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Dec. 25th, 2015 02:07 pm
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Oops, forgot to post why.  Okay, so I'm about to start turning the doc file into a Kindle ebook, and now I'm starting to have doubts about my original plan on how to publish it.  I mean... I'm still going with Kindle, but I'd always planned to do installments - five installments of about 15K apiece, about two weeks apart.  Partly this is because there's a lot of books on Kindle offered this way, or were when I started writing, and that's how the book is already formatted because that's how I wrote it to be.

But now... Kindle Select's changed how they pay their authors, so the marketing strategy behind offering the book in installments isn't quite accurate anymore.  And it doesn't appear that many people are using installments so often.  Which is a shame, because I really liked that format; I feel like I've got a good handle on it from writing and posting fanfic that way.

So.  Here's the question - do I still go with my original plan and post the story in 5 installments, with the full book to come out afterwards (with an extra or two perhaps)?  Or do I go ahead and post the whole thing in one fell swoop and be done?


[Poll #2031819][Poll #2031819]

In other news, I am about 15K short of my 250K word goal for the year.

Bill: Oh, you could write that!  Year's not over yet.
Me: .... Oh, sure.  I can write 15K in five days with Andrew out of school and Charlie refusing to nap.  NO PROBLEM.

(Actually... I probably could, if the five days included at least one day in which I could hang out at the coffeeshop and not be a parent.  But that's not going to happen before January 1, or more likely Charlie's first day of kindergarten, so I'm not holding my breath, and I shall rest happy in the knowledge that I still wrote 235K in the span of a year while taking care of a newborn and other assorted family members.  I'm good with that.)
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OMG, flist. Are you all on IKEA's payroll or something? Seriously. :)

Right, so, the current plan is that I drive up to DC this weekend (always the plan, there's a consignment sale there that I like and Andrew is in desperate need of winter clothing), and I'm going to make a side-trip to IKEA for three Billy bookshelves, which is probably not enough but is all I can reasonably fit in Gonzo. (Gonzo being a RAV4, and those bookshelves being 82" tall, boxed.)

Here, however, is the question: Do I take Andrew with me?

Theoretically, I can fit both bookshelves and Andrew in the car, if I move his carseat so it's behind me, and flatten the other side so the bookshelves are lying next to us. And we're staying with Isa and her family, and Andrew and Isa adore each other, so that'd be okay, too.

But Bill points out that Andrew could stay here with Daddy, and instead of shopping and girlfriends, Andrew could go to a baseball game and the Bouncey House and the pool, which in Andrew's world, is probably more interesting.

The last time I did not sleep in the same house as Andrew was when he was in the hospital following his seizure. The idea that I might go somewhere and spend the night is kind of throwing me for a loop here.

Me: We are having emotional difficulty with the idea that I'm not taking Andrew.
Bill: Who exactly is "we"?
Me: ......Me.
Bill: Damn skippy.

So, flist, even though I know what you're going to say:


[Poll #1931573]
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So the writer's group I joined last week...we're supposed to submit something tomorrow, no more than 2500 words long, for the rest of the group to read and critique.

And...I have nothing. I didn't write anything new in the past week - I barely had time to work on either Mise or Heart3 - and I looked at some of my old stuff and I don't particularly want to submit much of that, either. (Well, there's one short story I wouldn't mind submitting, but it's well above the word count.) I really don't want to submit any of the fanfiction, because I don't think that's fair, so I'm sort of stuck.

Doesn't help that I still don't quite know what I would write for them - I don't have an original story idea at the moment, I don't feel comfortable enough to share what I've written years ago without going over it myself first, and we weren't sent home with any sort of prompt to get us started. I'm just...stuck.

I feel a little like I'm showing up to class without having done the homework, and knowing the teacher's going to call me on it.

So, I think I have three options here.

1. Swallow my pride and send them something old. I can run through it while I'm determining how much to send, but surely it can't be that awful, can it? (Don't answer that.) And I do know that the O.S. needs help, desperate help, from any quarter, and maybe this quarter could be useful.

2. Search & Replace function in Word. Take a fanfic and replace the names with something else and pretend it's not fanfiction. Because that worked so well for Donna. (I admit, this is probably a fairly crack-tastic option.)

3. Apologize profusely and ask for a slight extension of a few days, under the assumption that everyone's going to be reading everyone else's work first anyway. And then buckle down and write something, anything, perhaps with the aid of finding an online prompter of some sort (flist, I'm also looking at you. HALP).

