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Good News: Andrew and I have tickets for our upcoming PCS.
Bad News: Our visas and passports have gone MIA.

Good News: Cleo has been confirmed as a cabin cat for both legs of our journey.
Bad News: My mother is having trouble getting confirmed as a passenger on the same plane.

Good News: The painters have finished painting and the walls (and trim!) look fantastic.
Bad News: There is now a thin layer of dry wall dust on everything and the house is open to potential renters tomorrow morning.

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Much Ado About the House )

In other news, I have made the unfortunate discovery that Amazon will not deliver Andrew's diapers to an APO address. CURSE YOU, AMAZON. CURSE YOU ALL TO HECK.
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I have extra drinking water, and stuff that can be eaten without heating up if we lose power. I've got batteries for all but one of the flashlights (which takes D batteries, of which I only have one, so it's a no-go there), I'm charging my cell phone now as well as Andrew's portable DVD player. I should probably charge the battery in the movie camera as well, to better get those videos of cows flying through the air. I'm going to run the dishwasher tonight and I'm doing laundry, so that if we do lose power, everything that could be clean is clean. And I'm fully stocked on kitty litter and cat food.

I can't really clear off the back patio because there's nowhere to clear the stuff to. I could drag the chairs inside if I feel as though I really should (and I can do it pretty quick, so as far as I'm concerned it can wait until morning, when the storm's closer, but I can barely move the table, let alone get the umbrella down, and there's no way I can move the grill. (I did fold the umbrella down, so at least it's not too awful, and I'm thinking tomorrow morning I can wrap tape around it so it doesn't blow open in the wind. That's the best I can offer, unfortunately.)

My father just called (from Arizona) to chastise me for not filling up the tub with water.

The one thing I'm really missing is a battery-powered radio. Do they even make those anymore? And besides, would I have been able to find one in the last 48 hours, because I doubt Target stocks that many of them, and considering I bought one of the last flats of bottled water at the grocery store this afternoon, I'm fairly sure battery-powered radios are pretty scarce at the stores now.

So, I'm ready, or as ready as I can be. I'm not quite as "woo-hoo hurricane!" as I was "woo-hoo earthquake!", but I'm feeling pretty well set. Except for the umbrella, but again, not much I can do there.
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I replaced the faucet in the kitchen sink ALL BY MYSELF, WITH NO ASSISTANCE WHATSOEVER.

In which I relay the story of how I am a plumbing goddess, payable in cupcakes and childcare. )

Anyway, from start to finish, the whole replacement venture took about 75 minutes. It's funny; I never realized how hard I was working to turn on the water, because now the new handles turn so easy, I'm practically sending them flying in circles.

Next up: changing out the electrical sockets. I think I'll wait until Andrew's asleep for that project.
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The lovely thing about having found and purchased malted milk powder? Homemade chocolate malts. Yum. I'm also going to try putting it in fudge for a chocolate malt fudge. Double yum.

Writing Update:
I is writing. The only problem is - the two characters I'm writing do not want to actually get around to what they're supposed to be discussing. And while normally I wouldn't care, at the moment I'm just over halfway done and the fic is twenty pages long.

Andrew Update:
We had Day Two of his language acquisition class today. He is still not reciting Hamlet. He has one class left. Outlook is not good.

Also, he can get up the stairs faster than you can say "lickety-split". Or, as we've discovered, "Bill! The baby is climbing the stairs again! Catch him!"

Cleo Update:
Still hates us. This has a great deal to do with Bill accidentally locking her in the office for five hours the other night. (He was trying to dissuade Andrew from going in and playing with all the non-child-proofed things, and she'd been sleeping on the futon.) However, this might change, since Bill has determined that the best way to keep the bedroom warm at night is to leave the door open, which gives Cleo full access to the foot of our bed, which is her favorite place to sleep at night.

Bathroom Update:
IS DONE. Well, mostly. The guys still have to finish the caulking on the backsplash behind the sink, and Bill's closet still needs some organization and clean-up, but we've been using the shower all week and I'm happy to report that there's no leakage. Hurrah!

