to fund her campaign with his piggy bank.
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There's a community club in my neighborhood, and it's fairly active.  Last year, there was interest in a writer's group, except the person in charge didn't do anything except host a thing where everyone got to sit around and listen to how she was published.  Which to me, isn't so much a writer's group as it is a demonstration in how to get published, which is not the same thing.

Anyway, as that person has moved away, I decided I would take over the group.  Or try to - today was supposed to be the first meeting.

So I popped Andrew on the bus, cleaned the house a bit, set out cookies and Andrew's pumpkin pie, arranged chairs in the living room to supplement the couch, and even filled Bill's Kyrgyz hat with writing prompts so we could have a little writing exercise.

And then I had a very pleasant afternoon watching last week's Agents of Shield and Ellen DeGeneres while I ironed the rest of Bill's work shirts because of the six or seven people who expressed interest in the one showed up.

....well, at least I finished all the ironing.  And I have a somewhat clean house.  And the sneak peak at Age of Ultron was flippin' awesome.  I love the idea of all the Avengers getting together and getting drunk and trying to lift Moljinor, or however you spell it.

Now I'm trying to figure out what to do about the writer's group thing.  Should I contact everyone again?  And say...what, exactly?  Try to find another time to meet, because clearly, this one was no good for whatever reason?  Or should I just assume no one's as interested in it as I am and let the thing go?

I really honestly don't have a clue.  So, throwing it out to you. If you hosted a writer's group and no one showed, what would you do next?


In other news:

Yesterday's writing was something of a bust.  I woke up and saw that the bedside clock said 7:30, and did a momentary freak-out, because that's generally when Andrew wakes up, and I had promised to start the nomination threads at [ profile] reading221b.  Which isn't hard, but involves a lot of cutting and pasting and minor alterations and is just generally finicky, and impossible to do with a 4-year-old hanging on your neck.  Plus I'd said I would do it around 6am.

So I raced out of bed and scurried to get it done....and only when I finished did I look at the clock on my computer and realize that it was 7am.  Because I sort of forgot that yesterday marked the beginning of DST (or the end of, I can never keep them straight).

By then, my morning was sort of shot, and Andrew woke up maybe twenty minutes later anyway, so I didn't get any writing done until yesterday evening, and then it was only about 900 words before I fell over in an exhausted heap.

Today was better: 3K, which was my goal for days in which Andrew's in school, so I'm more or less back on track.  Tomorrow is another off-school (and therefore 2K goal) day, because apparently today's children cannot handle going to school when their parents are voting in the cafeteria.  I think this is ridiculous; I remember going to school and eating at our desks when we couldn't use the cafeteria, and I'm pretty sure it didn't hurt our education any.  Not from our POV, anyway.  There's probably some logical reasoning for this, but I sure don't know what it is.


Update on the Electric Couch Situation )
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Not bad for a first day.  I've decided that I'm going to aim for 2K on days when Andrew is not in school, and 3K on the days he is - which should have me finishing on November 20, well ahead of Thanksgiving, though a bit behind Andrew's birthday.  We'll see how that goes, anyway.

That said, [ profile] mildred_bobbin still beat me for the daily word count (we are conducting a private war).  Grr.  I shall try to overtake her tomorrow.  It's still early days.


I was going to write up Andrew's IEP meeting, which was yesterday, but it's not even 9:30 and there is a mountain of dishes in the kitchen and I'm exhausted, so I'm going to bed.  (Meh.  Dishes.  Maybe I'll get lucky and those elves still stop making shoes and come do my dishes instead.)  But first, two things:

1. Andrew desperately wants to turn his jack-o-lantern into pumpkin pie.  Because I am not stupid, I therefore did not let him see me dispose of his jack-o-lantern's brains, purchased a pie pumpkin, turned it into pumpkin moosh this afternoon, and will present said moosh as "his pumpkin" for the pie we'll make together.  I estimate this has a 45% chance of working, and a 100% chance of a pie he will refuse to eat.  Okay, 99% - I bet he eats one bite and refuses the rest.

(He's been very good about trying new things recently.  Well, trying one bite of new things before determining that he does not like said things.  I'll take it as an improvement.)

2. My parents have purchased an electric couch.  Despite my laptop, smartphone, iPod touch, and wireless printer, I am apparently enough of a Luddite to be appalled.

I asked what would happen if the power went out.  Apparently, it has a backup battery.

My parent's couch has a back-up battery.

I just don't know where to go with that.

Fair warning if you comment on the couch: my parents read this journal.  They do have remakably good senses of humor, though.
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This is assuming, of course, that the sign-up sheet I signed at the Women's Club meeting at the beginning of September, the one for a Writer's Group, doesn't actually materialize into an actual group, which would involve me writing something that is not fanfic. It's not that I don't want the group to materialize - I actually really do, because I miss my Cairo group, and I asked another woman who I know signed if she'd heard anything, just in case my email was typed wrong (which is often is). But...not this month. Too much fanfic to try to put to bed.