I don't particularly want to start off on the wrong foot. I really liked the writer's group in Bishkek, I'd like to leave this one in good standing, which might spur me on to find another writer's group when we move to our next post.

[Poll #1898945]

It should be noted that people who vote for the Leopard and/or Tiger will get Internet Hugs and Kisses.

Edited to add:
So I ended up sending in an excerpt from the Original Story. It's 35 words over the limit, but I'm going to assume no one will chastise me for 35 words. We'll see what happens.

But by all means, keep voting if you haven't already, because if more people vote for the tiger, perhaps EGT will take pity on us.
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Bill says later. I'm curious what you all say. (Incidentally, he wasn't given any more information than what's in this post.)

[Poll #1892269]
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[Poll #1888630]

I reserve the right to ignore the results of this poll, especially if I get a brainstorm on any of these fics. I think I might have written myself into a corner in at least two of them.
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So on a day in which I had a multitude of things to do, and desperately needed to park Andrew in front of the television for two hours so that I could do them, because I did NOT have enough time while he was in school.....he decided that all he really wanted to do was stay outside and play on the playground.


I mean, you can't really argue with that, can you? "Child! Stop playing in the fresh air and getting exercise, you need to come indoors and let your brain turn into mush!"

Therefore, I did not wash the green beans or the chicken breasts I picked up at Carrefour this morning, I did not make the oatmeal raisin cookies for Halloween handouts tomorrow, and I did not have a chance to even look at the last chapter of Heart which is supposed to be posted tomorrow, and now it's after 9pm and I'm just now getting to it, and 9pm is not a good time for coding and/or editing, b/c I always end up doing something stupid.

(Or worse, thinking the chapter is stupid, and for this one, I can't read it without thinking OMG SOMETHING IS MISSING. Except I have no idea what that something is.)

In the meantime, I'm fully into ignore-the-Mystrade fic mode, and I'm knee-deep in research for the Nano novel, so that's fun.

And tomorrow is Halloween. I AM NOT READY, NOT READY IN THE SLIGHTEST. And I have to bake the double peanut butter cookies tomorrow, too, and I don't have the car, so taking Andrew to preschool in back is going to be a MUCH longer process than usual!

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Andrew's Swim Lesson )


I joined [livejournal.com profile] sherlock60 a few weeks ago, which is one of those challenge communities, except this one's less of a challenge and more of a book club. Each week we're supposed to read one of the original Sherlock Holmes stories, and then write a 60-word fic based on that story. (Yep, sixty words, I did not forget to type a zero.) This is the second round; the first went in alphabetical order and now we're going in chronological order, based on when the events in the stories occurred. This week we read Gloria Scott; next week is Musgrave Ritual.

Anyway. We're required to post the actual fic on the community, and not provide just a link. I'm going to post them at AO3 as well, as a chaptered story (each chapter is another sixty words), but I wasn't sure if I should post them here as well.

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This inability to bake anything is getting on my nerves. I'm pretty good at spotting teaspoons and tablespoons, but temperature is something else entirely, and if I'm going to work with yeast, I really have to check that temperature to make sure I don't kill the stuff.

And I really want to make some pizza dough. The only thermometers I have are Andrew's ear thermometer (which isn't really shaped well to measure water safely; also, it's frickin' expensive) or the plain old digital grown-up in-the-mouth thermometer that I bought for us.

The mouth thermometer is good to 111F. (Yes, I checked.) After that....I risk destroying the thermometer.


[Poll #1834692]

Edited to add: No sooner than I post this poll, but I received confirmation that the Air Shipment shipped yesterday. So it's on its way, at least, but we'll see how long it takes to get here. Of course, all my cooking supplies are in Surface anyway, but at least we can get the rest of our clothes and Andrew's toys.
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So I asked a simple question over at [livejournal.com profile] theladiesloos this morning, and it's gotten over 100 comments. Egad. Anyway, as most of you aren't on TLL, and I really should have made it a poll, I figured I'd find out what you all thought.

[Poll #1824901]

(Excellent song, btw. Highly recommend the video if you haven't seen it.)

Some background )
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[Poll #1802372]

(Oops, that was supposed to be check boxes for the last one. I think poor Cleo's about to lose big-time.)
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Andrew's birthday party is this coming Saturday, moved up a week so that Daddy can attend. I made the change last week; it only occurred to me yesterday that it meant I had one less week to prepare - bake the cupcakes, make the food, prepare the gift bags, and most frightening of all: clean the house. Because no sooner than I clean it, but I have a 28-pound Munchkin following me, leaving a brand-new trail of dirt in his wake.