Four weeks ago, the master bathroom looked like this. Now, it looks like this: )

I spent most of yesterday cleaning the entire room, moving furniture back into place, and washing every last blanket and curtain that's been exposed to all the dry wall dust. Our room is looking sharp now. (These pictures are from before that big clean. I am lazy that way.) Now all that's left is to get more picture-hangy hooks from Home Depot and hang the pictures back on the wall. I suspect Home Depot has retaken my soul from BabiesRUs. Too bad HD doesn't have a frequent-buyer program.
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Writing Update (and a plug):
Hurrah! I have made it past the hurdle in Wendy's Pudding fic - that bit that's been driving me mad since August. I figured out what was bugging me, and I plowed through, and wrote it, and then had shivers go down my spine. It is awesome. I will have people WEEPING. Now onto the next part, which won't be as awful to write, and could be lots of fun, and will require me watching a few episodes of Torchwood first. Hurrah, I say, hurrah.

Also - there is a Three-Sentence Fic-a-thon going on during the month of December at [Unknown site tag]'s LJ. It's multi-fandom and there's a few Doctor Who prompts in there (as well as anything else that suits your fancy). (There's also a handy-dandy delicious archive to find a specific fandom quickly.) I glanced through the DW prompts and even filled one, so if anyone's looking to get your writing mojo working, that might be a good way of doing it.

Still need to write the prompt for [ profile] betterwiththree. It's due December. This is December. But it's also December for another 30 days, so I figure I have a little wiggle room.

Bathroom Update:
It is NEARLY done. We have a sink and a shower and more importantly, SHOWER DOORS. Andrew and I went on a field trip this morning with one of the handymen and toured the closet organization aisle as well as the tile aisle and we picked out our closet stuff, as well as the tile that will be the backsplash for the sink, which for some reason did not come with one. Today, there will be the instillation of a toilet. THE END IS NEAR. It is way exciting.

Andrew Update:
Santa on Tuesday was fairly painless. Andrew liked playing in the playarea before we got to Santa, and he didn't seem to mind the button-down shirt and sweater vest he was forced to wear (Grandma-purchased, btw). But then we plopped him down in the lap of this big guy with a white beard and a bright red suit, and WALKED AWAY. His eyes got real wide, and you could see the wheels turning, and we got about three photos before he started yelling and squirming and that was the end of Andrew's Santa experience. Sadly, no photo of a baby having a meltdown on Santa's knee - surprisingly, the photographer stops taking pictures when the kid starts screaming. (I don't know why, since it's digital, and heck, I would have laughed to see them (and possibly requested a copy, if it was good enough - there's a radio station offering a cash prize to the funniest "My-kid-is-afraid-of-Santa" photo).)

Andrew and Santa )

In other Andrew news, he gets to start SCHOOL this afternoon - I signed him up for a class at one of those local learny center places that is theoretically supposed to help with verbal development. I realize this borders on Stepford Mom-hood, but I figure a playgroup is a playgroup is a playgroup, and at least this playgroup will have different babies and different toys and you never know, I might actually come out of it smarter (and with a talking baby). Andrew's babbles have definitely increased in the last few weeks since Bill's come home, given that now he gets to watch Mommy have conversations with animate objects instead of stuffed animals, but he's still pointing at everything but Bill and pronouncing it "Dada".

(I think he's got a word for Cleo. It sounds a lot like "eeeee". However, that could just be a squeal of feline appreciative delight.

Language Update:
Bill installed two language CDs on my computer so I can start learning the local language for our next overseas assignment (which is to occur later in 2011). I have as of yet not opened either of them. (One is Rosetta Stone, the other is Talk Now. They're both good, though they have different strengths, so they're really awesome together.) The downside of learning a new language: it's going to overwrite my Russian, which already overwrote my French. So yay for being able to converse with people who are going to sell me vegetables, but boo for not being able to tell someone off in Russian when they call at 2am. *sigh*

Cleo Update:
Still hates me.
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Writing Update:
Just a quick note to tell folks that the fics at [ profile] dwsanta will start being posted tomorrow. Mine is somewhere in there - no idea when it'll come up, and it's not like I can announce it anyway since authors remain anonymous until after Christmas. But I do have to say I am WAY EXCITED about my offering, to the point that I've had the specific characters running around in my head, playing in their world, ever since I turned it in. There is a very good chance that if given enough of a push, I'll write more.

