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I finally got my hands on a copy of Cursed Child this weekend... and proceeded to read it in about 6 hours. On the whole, I enjoyed reading it, mostly because I enjoyed figuring out how I'd do the staging and the magical bits as I read them. (So many quick scene changes! So many quick costume changes! Characters exiting on one side of the stage and then immediately reappearing on the other via Polyjuice Potion!) I completely admit that despite my issues with the story, I really want to see how this play is staged, and if it's anywhere close to what I envisioned.

(Probably not.)

As for the story itself... yeah, after one reading, I'm left with more questions than answers, and I'm tempted to read it again to see if I can't figure them out. But I also have no time, so it'll have to wait a bit.

So many questions, so little time (spoilers under the cut) )

I probably have other questions and things, but that's all I can think of at the moment, and I want to try to get some editing in before Charlie wakes up from his nap. And I'm curious who else has read the play now and what they think. (Or seen it, and what they think.) It's entirely possible I missed something as I read - there were points where I could read only one or two lines at a time before a child interupted me - but hey, I think for reading it super fast, it wasn't bad.

(Also, I was perfectly aware that I was reading a script, and not a story, and perhaps a lot of my questions are answered through the performance. Lots of nuance in performance, there is.)
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Non-spoilery reaction: THAT WAS AWESOME, AND I LOVED IT.

Everything else is under the cut )

Anyway, here's the dilemma:

Andrew really, really wants to see this movie.  He's been excited about it for months, he was a Stormtrooper for Halloween (we think based on the fact that he saw Finn in the preview wearing a Stormtrooper uniform).  Right now, he is sleeping in Star Wars pajamas on Star Wars sheets with a Star Wars duvet, and his dad's Millenium Falcon toy sitting on the headboard.

But Star Wars is PG13.  And I have to say... both Bill and I think it's earned that rating. Read more... )

Anyway, I shall stop, because it is late and I'm exhausted.  In short, awesome movie, I have a theory, and we have no idea what to do about Andrew's love of Star Wars.
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School continues to be cancelled (and we got word that it's cancelled tomorrow, too, though that doesn't matter for Andrew so much since he doesn't have school on Fridays), so we headed over to a neighbor's house to finally watch the Christmas episode where Matt Smith regenerates into Peter Capaldi.

End result: I have now seen the Christmas episode.

Actual truth: I didn't actually hear most of it, because Andrew and his best friend Trent were chasing each other around in the background, and when they weren't, Andrew was on my lap asking me to identify Daleks and Cybermen and Clara. Also the 8- and 10-year-olds were providing running commentary and asking my opinion on who the scariest Doctor Who monster is, and if the Sontarans are bad guys or good guys.

(Although it was fun to watch the episode through the eyes of the audience intended to receive it.)

I'm not sure why I'm cutting for spoilers, since I'm probably the last person who wanted to see it who actually did )
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Oh dear God, that episode was information overload. I think my head is spinning.

Spoilers ahoy )
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Bill and I went on our date tonight, and through a comedy of errors, ended up seeing Saving Mr Banks, which was totally all right by me because I'd wanted to see it anyway. Bill wanted to see American Hustle.

My Parents: What are you going to see tonight?
Bill: Saving Mr Banks.
Me: That's not true! We're going to flip a coin.
Bill: And then we'll see Saving Mr Banks.
Me: Don't be silly. If it's heads, we'll see Saving Mr Banks. If it's tails, we'll see not American Hustle.

So outside the theater, we tossed the coin, and sure enough, it was tails. American Hustle it was. Except, as it turned out, we'd remembered the start times to the two movies incorrectly, and American Hustle had already begun. So, alas, we saw Saving Mr Banks instead.

(I'm not entirely sure that Bill believes it was a mistake.)

The movie was really good. I'm not sure I liked it half as much as I liked Gravity, but the costumes were fantastic and Emma Thompson was her usual Emma Thompsony self, and Tom Hanks was gentle and endearing, which are two traits I'm pretty sure he's trademarked by now. And I remember enough of Mary Poppins (the movie), so I was able to catch all the sly nods, and appreciate the renderings we saw of potential costumes and set/prop design.

The rest is spoilery. You know, for those of you who don't know that Mrs Travers eventually did let Mr Disney make a movie about Mary Poppins. )

This turned out to be less review of the movie, and more review of my thoughts of the movie. Sorry about that. If you're wondering: yes, go see it. But if you're a writer, consider bringing tissues.
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So my dad and I just finished watching The Empty Hearse on my laptop, hunched over like things that spend their lifetimes hunched over.


First Impressions. Spoilers Ahoy )

That's all I can think of at the moment. And it's after 10pm and I've been up since 4.30am and I'm exhausted, so I think I"ll leave reading everyone else's reactions until tomorrow, because if I start now, I'll never actually stop. And Bill and I get to go on a date tomorrow while Mom and Dad take Andrew to McDonald's. (Either American Hustle or Saving Mr Banks, and I think it'll end in a coin toss because we seriously can't decide.)
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The gist: Bill and I went to see Star Trek yesterday morning. A bit late (it’s been out here since Wednesday), but it took a while to find someone to watch Andrew. (Who ended up going to a friend’s house to play with his trains. He barely noticed we were gone because Trains.)

