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Today flew by, mostly because Lauren came over to spend it with me. I must have looked a mess when she arrived around 11 - I hadn't showered, I was running up and down stairs like mad, and I'd only just put Andrew down for a nap. First thing I do when she arrived? "Watch the baby, I need to wash my hair."

Well, I did. Today was the first day I'd washed my hair in a week!

By the time Lauren left, we'd addressed and assembled all the baby announcements for Andrew, as well as gone out to lunch at Red Lobster. Mmm, warm cheesy biscuits. Seriously, I could just have those and be happy. Andrew was a dream at the restaurant - slept the whole way through, and everyone commented on how cute he was.

(Flist, I have noticed. If I am out and about, and no one comments on how cute Andrew is, the outing just sort of loses its spark. Make a mommy happy today, please compliment her child. Make it up if you have to.)

Funny thing though - the woman seating us commented on how Andrew's face has the same shape as mine. I think this is because she couldn't exactly (truthfully) say that he has my eyes/ears/nose/hair/complexion. "Face shape" is nice and general. And very funny to hear! I was good, I said, "Thank you!", and long after we left the restaurant, giggled with Lauren about it.

Very much in stark contrast, I think, to the woman who gave us the transracial adoption training a year and a half ago. (Yes, Bill and I had to undergo extra training because we were open to adopting a baby who wasn't Caucasian. It was three hours of our lives we're never getting back.) The woman conducting the training adopted transracially fifteen years ago - she's white, her two children are black. She was full of dire stories and such - one of which was that when her babies were very small, every time she took them in public, someone would ask her, "Are you babysitting?" No one believed that her children were hers.

I've taken Andrew out and about...oh, ten times now, maybe? Almost every time, someone has commented on how sweet/cute/well-tempered he is. No one - no one has made any comment about how he's not my child. In fact, most of them make comments that indicate that they assume he is.

Which makes me think of that trainer, whose name I have forgotten. Even in that classroom, I thought, "Okay, but that was fifteen years ago. The world's changed since then. Interracial relationships are all over the place!"

I am so, so glad that so far, my initial reaction has borne out. I'm sure someday I'll get that question - in fact, I will be surprised if I go my whole life (or Andrew his) without hearing it in some form. But that so far, that the color of Andrew's skin and the color of my skin doesn't seem to give anyone pause for believing that he is my son - wow. I love that. In fifteen years, that the world has changed so much.

*is totally in love with the world at this moment*


In other news:

1. I am the proud owner of a Roku device! Woo-hoo! And as NetFlix has a surprising number of Classic Who available for streaming, anticipate much Classic Who glee from my corner of the world. We'll have Andrew behind the couch in no time.

2. Andrew is doing well on the formula mix. No major spit-ups, no major fussiness, and last night/morning was a dream. He's also not constipated. (I'm a new mom. My life centers around poop now. Sorry.)

3. I have been trying to get to a bookstore for the last week. I keep running out of time when I'm out with Andrew. At this point, I'm thinking I may never get to a bookstore again. Alas, Borders, I loved thee well.

4. I need an icon with Andrew in it. And something about poop. And something about how Target gained possession of my soul through a hostile takeover from Home Depot. (Seriously. Target owns my soul now. I keep thinking of new reasons to go. Current reason: I need warmer pajamas for late-night feedings. Or at least a warmer pair of pajama pants, because the ones I've got are on the thin side. Fine for when you're in the bed. Not fine for when you have to get out of it to feed the baby at 11pm, 1am, 3am, and 5am. I still don't understand how he was able to eat so much two weeks ago, and can't eat more than 2 ounces now without spitting it up again. Maybe he was spitting up on the grandparents, and none of them told me? Considering my parents were also sharing a towel while they were here because they didn't want to ask where the clean ones were kept, anything's possible.
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So last night's NetFlix movie was The Piano. I had heard that this was apparently a seriously romantic movie, so I was all set to settle in, do some cross-stitch, ignore the computer, and have some lovely romantic movie time.

I would like to find the person who said it was a romantic movie and BEAT THEM SEVERELY. )

I have to revise the cover letter for Two Roads Traveled, but my eyes are stinging from having stared at the computer all day today. (I saved the world by using the correct font. I'm not joking. Apparently, Times New Roman causes nuclear holocaust.) Therefore, I shall rest my eyes by....more cross-stitch. And possibly sushi for dinner. Mmm, sushi.
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Well, I now have something like ten fics pulled aside for me to read and review this weekend. And I'm not coming back until half of them are done.