On that note...[ profile] wendymr's Pudding fic is...moving, and that's all I can really say about it. I'm still stuck in the same scene that I was stuck in back in August, but at least it's crawling forward. I would jump forward and write the next one, except I hate writing out of order, so I'm instead going to write twenty scenes I'll never use in an effort to figure out which one is right and thus waste lots of time instead of just moving ahead which might actually solve the problem faster. Wall, meet head. Head, meet wall.

Andrew Update:
We took Daddy to the zoo on Saturday, since this was the last weekend that Reston Zoo will be open until spring. There's a good reason for that, as it turns out - it was cold, and windy, and all the animals were huddled around their space heaters looking at us as if to say, "What are you, nuts?" The only really notable occurrence was that as we were leaving, Andrew grabbed my sunglasses and then tripped on the pavement, scratching up one lens thoroughly. Prescription sunglasses, I should add. I thought about ordering these as a replacement, but instead, ordered these. The blue ones are neat, but for some reason I have a thing for red sunglasses. Also, nine dollars cheaper.

Santa will be visited after lunch. More to follow.

Bathroom Update:
I really should have been taking photos, but I keep forgetting until the work crew is here, and then it's too late. Our bedroom is covered in dust, and so's the work crew for that matter. They've been sanding the walls like insanity in preparation for painting. The vanity showed up and is waiting downstairs to be moved upstairs, and the closet is nearly done (except for, you know, closet stuff like shelves and whatnot) and the bathroom is tiled and showered and looks very much like a bathroom. If you ignore the fact that there's no toilet or sink or mirror yet, anyway. Estimated finish date: either later this week or early next, both of which are highly awesome.

Cleo Update:
Still hates me. But she hung out on my stomach for about ten minutes this morning, purring, so maybe not so much.

Conversation at 7.30am today:

Bill: Baby's awake.
Me: Mmmm.
Bill: I'll get up.
Me: Oh, good.
Bill: What, were you going to get up?
Me: I refuse to answer on the grounds that I might incriminate myself.
Bill: Because if you're going to get up...
Me: No, no! You already said. You claimed it. No backsies!
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Writing Update: [ profile] dwsanta fic is done, and will continue editing later today. I realize this is contrary to the theory of NaNoWriMo (not sure how it fits in with FinSoFicMo), but seeing as the fic is due on Saturday, it's got to be done. I'm pretty sure I know how to get over that bubble in Wendy's Pudding fic, though to be honest I haven't had a chance to start writing it out yet. I have NO IDEA what I'm going to do with the [ profile] betterwiththree bingo fic, but I also haven't put much thought into it yet, because I've been spending most of Andrew's rocking time working on Wendy's.

(The downside to the time when Andrew doesn't need rocking anymore, which I know is coming soon because he's already pretty good without it, is that I will have less empty time in which to think of plots. Then it's back to brainstorming while I clean the kitchen. *sigh*)

Andrew Update: O.M.G. So yesterday we had a cake smash at playgroup for all the November babies, including Andrew. There were five babies participating. We sat them down on the plastic tablecloth on the floor, and I put the cake in between them.

Before I'd even turned around to get my camera, Andrew had already sunk his hands into the cake. By the time I did have the camera, he'd lowered himself, like a push-up, to lick the cake. When all the mommies howled with laughter, he did it again.

And then he was so bamboozled by all these mommies just dying laughing, he made a beeline towards me. Right over the cake. I've never laughed so hard in my life. And sadly, do not have a picture of Andrew crawling over the cake. I'm hoping one of the other moms got it, because it was funny. Andrew's actual birthday party is on Saturday (his birthday is Thursday), and I will make sure to have the video camera running.

Bathroom Update: The good news is that we do not have to move the wall further into the bedroom: over the weekend, the guys figured out that we could move the then-not-existent wall into the new walk-in closet instead. So Bill will have six inches less of closet, and I will get an additional pantry in the bathroom. Everybody wins. Except Bill's closet.

Also good news: the guys did not find more mold yesterday. Yay!

Bad news: Andrew and I have been sneezing a lot lately. I think this is due to the dust the construction is kicking up. I hope so, anyway, I'm very tired of one of the other of us being sick.