So, the current plan is that I'm going to use Nano this year to finish off the half dozen fanfics floating in my brain. And if I can manage it, I'll do another Advent Calendar, because it's fun, and this Christmas isn't going to be the easiest, and it'd be nice to have something nice preceding it.

Writing To-Do )

And, of course, I have to write Andrew's birthparent letter. Well, that'll be a nice break from the fanfic mid-month, when I'm desperately going to need it.
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50,454 words, baby.

Discrepancy due to Nano counting differently than Word.

Seriously, I was totally planning on writing a zombie apocalypse; I need a break from this fic like Andrew needs regular installments of Shaun the Sheep. I wrote 500 words this morning before Andrew woke up; once Bill was awake, I coerced him to let me go to Beano's to write the last 500, and ended up wrapping up just over the minimum count, and had enough time to start editing what I've got.

The Writing Plan )

I think that's everything. doesn't sound like much, does it? Of course, I'm ignoring the fact that I need to start working on Heart3, and you know, finish Mise at some point.

At the moment, though, the turkey in the fridge is asking to be turned into turkey pot pies. Priorities, people. I have pie crusts to make.
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I decided to take a break from writing the Nano novel this morning. I have 39K, I can afford a bit of a break, I think, though it's awfully tempting to just sit and push through the last 11K and end the damn thing "Rocks fall, everyone dies", or at least "and then Sherlock and John lived happily ever after and had lots of sex and babies".

Instead of either of those endings - which I somehow don't think would please much of anyone, I concentrated on something I've been putting off for the last few weeks, but is possibly more important - Andrew's yearly birthparent letter.

(And I realized this morning that I needed a bit of distance from the story, as if those possible endings are proof enough - I'm beginning to psych myself out on it, because while I knew I wanted to take my time with it, I'm beginning to think I'm taking too much time. I mean, has anyone else written something and immediately thought, "OMG, my beta is going to KILL me?" Because I've been thinking that for the last few days. And EGT is a lawyer; presumably she knows where to hide the bodies.)

So I've got the birthparent letter written now, and I've gone through the last year's worth of photographs and picked out 32, which is way more than I've provided the last few years, but frankly, I don't want to cut any of them out, and if the agency is going to throw a fit about how many I'm providing, then whatever. (They've said around a dozen or so in the past, but it's been a very noncommittal recommendation.) There's a pretty good mix of Andrew in awesome places, and Andrew with other kids, and Andrew with assorted family members, and Andrew climbing various things, so I like the mix.

Anyway, I need to work on the Sherlock60s - I'm behind again, and next week's story is a new one (Dying Detective) and I have to read it online, and I don't like reading the original Sherlocks online, for some reason. (Fanfic, I can handle. But my mind starts wandering when I read Doyle online; I have no idea why.) I wrote first drafts for both stories for Identity and Red-Headed League. I like the Identity one, but the RHL ended up being 60 words on the first go, which of course means something must be wrong with it, because I haven't hit 60 on the first go yet; I usually have to cut about 25 words out.


In other news, I made the happy discovery that the Sherlock Casebook is finally available from, which means I got to use my gift card balance to buy it. YAY. It shipped today, but for some reason Amazon is saying it could take up to 6 weeks to get to me - the APO usually runs faster than that, so I'm going to be hopeful that I get it before Christmas at least.

And I need to make the buttercream frosting for Andrew's cupcakes today, but I stupidly forgot to take the butter and eggs out of the fridge to get to room temp until about 2 hours ago, and the butter actually started out frozen, so it's taking forever. And I think I need more eggs, anyway. The real challenge is convincing Andrew that he wants to walk over to Metro Mart with me. He's getting really good at holding my hand and walking, and mostly behaving himself, but it's always convincing him to forgo the stroller that is the trick.
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On Writing and Editing and Fanfic )

In other news, I think I might be the only person on my flist who doesn't know what anyone is talking about with the new friends page. Mine looks exactly the same as has done for a few years now. Maybe being in the UL, I'm somehow sneaking under the radar? Or maybe I've always had the new version (or a style similar to it), and just didn't realize it?
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So on a day in which I had a multitude of things to do, and desperately needed to park Andrew in front of the television for two hours so that I could do them, because I did NOT have enough time while he was in school.....he decided that all he really wanted to do was stay outside and play on the playground.


I mean, you can't really argue with that, can you? "Child! Stop playing in the fresh air and getting exercise, you need to come indoors and let your brain turn into mush!"

Therefore, I did not wash the green beans or the chicken breasts I picked up at Carrefour this morning, I did not make the oatmeal raisin cookies for Halloween handouts tomorrow, and I did not have a chance to even look at the last chapter of Heart which is supposed to be posted tomorrow, and now it's after 9pm and I'm just now getting to it, and 9pm is not a good time for coding and/or editing, b/c I always end up doing something stupid.

(Or worse, thinking the chapter is stupid, and for this one, I can't read it without thinking OMG SOMETHING IS MISSING. Except I have no idea what that something is.)