We'll see how long that lasts.

In other news, the current NetFlix watching is House of Saddam. It would be more interesting, I think, if the characters were not so two-dimensional. Thoughts on the first episode )

Speaking of...Bill and I still haven't seen the last two episodes. We'll probably see at least one of the episodes online this weekend - if not both.

But, in the Lovely weekend, all.
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1. Bill is home from the beach. The tops of his feet are sunburned. Also his knees. It'll be fun watching him put on shoes tomorrow - I might take pictures.

Me: Hey, Bill?
Bill: Yeah?
Me: Do you mind if I take pictures of you putting on your shoes tomorrow morning?
Bill: Why?
Me: Because it'll be funny.
Bill: I don't like you.

2. Also, Bill posted about Doctor Who. Yeah, I know, apocalypse-type stuff here. Actually, he brings up a good point: if the Doctor is known as the Oncoming Storm, what's Human!Doctor known as? My personal favorite is The High-Pressure System, but feel free to head over there and give him your own theories.

3. I think we sprung a leak under the kitchen sink - there was a massive puddle of water under there after doing the dishes tonight. We've dried it up and put down a bowl to catch any excess, and tomorrow I will find and call and plumber and hopefully schedule something for Friday (and thus take the day off). It's not gushing water, but we took a peek and the U-tube is seriously corroded. And it's PVC pipe, which you'd think wouldn't go all corrod-y, so you know it can't be good.

4. Cleo has taken to moving her mice all over the house. There's one in the bathroom, one or two on each landing, several in the dining room. I've even caught her picking up random mice and moving them from one spot in the room to another, for seemingly no reason than her own aesthetic taste. She's either becoming neurotic or she's setting up her battlefield, and I can't tell which.

5. We finished John Adams tonight - very well done, but I still want to know why they kept using the music from Lord of the Rings. And I'm pretty sure I heard music from The Hours in there too. Maybe it's a book-into-movie thing?
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*yawn* Strangely tired this afternoon, but I had a busy morning.

--Took the car for an oil change, and had them fix the weather stripping on the driver's door, because every time you lowered the window, the rubber stripping came down too. Yay for warranties.

--Went to the cobbler and dropped off two pairs of shoes for resoling (one of them BRAND STINKIN' NEW, and the bit on the heel popped off, but I love them and want to wear them again).

--Went to Penzey's because my host next week wanted me to pick up spices. The shopkeeper scolded me for only getting three things and spending less than 5 minutes, which ALMOST guilted me into getting more. Almost.

--Post office to mail the NetFlix movie - which wasn't actually a movie, but the first disc to the first season of Cracker, which wasn't half bad, and I think I'll give the second disc a go when I get back. Robbie Coltrane was fun to watch, and Christopher Eccleston is cute with hair. And young. And THIN. (Highlight of the episode: Injured Murder Suspect says to Eccleson, "Doctor?" Eccleston says to Injured Murder Suspect, "No, police inspector." Says I to TV: "Give it ten years!")

--Long John Silver's for lunch, because I was in Falls Church, and I like their fish better than the Arthur Treacher's around the corner.

All this, and home before noon.


Right, to the airport, sleep on the plane, wake up and be ready to paint a house. Shoot, I need to pack painting shirts. And I probably won't sleep on the plane, I'll probably wake right back up, which is just as well, because I really do have to finish typing up the next chapter of Water Music. And I suspect the journey will help me get into the right frame of mind to take care of the next Page in the Broken Book series.

Theoretically, will have internet, but might be spotty.

(Yes, I'm going on vacation to paint a house. I have a demented idea of vacation.)
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Having tossed up another chapter of Choices and Chances, I had to leave the computer for a bit lest I refresh my email every ten minutes looking for reviews (I'm awful that way). So instead, I watched the current NetFlix movie, A Perfect Storm.

Oh, bad idea.

Not that it wasn't a good movie, mind you. It was a beautiful movie. (Plus, scruffy George Clooney.) But I have a track record on this sort of thing.

Bill's visiting a refugee camp in Central Asia? I think I'll watch Hotel Rwanda!

Bill's in a country that ends in Stan where Americans aren't much liked these days? Hey, let's read Guests of the Ayatollah!

Bill's working a late night and I'm home by my lonesome? Let's watch a movie where men go to work late and then DIE!

(The only way tonight's selection could have been worse would be if it actually had thunderstormed like the weather reports claimed it would.)

Incidentally, Bill just got home, and is highly amused by my extremely bad habit of selecting exactly the wrong way to entertain myself.