Cleo Update: Still hates me.
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Writing Update:
The [ profile] dwsanta fic is DONE. I'm going to sit on it a few days and then clean it up, per my usual pattern, but it's a whole week ahead of schedule (GO ME!). Next up on the writing block: [ profile] wendymr's Pudding fic.

Andrew Update:
He has now mastered walking while turning, and is showing this off by walking circles around me, literally. It's like he can't turn it off. Mostly, though, he's been cranky today. He actually took a three-hour nap, from 10.30am to 1.30pm, which is highly unusual - if he takes a marathon nap, it's the afternoon nap, not the morning. He slept another 45 minutes at 5pm, and I just put him down about 20 minutes ago (a little after 8pm). And he was craaaaaanky. I can't figure if it's teeth or ears. He keeps pulling at them, but he always pulls at them, it's one of his sleep signs. And he doesn't have a fever, or any other ear infection symptom save for the irritability. I'm tempted to call the pediatrician tomorrow morning (they have Saturday hours for emergencies - do neurotic mommies count as an emergency? I imagine their nurse could tell me).

Also, I really want to send the makers of teething tablets a nasty letter. Those tablets and ibuprofen were the only things that work when Andrew's having tooth pain. (Tylenol does NOTHING, NOTHING! Cold packs are great, but only in 15 minute increments, and if you try to put teething gel in the baby's mouth, you will lose a finger.) Unfortunately for Andrew (and to a lesser extent, me), those miraculous wonderful non-addicting-so-they-say teething tablets were pulled from the shelves in their entirety. (Something about there being more belladonna in them than is really permissible. Also they don't have child-proof caps, and some kid somewhere downed the entire bottle, which is about 25 times the amount you're supposed to have at a time.)

So now, my choices are ibuprofen, or screaming baby. Stupid teething tablets.

Bathroom Update:
I'm thinking I need to watch The Money Pit tonight, what do you think? )
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Writing Update: Slow. I'm maybe 5 pages away from being done with the [ profile] dwsanta fic.

Part of the slowness is due to the last update.

Andrew Update: Has decided that eating is not nearly as much fun as dropping things on the floor to see Mommy pick them up. He's also stopped drinking as much formula. I'm hoping this is because he has realized that formula tastes like sugared cardboard and will thus take to whole milk like a baby on fire.

Also, napping is off. I think this is due to the last update.

Cleo Update: Still hates me. The last update does not help.

The Last Update, a.k.a. the Master Bathroom Update: So we're finally finally finally having our master bathroom renovated. This has been a project necessary since...well, shortly after we moved in. The Technicolor Townhouse was built in 1973. It has very 1973 bathrooms, which is to say, they are SMALL. Seriously, you couldn't fit more than two people at a time in any bathroom in this house, not if you also wanted to open the door, and our shower was so small you couldn't hold your arms out without suddenly being out of the shower.

Also, it leaked. Bad, for many reasons.

Anyway, we've been putting it off and we can't put it off any longer, not if we're planning on renting out the house next year when we go back overseas, and also the IRS finally came through with the refund for Andrew's adoption (thank you, IRS!), so we're being good little Americans and putting that money back into the economy instead of toward the mortgage like we have every other year we've gotten a refund.

Thus, renovation. Cut for photos of the old bathroom and what we plan on doing with it. )
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So this would be Take Two with the nasal aspirator, and I still can't get it. Following advice given by moms more experienced than I (which is pretty much all of them), I bought the hospital-style version, the sort with the very long neck, and I will say that I think it works better because I can hear the snot moving around when I use it - but Andrew still hates anything coming within a ten mile radius of his nose so actually using it is a challenge. Assuming I could use it successfully, which is doubtful. I could use about ten extra pairs of arms to hold him down while I use it, and then the screams are so pitiful I feel like I'm torturing the baby.

Attempts to explain to Andrew how removing the snot will make eating, breathing, and sleeping easier have yet to be successful. I'm fairly certain he believes he can go without all three for an extended period of time. (Or at least the last one.)