Benedict Cumberbatch was awesome. There were some very clever lines from all the cast, and there was one plot twist in particular that I did, quite frankly, adore.

But the movie as a whole? I didn’t like it. In fact, I didn’t like it so much that I was grumbling about it before the movie was even over. At one point, I was in my seat doing OMGFLAIL at the ridiculousness of the movie. If JJ Abrams had been sitting next to me, I likely would have popped him over the head with my purse.

(Honestly, the only real praise I can give the movie as a whole is that it was better than Star Trek 5. Which, if you remember 5, pretty much tells you everything you need to know about the movie.)

And the rest is spoilers. )
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It’s like I’m going on a Benedict Cumberbatch spree or something. Possibly because I am. At this rate, Bill and I might actually get around to watching Tinker Tailor before the week’s out.

(Probably not, though; we’re back to making fun of Star Trek TOS again. Season Two is pretty much all about the ways Spock nearly dies. It’s getting a bit ridiculous.)

Anyway, finally finished off Series 4 of Cabin Pressure yesterday at the gym. Quick review of Cabin Pressure )


In other BC-viewing, I watched the first two nights of To the Ends of the Earth last week, and have been mulling them over. My first recommendation if there are any of you out there who might want to watch it themselves: try to find a disc that has subtitles. Mine did not. This was a serious sin of omission, because the volume on the disc was notoriously spotty, and some of those actors slurred, and others whispered, and still others shouted, and I was trying not to wake the toddler, and it was all incredibly annoying.

(Also, I cross-stitch while watching, and sometimes, subtitles are helpful.)

Cut for spoilers, if one can spoil for a miniseries that came out eight years ago. )

Anyway, the second disc is coming – I’ll have to check if it’s one night or two – and will probably get here in a few weeks. I fully intend to continue watching, if for no other reason to see if Edmund falls conveniently in love with anyone else, and if he dies of horrible disease before the ship actually reaches Australia. Or maybe if he actually learns something and reaches Australia a changed (and less morally reprehensible) man. I kind of doubt it, but you never know, I might be wrong.

If nothing else, the footage of the ship on the open ocean is pretty, and there’s always the chance of another naked-in-the-rain scene, or maybe more flowing pirate shirts with tight breeches. Yay for flowing pirate shirts with tight breeches, no matter who wears them.
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Bill and I watched "Assylum of the Daleks" on Sunday night. For the most part, I haven't been paying a bit of attention to the spoilers or casting notices and despite having looked at Tumblr before watching (mistake, don't do that again), I didn't really know what was going to happen. So that was nice.

But the oddest thing about the episode was that it seemed...well...done. As in done before, and frequently.

More under the cut )

And...of course...there's the Amy-Rory subplot. Which is...well. You know, I probably should have All The Feels about this, but I just don't know. )
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Having finally just watched the Christmas episode of Downton Abbey, I mostly want to know one thing, which is not what's in the upcoming cut. Brief spoilers )

Mostly, though I have just one question:

So....this series about the Titanic that Julian Fellows is would one go about watching that? B/c I have a thing for Titanic movies/books/memorabilia that goes waaaaaaaaay back, and I haven't been able to indulge in it for a very long time.
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I am fairly certain that there comes a point in every parent's life where they become a closet Republican. And not just any Republican, but a Reagan Republican. There is a very simple reason for this.

Suddenly, the idea that ketchup counts as a vegetable works. Who cares if tomatoes are technically classified as fruit? Smashing them into a pulp and adding sugar obviously turns them into vegetables. Andrew freebases the stuff, often dipping the same grilled-cheese sandwich corner into his ketchup multiple times. (He does the same with chips and guacamole, incidentally.)

Seeing as how he's currently on an all-veggie, all-protein strike, I'm happy to embrace my inner-Reaganite. Ketchup = Vegetable. I stand by my scientifically questionable stance.


In other news, I finally watched Doctor Who The God Complex yesterday. My reaction can be summed up as follows: Eh.

On the other hand, Bill and I watched Star Trek TOS 1.05 (The Enemy Within) the other day. OMG. I had no idea that Star Trek could be quite that homo-erotic. Egad. RTD would have had a frickin' field day with that storyline.

Edited to add: Does anyone remember a Firefox add-on that let you save photos directly to your photobucket account? I thought I had it several versions ago, but I can't find it now and I'd kind of like it back.
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Not a good day in Andrew-land, so Cute Baby Monday is postponed until tomorrow.

Torchwood )


DW - The Girl Who Created Parallel Universes by Blinking, Apparently )


DW - Night Terrors )


Cute Baby Monday will return tomorrow. Tired, see. Toddler who believes naps are for other babies, see.

Also, the cat still hates me.
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Torchwood, and an observation regarding the State of Matrimony )


True Blood. No matrimony here. Yet. )


Haven't seen the recent Doctor Who episode; Bill still needs to see Let's Kill Hitler, and then we'll watch it together. I'm hoping for the end of the week.
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Many Days Late. Two Observations. )

I still need a True Blood icon, but I have yet to see one that I like. Grr, argh, etc.

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