In the meantime, I'm fully into ignore-the-Mystrade fic mode, and I'm knee-deep in research for the Nano novel, so that's fun.

And tomorrow is Halloween. I AM NOT READY, NOT READY IN THE SLIGHTEST. And I have to bake the double peanut butter cookies tomorrow, too, and I don't have the car, so taking Andrew to preschool in back is going to be a MUCH longer process than usual!

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I woke up this morning and had absolutely NO desire to work on the Mystrade fic - which is more a commentary on my mindset than it is the Mystrade fic, which is actually a lot of fun to write even if it's turning into more of a casefic than I originally intended. (I'm directly referencing one ACD story and I'm going to see if I can't pull a second one into it, just for kicks.)

So instead I started the treatment of the Nano fic, and I've written 1200 words of treatment and Sherlock hasn't even shown up yet. (Although he's about to.) I was feeling really worried about the story, but with 1200 words - and a whole lot of dialog playing in my head - I think I have more confidence now. This ought to be fun.

On baking and Turkeys )

In other news, Andrew was playing downstairs in the playground this morning and I was chatting with one of the new moms, and it turns out that she also is somewhat addicted to British TV shows (more so than I am, even), and the following happened:

Me: Did you see Parade's End?
Her: No, what was that?
Me: Costume drama with Benedict Cumberbatch, based on a book.
Her: How was it?
Me: Okay. It had Benedict Cumberbatch in period clothing, it doesn't get much better.
Her: Agreed!

I think I might like her. I've having happy daydreams where it turns out that she loves Sherlock and Doctor Who and we can have lovely shippy conversations about Johnlock and Mystrade and Doctor/Rose and how Rory is Made of Awesome.
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1. So I'm going to be doing Nano this year - I figure I'll use the Sherlock AU for it since I need time to do some research & development for it anyway. Thing is, it's been three years since I wrote a book for Nano, and I can't remember what the "rules" say about writing before November actually begins. (Mind, I'm happy to ignore rules when it comes to writing, but I'd at least like to know them beforehand so I know which ones I'm breaking.)

I know I can write outlines, but does anyone know if I can write snippets of dialog or short scene treatments as I think of them, and if I do use that dialog, they'd still count for the overall word count? (I'm hoping the AU is long enough that it wouldn't really matter, but again: like to know the rules before I go about breaking them.)

2. Bunco was excellent yesterday, except that only four of us showed up. (Apparently there is a softball game on Wednesday nights, and all the guys go, meaning none of the wives have babysitting.) So we ate the cookies and learned how to play, except without the round-robin-chair-switching-thing, and once we were done with that we gossiped and scared the newly-arrived expats for a few hours. It was fun. I have now offered to drive just about everyone in the complex around town, because apparently while I'm not the only SAHM anymore (yay!), I am the only one who is willing to drive here.

(A feat which is apparently getting me all sorts of Awesome points from the newbies. Like I'm a BAMF or something. Yeah, no. I wouldn't say I'm a BAMF, just incredibly fool-hardy, because drivers here are insane. Although maybe this is proof that JKR is right, and I really am a Gryffindor? God, I hope not.)

3. Speaking of Gryffindors....apparently part of CoS is available on Pottermore? And I keep forgetting to go? Has anyone else gone? Is it worth it? Or will I finish what's available and just be frustrated that there isn't more?

4. Bill relates the following story about bedtime last night. In which Andrew and Cleo are Either Cross-Species Boyfriend/Girlfriend or Arch Enemies. Take your pick. )


Oct. 31st, 2010 05:04 pm
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So [ profile] fid_gin has decided that November is going to be FinSoFicMo (Finish Some Fic Month, instead of NaNoWriMo - National Novel Writing Month). I agree with this declaration, for several reasons:

1. I don't have a novel to write this year, and even if I did:

1a. I sort of wrote a 65K novel in a month already this year (see Master in a Game);

1b. I still don't know where I found the time to do that; and

1c. I sure as hell don't have time to do it again in November, because I'm already hosting Thanksgiving, Andrew's first birthday, and someday would like to clean my bathroom and maybe mop the kitchen floor. And vacuum. Dear God, I have no idea when I last vacuumed. But more importantly:

2. It would be extremely negligent to write another novel of any sort when I have five fanfics that I need to write, two of which are already started and have sat ignored for the last few months, and three of which need writing. Two of those have deadlines that are fast approaching (one in mid-November, the other on Dec 1).

Thus, tomorrow I will buckle down, open the appropriate Word document, and start madly typing away. Details, for those who care. )

So, there we go. Having written it down, I am now beholden. (Look! I am BEHOLDEN. Anyone who catches me not writing, feel free to chastise me. Or something.)
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Off I go for 10K Day #2. I woke up thinking about the next part of the book, so I'm hoping to knock off a thousand words quickly. We'll see. :)

Remember, as soon as I hit 10K, [ profile] wendymr gets OT3. Let's make Wendy happy, folks.

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