In addition to both of us being sick, we're also having work done on the house. (This would be the work the HOA required we get done, for those who remember that debacle.) All exterior, luckily, but all still incredibly noisy because it involves replacing some of the siding, adding gutters, and power-washing the paint off the front stoop. Andrew napped for a total of 90 minutes yesterday, in three batches, and I considered myself lucky to get that much. There was about half an hour there where it sounded like we were being attacked by a rapid mutant mosquito. (I think they were doing something about the siding. I'm not sure what.)

There's only a bit left for them to do today - the gutters and staining the concrete - but I can't imagine either of these occupations are going to be anywhere near as noisy as the siding was. (Maybe the gutters.)

The only good thing I can say about being sick and house-bound in a house that is having work done is that there is some chance that both work and sickness will be over around the same time. And this time, both Andrew and I are sick at the same time, instead of one following the other, so maybe instead of being stuck here for two weeks, it'll only be a week. Which is good, because apparently, I am hosting playgroup on Tuesday again. (I'm thinking if we're not better by Saturday, I should probably cancel. Which would be very sad, because I like hosting playgroup, it gives me the kick in the butt to clean.)
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So, we live in a housing association, and until now, I've never minded. For the last four years, since we bought the house, every summer the HOA goes through and determines if the house exterior meets the HOA's code. We've always passed without issue.

Until now. Today, I got a letter stating that during the annual inspection in June, there were three issues found that need to be resolved: we don't have a gutter or downspout on the front of the house, the paint on the front stoop is peeling, and there's a board of siding that is peeling up a bit.

Now, I don't disagree that these three things are issues. My problem, though, is that they've existed since we purchased the house, and for the last four years, have gone unnoticed. Now, they're issues, and what's more, we have two months to fix them, OR ELSE.

(Or else what has not been explained. Public tar and feathering, I should imagine.)

What I want to know is, did the HOA finally get glasses or something? And who on earth do you call to fix these issues, because I honestly don't have a clue.

(I'm sorely tempted to send a note off to the HOA telling them very politely that these issues have been present since purchase of the house four years ago, and they weren't issues then, and here's pictures to prove it, and screw you all I'm not asking to be grandfathered in, just give me more than 2 months and an inkling of who I can call, thanks. I'm refraining at the moment because I'm sort of ticked off, and that's not a good time to write a letter, I've found.)
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For some reason, I'm utterly, completely, exhausted.

And it's not even 9pm.

But there are cupcakes cooling on the counter, most of the 2nd floor is cleared of clutter, and at half past one tomorrow afternoon, people are descending for something of an impromptu office party of sorts. Which means filling and frosting the cupcakes, washing the hardwood floors, emptying trash and making sure the litterbox isn't highly offensive.

All of which will be done in the morning, because for now, I'm wiped.

On the plus side, my legs are feeling much better. On the minus side - Pilates this afternoon, and the instructor was fresh from some instructor class where she learned how to incorporate dance into Pilates. I've discovered new reasons to hate her. This makes the goal of making it to the end of a class without cursing her name somewhat problematic.

The problem with having a house is that sometimes, you have to clean it.

I figured out what to write for [ profile] writerinatardis. I plotted it out on the train home, giggling like mad all the way. I figure I might as well go crackalicious on it, since I'm going to be locked in the TARDIS after this round, anyway.
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No fanfic this morning - no time for coding, plus I got caught up in reading. But, the next round of [ profile] writerinatardis is up, in two posts (one and two). I have a story in one of those two posts. Don't forget to vote, too.

Actually, I have to say - I'm curious. Because the last three rounds, I've ended with a score of negative one. (Meaning that exactly one more person disliked my story more than liked it, enough to vote me off the island, so to speak.) So I'm kind of curious if I can keep that going. I mean, that's got to be something, having the same score three (or possibly four) rounds in a row? Although I haven't seen if anyone else has experienced the same, so maybe not.

Still. If I end up with negative one again, I'm going to laaaauuuuugggghhhhh.

In other news: my bathroom is toast. )

So, for the meantime, I'm in Bill's bathroom. He has a full-sized shower/tub combo, which I have to say is very nice. Plus, places to put things. Yay!
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Pilates this evening kicked my ass. OMG, did it kick my ass. And I have no idea why - no, scratch that, I know exactly why, I'm pretty sure it's the same reason I had cramps this morning. Gah. Being a girl sucks sometimes.