Clearly, I need to put more happy movies on my NetFlix list. Next up is the first disc of season one of The 4400, which I haven't seen but have heard good things about. We'll try it out, anyway.


I am a

What Flower
Are You?

"You stand up for what you believe in, even if it gets in the way of what other people think. You are proud of yourself and your accomplishments and you enjoy letting people know that."

Oh, I like that. Not that I know what a canna is, but the quote is good.

(Also: no, I am not participating in the smut meme. Not because I don't want to post smut, but because you're all getting a double dose of it on Sunday from me, anyway.)
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My NetFlix movie came in yesterday - for some reason, it's High Noon. I have no idea why I got a western. I'm pretty sure I didn't ask for a Western - yet, here it is. Perhaps I didn't realize it was a Western?

(Although, seems to be a good one, so I'll still give it a shot. But plot bunnies took over my brain this evening, and I am slave to plot bunnies.)

On the bright side, my lovely computer guru Don fixed the new photo gallery at earlier this evening. I was torn, momentarily, between plot bunnies and trying to figure out how to use the new gallery. The bunnies won. Vicious little creatures. I'll play with the gallery this weekend and see if I can't get it to look more interesting than it does currently. I link only because the test photos are of the long-promised Udvar-Hazy Center. Eventually, the entire thing will be a thing of beauty. One can hope, anyway.

(Also, does anyone really care to see all the specs on a photograph? I mean, yeah, I know actual photogs do, but it's kind of pretentious for the rest of us, methinks. My opinion as one who has a degree in the subject, anyway.)

In other news, just finished watching "The Rise of the Cyberman/The Age of Steel" again, from DW Season 2. I never noticed the first time around, and now I'm wondering --- did anyone else pick up on the incredibly shippy tension between the Doctor and Mickey? Because really, there were a couple of moments there I honestly thought they'd just finished snogging or something.

That is all.
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One of the last NetFlix movies this week was Bridge on the River Kwai, because I seem to be on a classics bent recently. Well, apparently I also added the History Channel's documentary on the true story behind the building of the bridge, because I got that around the same time. I finished watching the movie earlier in the week; I watched the documentary this afternoon.

On Historical Accuracy - A Rant )
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I came home last night to find that Cleo had attacked the bag of cat food on the counter. Not sure how much of it she ate, but I've got evidence now that she jumps on the counters when we're not looking. Bad cat. She's been acting up more often lately, mostly my own fault, because I've been writing so hard, I haven't had time to play Mouses as often. Bad me.

No estate sales in VA this weekend at all - but it's Easter weekend, so I suppose that makes sense. Odd to have Easter so early, particularly since Passover is so late, but on the other hand, I can actually eat Easter dinner without worrying about keeping kosher, which hasn't happened in YEARS. And Passover is after Bill's birthday too, which means he won't be shorted cake. (He usually is, poor man.)

The current NetFlix is the BBC version of The Office. It's...interesting. Not sure we'll go past the first disc, but for comparison's sake, it's not bad.

(And yes, we have been on a BBC kick recently. You add something to your queue, and NetFlix pops that window up with similar items, and I usually end up going in runs following a theme. Two weeks ago, it was Hugh Grant movies, then it was Audrey Hepburn movies. Now it's BBC.)
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I got an email from Juno asking me to participate in a survey - I love surveys (I'm weird that way) and I clicked the link and started answering questions. About five questions in (the kind that get your demographics and all), I'm told, "We're sorry, you don't qualify for this survey. But click this link, and you can try another survey!"

It's only been a minute or two, so I figure, Oh, what the hey. And I try again. After about ten minutes and having been rejected from about ten surveys, I've concluded that it's absolutely true: No one gives a shit about my opinion.

That said, I'm still refraining from voicing what I really think about the idiocy of Howie Mandell, the media's reaction to Virginia Tech, what preachers should not say at funerals, and why the ending to Pirates 3 was slightly off-kilter.

Oh, okay, I'll talk about Pirates. But don't say I didn't warn you thar be spoilers ahead, matey. Make sure you saw the scene AFTER the credits before you click. ) Anyway, the theater where we saw the movie had a sign out front warning that there was an extra scene after the credits, which is to my dad's way of thinking, cheating. As Bill and I stay to the end of the credits anyway, it's not such a big deal. Although I will say, those Pirates credits were about three hours longer than most.