(I don't know where he finds it. I think he orders it on Amazon.)

Anyway, as if I didn't have enough to do this week, I have to have the Christmas cards done by Monday, because I was organized stupid thinking ahead and bought one of those Groupon things for discounted photo cards - trick is, I have to have them done by the 15th. Which means if I want a picture of Andrew and Santa included, I have to have the picture taken by the 15th. In a better world, this would be impossible. Unfortunately, we live in 2011, and Santa is going to be at the mall starting on November 10.

(There is something wrong with this scheduling. I haven't even disassembled Andrew's Halloween costume yet.)

Add in that I'd like to get Andrew's hair cut before he has this picture with Santa, and Friday is a holiday and Bill wants to take Andrew to Santa, too....so I'm thinking to take Andrew to the mall on Thursday, introduce him to Santa (but take the photos the next day), and get his hair cut.

This is either the most brilliant plan ever, or a disaster in the making.

[Poll #1792865]

Birthday Party Menu, for those interested )
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Gah, naptime. It's not that Andrew won't take it - he's actually been really good about naptimes in the last few days (and note how I qualify that statement by specifying the specific times, because otherwise he'll decide to NEVER NAP AGAIN). No, this is because his nap has been occurring during prime birthday party time, and I've started thinking about his upcoming birthday party.

Here's the problem: Andrew naps between 1 and 3 in the afternoon, give or take. (Today, he slept from 11.30 to 2. IT WAS AWESOME.) Which means that the best time for his birthday party would be in the late morning, or the late afternoon. I'd almost rather the party be in the morning, because that's when he's most cheerful and ready to play and have odd craziness happen - in the afternoon, not so much. He's more likely to pitch a fit if something doesn't go his way.

But then, that means there's a birthday party in the morning. And birthday parties include cake, and for some reason, I'm having a mental block about having cake before noon.

(Bill would totally be pointing out that chocolate cake is totally part of a balanced breakfast, seeing as how it's got milk and flour and eggs and is essentially no different from a chocolate chip pancake. He'd then launch into a barely-remembered rendition of Bill Cosby's Chocolate Cake For Breakfast routine, which I'm willing to bet is somewhere on YouTube but I'm not going to go looking for it at the moment. Bill, however, is in the undisclosed location, so his opinion on the suitability of chocolate cake at 11am has been noted and ignored.)

[Poll #1787677]
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So either I've been stuck in the house too long, or....well, you tell me.

It was a normal day in the Azriona Household, with Andrew drooling and climbing on furniture, when I suddenly realized his drool had made a rather intriguing pattern on the couch:

Tell me I'm not the only one to see it. )


[Poll #1729348]
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A man who writes essays for students willing to pay him tells all.

It's not so much the article - although it is pretty good - but the comments that make this something of a time-suck. There's an ongoing argument about grammar, various people asking for information about the custom essay company's contact info (either to commission essays or to seek job opportunities), and even a challenge from an English professor for the author to get a passing grade from her through one of her students. (And she'll pay him $100 if he's successful.)

(I should note that the subject line here was blatantly stolen from one of the comments on the essay. Brilliant, and also true.)

One of the things that the author said, though - and here I will quote: Last summer The New York Times reported that 61 percent of undergraduates have admitted to some form of cheating on assignments and exams.

Egad. Seriously? Okay, fine, I might be sugar-coating my memory, but I honestly can't remember cheating on assignments or exams when I was in school. I think the closest I ever got was glancing at other students during an exam, but that wasn't to see their answers, that was to see how far along they were in their exams and thus figure out if I was working too quickly or not quickly enough.

So, a poll:

[Poll #1652334]
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Andrew took about four steps before falling over. He did this three times. I think it was a fluke. I really hope it was a fluke.

Dear Whatever Deities Are Reading This Journal (Thor, I'm looking at you),

Please, please, please, let those steps have been a fluke. I will totally sacrifice a goat or something if you give me another month. Thank you.



In other news, Bill says when he gets home, I can have a vacation. His suggestion? "You can sleep on someone else's couch!"

*blinks* I think this merits a poll.

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From [livejournal.com profile] ashfae, and in honor of Banned Book Week, I present to you a list of the 11 most surprising banned books.

Guess what's on the list? Andrew's favorite book of all time.

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