Really, really TMI. Boys, do not click this. )

Anyway, I'm home, and absolutely bloody exhausted, which is unusual because usually after Pilates, I'm...well, not energetic, exactly, but limber, and not in desperate need of a nap. On the plus side, no cramps. On the minus side, headache. I slept on the Metro coming home. The lovely thing about being at the end of the line is that if you fall asleep, you won't miss your stop, and generally people are pretty good about shaking you awake if it's the end of the line.

In other news, one of our recycling bins was stolen today. I came to this conclusion when I came home to find it missing. I'd like to think another homeowner accidentally grabbed it after the recycling pick-up, and once they realize that it has our house number on it, will return it in a day or so. (This has happened before.)

The next fudge experiment is chili fudge. That is, fudge with either red pepper or crushed chilis or something along those lines in order to give it a kick. I haven't decided which. I'm thinking it'll be a fake fudge, otherwise I'd try sauteeing the chilis in the butter used in the fudge, but I don't particularly want to go with another fudge from scratch until I can fix a few others. Also, I'm running low on butter. Again. Seriously, at Christmas, I should just buy a cow and be done with it.

Lastly, but not leastly - in news that has tickled me pink, I was fangirled, along with a few others, at [ profile] the_tenzo's journal for the Children of Time recs. Hee! I don't think of them so much as recs as just me trying to figure out who on earth I'm going to vote for, because I really don't know. But it's a great deal of fun trying to figure it out. (I'll prep a few more this evening, and get up the next one in the morning, methinks. There's a couple really long ones on that list, and I have no idea how I'm going to find the time to read them in order to review.)
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I am so annoyed I could spit

This morning:

1. The front porch light won't go on. Neither will the front entryway light. Nor will the dehumidifier plugged into the front entryway. The whole thing runs on breakers, so I can't even tell if we blew a fuse, because there are no fuses.

2. Conversely, the back porch light won't go off. It's supposed to be on a motion-sensor/timer, so if it sees motion, it stays on for ten minutes. But it's ON, even when nothing it moving. Unless it's catching the rain/leaves/random ghosts or whatever.

3. Bill's cell phone DIED. Just...DIED. He's had one of those pay-as-you-go things, the phone is absolute crap, neither of us can work the interface properly, he just put a bunch of money on it, and it DIED.

4. The computer is throwing fits at me because when I turned it off this morning, it decided that there was still a program running somewhere, and so stayed on all day. ALL DAY. So now it's pissy because it's tired. Which I realize is illogical because we're talking about a piece of machinery, but all the same.

5. Someone said at work that it's supposed to SNOW tonight. As if it couldn't get any worse!

So I'm going to try to find an electrician who can come out and solve my front porch problem, because (a) we're supposed to always have them on in our neighborhood to deter crime and (b) if I don't have a working porch light on Halloween, I don't get kids trick-or-treating, and I have four bags of candy to hand out. Granted, I could just eat them, but I'd really rather not.

If it were fuses, and not breakers, I actually could stand a shot at handling the problem myself. I know from fuses. I don't know from breakers. Grr.

Argh. Argh argh argh argh argh argh argh.

Edited to add: On the other hand, Doctor Who is the Republicans' sci-fi of choice. *snickers*
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Report from the photo meme (which is still open, if anyone else wants to play):

[ profile] talloakslady asked for a picture of my favorite spot in the Technicolor Townhouse. )

[ profile] jlrpuck ask for a picture from my commute. I wanted to get a picture of the view as the Metro train wizzes by all the traffic on 66, but sadly, this was sort of impossible to take, due to various evil weather conditions and lack of seating on the side with traffic. (I think it would make an awesome picture, though, so I'll try another time.) However, the best part of my commute would be the walk home from the Metro, so instead of traffic, you get nature. )
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1. Bill is home from the beach. The tops of his feet are sunburned. Also his knees. It'll be fun watching him put on shoes tomorrow - I might take pictures.

Me: Hey, Bill?
Bill: Yeah?
Me: Do you mind if I take pictures of you putting on your shoes tomorrow morning?
Bill: Why?
Me: Because it'll be funny.
Bill: I don't like you.