We got our newest NetFlix movies today - mine is Children of Men, Bill's is When We Were Kings. He says his list has reached the point where it's all eclectic (mine hit that point AGES ago). Since the last two movies on my list were Citizen Kane (four stars) and the original 1933 King Kong (three stars - goofy, but the build-up was really good; I was genuinely nervous), I figure I'm due for something recent.
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My NetFlix queue obviously does not want me to see Chasing Amy, because today I received The Shipping News instead. Of course, I watched Mrs. Brown last night, so it was sort of a Judi Dench double feature. I liked both movies, although I have to wonder if watching Americans try to speak with British accents is half as funny as hearing Dame Dench speak with a Canadian one.

Is there anyone else out there who defines a good movie by whether or not it makes you want to go to the library afterwards, either to read the original story or just to learn more about the historical personage within?

Cleo went to the vet today for her last distemper shot. Gabbie and I arranged it so that she and Asmodeus would have appointments at the same time, so they had their first chance to play since Thursday. Picture! )

Anyway, Cleo is tired (distemper shots make you tired, or so the vet says. But with cats, who can tell?), as am I, so we're off to bed.
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Watched Shopgirl yesterday afternoon, with the intention of getting it out in the day's mail so that I can get a new movie Tuesday. Of course, NetFlix was supposed to deliver Mrs. Brown to me yesterday, but it didn't actually show up. Boo. (Chasing Amy now has a "short wait". It's been available for WEEKS, and right when it's at the top of my list I have a short wait? It would be annoying if I didn't want to see Mrs. Brown anyway.)

Anyway, I kind of liked Shopgirl. I didn't read the story it was based upon (should probably do that) so I can't say how it closely it stuck, but I liked it by the end. )

I began the attempt to clear out the yellow bedroom this afternoon. Until now, it's been a repository of stuff that I didn't want to organize just yet. It's still a repository of unsorted random junk, but at least it's neater, and parts of it are even vacuumed. At some point, I shall go back in there and really start to sort things, figure out where things go, and all that.

On the bright side, I talked to my parents and they're finally moving along on sending out my bedroom furniture from Arizona. It's slated to go into the guest bedroom for now, as it's the only room that will fit three of the four pieces and still have room left to navigate. This is good, because I keep having people stay over, and I feel bad making some of them sleep on the couch.

(Although I'm told it's a very comfy couch.)

Girls' Night last night over here. We sat around and watched Moulin Rouge and Troy, complete with a reading of the 15-minute version of Troy that [ profile] casapazzo found online somewhere. The evening went very well, and when I opened the fridge to look for lunch, I found the blender pitcher, still half-full of mudslide.

(I did not have the mudslide for lunch. I was tempted, but there was also leftover Indian, and mudslide can wait until tonight.)
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I get to keep Asmodeus for another day because I am sick and upon coming home, had every intention of drugging myself to sleep, which would have prevented Gabbie from swinging by to pick up her kitten.

Therefore, one extra day of double-kittens. They were very good, slept on my legs right up to when the drugs started to kick in, which was when they decided I should not fall asleep but should have to keep telling them "No" while they tried to tear the bedroom apart.

Later, they assisted me with spilling the soup on the couch.

Helpful little beasts, they are.

However, a small observation: this is how you know I am not well. Not only am I DREAMING about eating chicken soup, but I actually make it from chicken and carrot and onion that does not come from a can.

(It's not hard, it just involves standing and some chopping before you collapse gracefully on the couch to wait for it to cook a little. I like NyQuil, it enables me to do things almost normally, but it makes my tongue feel fuzzy.)

So, chicken soup, with carrots and onion and a little leftover rice, and some crushed garlic gloves for good measure. I ate two bowls, because either it was actually really good, or I'm too sick to remember that I don't like chicken soup. Which is also why I had two bowls, because I'm sure that once I'm well, I'm going to look at the leftover chicken soup and think, "Ew."

I have been watching Star Trek: Next Generation season 7 while waiting for my next NetFlix movies to show up. (Darn federal holidays with no mail delivery.) It's turning into a game of Spot the Celebrity. So far, Kirsten Dunst, Sabrina LeBeauf, and Terry O'Quinn. It was even Terry O'Quinn with hair, and at the end of the episode, he was going to be court-martialed out of Starfleet, which if you ask me, explains perfectly why he was then on the plane from Sydney to LAX; it was because he wouldn't have been allowed to use a starship.

These are the musings of a chicken-soup drenched mind, people. Take all necessary precautions.
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Have just finished watching Tristan & Isolde from NetFlix. Jeez, what an awful film. ) Next up, Shopgirl and Chasing Amy, both of which ought to be better.