2. Also, Bill posted about Doctor Who. Yeah, I know, apocalypse-type stuff here. Actually, he brings up a good point: if the Doctor is known as the Oncoming Storm, what's Human!Doctor known as? My personal favorite is The High-Pressure System, but feel free to head over there and give him your own theories.

3. I think we sprung a leak under the kitchen sink - there was a massive puddle of water under there after doing the dishes tonight. We've dried it up and put down a bowl to catch any excess, and tomorrow I will find and call and plumber and hopefully schedule something for Friday (and thus take the day off). It's not gushing water, but we took a peek and the U-tube is seriously corroded. And it's PVC pipe, which you'd think wouldn't go all corrod-y, so you know it can't be good.

4. Cleo has taken to moving her mice all over the house. There's one in the bathroom, one or two on each landing, several in the dining room. I've even caught her picking up random mice and moving them from one spot in the room to another, for seemingly no reason than her own aesthetic taste. She's either becoming neurotic or she's setting up her battlefield, and I can't tell which.

5. We finished John Adams tonight - very well done, but I still want to know why they kept using the music from Lord of the Rings. And I'm pretty sure I heard music from The Hours in there too. Maybe it's a book-into-movie thing?
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The tree people have FINALLY been around to take care of the fallen limb behind the Technicolor Townhouse. It's no longer resting on our fence, or near or fence - and it looks like they started chopping it into firewood this afternoon, too. (It's a large limb, so it's a large job.) I wonder if they'll leave the firewood, or cart it away? Not like we have a fireplace, but there's plenty in the community who do, and I'd hate to see them just toss it.

Bill also went out to chat with them about perhaps seeing to our mulberry tree in the back. The limbs are getting unruly, and are reaching our roof, which is not a good thing. Granted, the squirrels are fun to watch as they hop from branch to branch, and it keeps Cleo entertained for HOURS, but still. I don't want a tree in my attic.

Bill came home from his trip last week with a cold; I seem to have caught it. I woke up this morning with a scratchy throat, and my colds always start with a scratchy throat. And then I nearly fell asleep during a meeting at work today - granted, it was a boring meeting, but I did sort of have to pay attention.

Then, before leaving this afternoon, a co-worker said to me, "See you Monday."

"You're not here tomorrow?" I asked.

"Oh, I'm here. Like I said, see you Monday."

What's more annoying about the sick, though, is that there's a girls' night on Saturday, and I want to go, and if I'm sick, I can't, because one of us is pregnant and another of us has a newborn. And neither of them should be catching my germs. Bill's germs. Grr. And I want to show the mother of the newborn the progress on her daughter's Little Prince cross-stitch announcement.

(Not that there has been progress. And if I'm sick, I probably shouldn't MAKE any progress, since it's a birth announcement cross-stitch. So it's not so much a progress report as it is proof of my mad procrastination skills.)

What's not annoying about being sick: Bill is making dinner. It smells yummy and oniony.

Stolen from...oh, loads of people. You know who you are. I should note that I don't count states that I've only driven through, because otherwise there'd be a few more on here. As it is, I'm looking sort of...stripey.

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The walk home from the Metro was hot and humid and fairly disgusting, and by the time I walked in my front door, I was blessing every deity on the planet for air conditioning. Better still, the A/C was going full blast, and it was lovely and cool. I set down my bag, greeted the kitten, kicked off my shoes, and headed for the stairs.....

And wouldn't you know it, but the POWER WENT OUT.

24 hours after the thunderstorms, too!


So I spent the next four hours sweeping and playing with the kitten and doing some dishes and cleaning up the house and sweeping the debris from the back porch.

(The tree limb, by the way, is off the fence and will be cleared as soon as the groundscrew shows up. There's a LOT of trees in the area down, most of which are more problematic, so it might take a while. The fence is fine, no structural damage that I can tell.)

Of course, I was meant to make a yellow cake with chocolate frosting for tomorrow, but there's no way I'm starting a cake at 9pm, which is when power returned. Brownies, however, I can whip up in half an hour flat, including cooking time.

I was also meant to post a Crossroads interim for you all, but it's 10.30 and I'm too tired to deal with the coding at the moment. So perhaps in the morning.

Cleo is asleep on the futon behind me, on her back with her paws in the air. She is way cute. Unfortunately, if I move to get the camera, she might wake up, so pictures are doubtful.

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