The kittens are racing back and forth and up and down. I had a hard time trying to find a chew toy for them - they seem to want to chew on everything, kind of like puppies. Most of the chew toys out there, however, have catnip, and they don't react well to it. I think it's too hard on their kitten tummies. I managed to find them some furry mice, and I ended up buying them a latex doggie chew toy, so we'll see how they like that. Anything that keeps them from chewing on my shoes. (I told you - just like puppies.)
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The new computer arrived this morning, and I am now typing on it - after having to start and restart a few times, downloading updates and whatnot. How a new computer needs updates for Norton, I don't know. But it does. Weird.

Anyway, it is shiny (literally, being silver) and pretty and runs happily, so all is well. One weird thing is that my old mouse and keyboard don't have the proper connections - everything is off USBs now. Who knew? This is mildly annoyed, in that my keyboard is an ergonomic one which I love, and using the USB keyboard supplied by Dell actually is somewhat painful. Well, highly uncomfortable. Therefore, I see a trip to Staples or CompUSA in my future.

In other news, finally saw Serenity. Grr. Argh. )

And finally:

Five days to kittens!
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With [ profile] angelofthenorth on a bus heading back to New York, so ends the first official visit of the First Official Houseguest at the Technicolor Townhouse. (Relatives don't count.) I had 30 hours to show off Washington, D.C., and though I was told I did well, I still can't help but feel we missed far too much of it.

(For instance, we did not step foot in a single Smithsonian, unless you count the zoo.)

Touristy DC )

I have two NetFlix movies downstairs waiting for me - Super Size Me and Serenity - but first, to discuss Happy Feet, which we saw last night. In short, fantastic. The film, not too spoilery, in that really you should know the type of ending already )

Most of the reviews I've seen are about how the movie is terribly preachy and environmentally-conscious and whatnot. Yeah, yeah, been there, done that, bought the freely-traded all-cotton t-shirt. It's not telling us anything we didn't know already. And besides: DANCING PENGUINS, PEOPLE.

Also, I have changed my mind: I want a dancing penguin for Christmas.

[Poll #875335]
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Happy day - Bill called.

Finished watching House of Sand and Fog, tonight's NetFlix movie. Moral of the Story: Don't Fall Behind on Your House Payments )

Theoretically, Super Size Me is next, but I thought it was next last time, so we'll see. If I'm lucky, I'll get it in time for Thanksgiving. I figure that's appropriate.

Mailed off a box to Bill today (and was summarily informed that I have to send him a few other things pronto, so will be sending an envelope in the morning); altered a skirt I bought a few months ago; and watched a very strange video on YouTube of a cop giving a DUI test that involved a kick line. Also took lessons learned from tonight's movies and paid a few bills. If I have bad dreams tonight about corrupt cops kicking me out of the house and then making the moves on me, I'm totally blaming Jennifer Connelly.


Edit: Forgot to mention the amusing article on the Presidential Dollar Coins. So, which do we think will be worse: a Nixon dollar or a Clinton dollar? And isn't it slightly unfair that Lincoln will be on THREE pieces of currency (the penny, the $5 bill, and the $1 coin)?

I would like to point out that I am omitting (not forgetting) any and all tasteless jokes about Reagan dollars. Okay, maybe I left one joke in.....
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I ought to join that movie group in the upcoming year, what with the 300 movies on my NetFlix queue. Although to be fair, not all are movies - there's a few TV shows in there, too.

Anyway, tonight's fare was Amelie. I really enjoyed it and found myself howling with laughter in some parts. It was odd though - you know how you'll watch a movie, and get so into a character that when they are asked a question to which the answer is either "yes" or "no", you find yourself answering for them?

I answered - but in Russian. Which makes no sense at all, since the movie is in French. Unless you know me and my particular linguistic history, which is that when I was first learning Russian, I would replace words I didn't know with their French counterparts. (Took me forever to say "patamushto" and not "parce-que".) And then while in France, where I could actually use my French, I would try to say "merci" and instead "spaceba" would pop out.

So all through the movie, I was saying "izvenitza" and "da" and "nyet".

To which all I can say now is "Argh."

I was hoping to make my first FlexCar rental tomorrow, but the car has apparently been reserved all day long. I have no idea who would rent the car for that many hours, because if you rent it for more than four or five, you're really better off just going to Enterprise or something for a one day's rental. Bah. Either way, I still need to go to the library, so the question is whether or not I bike or take the bus. It will probably be the bus, if the time works out. Also in the works for tomorrow is sweeping up the leaves on the deck, because currently you have to wade through them, and continuing to clear out the office so that [ profile] angelofthenorth has a place to sleep next weekend.

The house has been incredibly quiet still. I keep thinking that I ought to put in some music, but the CDs are in such disarray that it's difficult to choose one. Bill's dad is scheduled to come out the first couple weeks of December; his first order of business will be to fix the hole in my ceiling in the living room, after which I'll be able to finally set the couch where it belongs, and then I can start dealing with the stereo and CDs in earnest, since they are slated to go where the couch is currently sitting.. Hopefully this will help.
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The Great and Powerful Computer Guru is working on the Lumos photos - I've zipped the file and sent them along to him, because we've run out of ideas why they're not loading properly.

(I suspect it's something eternally stupid, but they show up all pretty on my computer, so I don't think it's anything with the coding.)

Bill is currently watching Syriana. Why I'm Not Watching With Him - Spoilers! )

Watching was sort of weird, though, if for no other reason than I'm in the middle of reading Guests of the Ayatollah, which is very interesting and more than a little nerve-wracking. I mean, I know that Bishkek was never actually overrun by zealous students intent on holding us all hostage for months on end - and had there been that chance, I would have been one of the first evacuated (and not necessarily by my choice) - but still. Somehow, it's more real by the fact that I know people who are in and were in those same roles, and could have easily been in that situation at any other point. Most of the folks who have spent their careers in the foreign service have been evacuated at one time or another - our turn is coming, I just don't know when or how or why. Or what the circumstances will be.

Anyway, I'm halfway through the book, and the diplomats have only been captive for a few months. I'm sort of curious how the author is going to fast-forward events.

Next on the list: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the movie version. The other movie in the house is The Pianist - no idea when I'll get a chance to watch it, though. Maybe tomorrow. Bill's sort of on the sick side - that is, I think he's more miserable than sick, on account of not being able to breathe when sitting, standing, or laying down - so perhaps I can be successful at putting him to bed early.

Bill and I filled out the bid paperwork on the Technicolor Townhouse. He'll run it out to the realtor's tomorrow. I will be seriously surprised if there's no counter-offer, but we'll see. Maybe by the end of the week we'll know something.
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Finished watching Tsotsi - excellent South African film, although an awful lot darker and more violent than the review would have you believe. Subtitles, too, which I don't mind, except it makes cross-stitch extraordinarily difficult. So instead, I meade brownies for Noel's sister Leslie, who will undoubtedly appreciate them. Next on the NetFlix list is (I nearly fear to say it) Buffy the Vampire Slayer - the movie, not the series. I figure it will be good for a laugh, and after the darkness of Tsotsi, I could use the humor. Anyway, it won't be here for a day or two, so I'll watch the bonus disc of Lost instead.

The latest word on the Air shipment is that it's being delivered sometime on Thursday. I requested first thing in the morning, but I suspect several others have requested the same so it's anyone's guess whether or not I get it. The company is supposed to call me in the morning and let me know what time the delivery will show up.

The first day back at Arena was...interesting. It was odd working a full day, sort of familiar but not. "What's different?" asked Steven.

"Me," I replied, but I can't figure out exactly what about me has changed in the last two years. That is, I sort of know, but I don't know, if that makes any sense at all, which I don't suspect it does, nor do I expect any of you to get it, as I don't quite get it myself. I fell asleep on the Metro coming home; no idea if that was the humidity kicking in or just weariness.

Lumos was, overall, good. What with culture shock and the stress of leaving stresses behind (because say what you will, it's never an easy thing to forget about everything making you crazy), I don't know that I was able to really truly enjoy myself there. I know I went on about how it would be my last conference, but the thing about being surrounded by a bunch of folks as much into Harry Potter as you, is that it's a bit infectuous, and now I find myself halfway interested in going to Phoenix Rising (in New Orleans next spring) or Prophecy (in Toronto next summer). I told [ profile] sheryll I would help her in any way for Convention Alley 2008 already, but I think if I did go to another conference sooner, it would be in that capacity. There are only so many times you can sit through a presentation on whether or not Snape is good or evil. (And I am perfectly happy in not having an opinion on that topic!)

Truth is, I don't know which way to go on it. I know the cost of registration is rising, but if I go, I'd rather spend the extra $40 and be truly excited about it than buy the tickets now and be as lackidasical as I was this time around. And if I don't go, I'll send the registration to buy trees or something; I figure that will be a good trade-off.

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