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1. A friend gave us a $50 gift certificate for for Charlie, and I have no idea what to spend it on.  No, seriously, we have enough clothes, a good amount of blankets, plenty of feeding things, seats, etc, and I have no idea what's new and awesome in baby toys these days.  And I don't want to spend it on diapers, because at some point I'm going to switch Charlie over to cloth diapers, but I haven't figured out when.  (Probably when his poops are more solid.  So I figure I have a bit of time on that end.  No pun intended.)

2. My mom and I have taken both kids on two road trips this week - first to Richmond on Tuesday, and yesterday to Hampton.  Tuesday's plan was to get new bras (because lo, I have boobs that cannot be housed by anything sold by normal stores, and also I like bras that actually fit properly, I am such a snob), and then take Andrew to the Children's Museum.  He was super good at the bra store (yay for iPads) and the museum was packed to the gills, but he had a lovely time.  Yesterday we had to hit the Babies R Us, because Charlie has outgrown the Level One nipples two months early and I hadn't bought that far in advance, and then we took Andrew to Chuck E Cheese, where he spent at least 75%  of his tokens on the motorcycle racing game.  He is getting really good at that game.  He was beating ten-year-olds, which is awesome for him and really sad for the ten-year-olds.  "Hey, man, watch out for that five-year-old on the motorbike, he can ride."

3. Mod duties intervened yesterday, and I finally sat down and posted the Tuesday 221b intro post on [ profile] reading221b.  I meant to post it two weeks ago, but... well... Charlie.  (He is such a handy excuse; I plan on using him as my excuse for everything that I can't use Andrew as an excuse.)  Anyway, the Tuesday221bs should be fun, go over there and look.

4. Mom and I have finished watching Season 1 of Orange is the New Black, and greatly enjoyed it.  Though I have to admit - it's a bit weird to be sitting on the couch watching a show next to your mom and then suddenly there is hot lesbian action on the screen.  Worse when you're holding your newborn son; I didn't know where to look.  Anyway, we both really enjoyed the show, and now we both want to see Season 2. Which isn't out yet.  Grr.  (How can it not be out?  It's Netflix, right?  So doesn't it go straight to video anyway?  I am confused, can someone please explain?)

(I think what I enjoyed most was watching the shift in characters, particularly with the guards.  The guards you thought would be cool, like Healy and Bennet, are slowly turning into assholes (okay, Healy is full-blown asshole, Bennet has his moments), and the guards you thought would always be assholes, like the red-headed female guard whose name I don't know and can't find, are actually turning out to be sort of... well, good.  (Because she has shown a bit of heart the last few episodes, in that she actually seemed to care about the kids and there were a couple of other times she was nearly kind.  Heck, even Pornstache was... okay, not exactly redeemable or forgiveable, but I did sort of feel for him, in that he's obviously seriously starved for love and affection.  Character development, and three-dimensional bad guys, I love it.)

And now the children are awake, and that's the end of that.  More later.
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Oh dear God, that episode was information overload. I think my head is spinning.

Spoilers ahoy )
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So my dad and I just finished watching The Empty Hearse on my laptop, hunched over like things that spend their lifetimes hunched over.


First Impressions. Spoilers Ahoy )

That's all I can think of at the moment. And it's after 10pm and I've been up since 4.30am and I'm exhausted, so I think I"ll leave reading everyone else's reactions until tomorrow, because if I start now, I'll never actually stop. And Bill and I get to go on a date tomorrow while Mom and Dad take Andrew to McDonald's. (Either American Hustle or Saving Mr Banks, and I think it'll end in a coin toss because we seriously can't decide.)
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1. I am trying like heck to respond to comments this week; I know I've been bad, so if you see a reply to a comment you left in the last week/two weeks/year, try not to have a heart attack.

2. FINALLY, FINALLY, FINALLY saw "The Bells of St John", with about one hour to spare before it was taken down from BBC's iPlayer. Except now it seems like all the rest of them have been taken down; I sort of assumed since the first episode was up for just about forever, the rest of them would be too. Stupid me, apparently. Grr. And I'm annoyed about how they're set up on Amazon: I could buy Part One and Part Two of Series 7 separately for about $20 each, not including the Christmas special, or I could wait until August and pay twice that for the entire series in one set. WTF, Amazon???? That is not terribly intelligent marketing there.

Shall discuss with Bill when he wakes up, to see what he thinks (half the reason I waited so long to watch was because it's nice to have something to watch together. Which is not blaming him for them being taken down; I could have easily watched them on my own earlier and he was okay with that; I should have kept a better eye.)

3. Almost done writing Mise. HURRAH. The chapters are getting mysteriously short toward the end. And once that's done, I'm going to write the epilogue to Heart3 and be done with THAT. The goal is to be done with the actual writing before Andrew's done with school in three weeks, because I'm not going to have a lot of time after that. Editing I can wedge in - writing, not so much.

4. There are cinnamon rolls going into the oven in about ten minutes; I'm trying a new dough recipe. It's gonna smell awesome in here in about half an hour. Who wants to come over for breakfast?
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Dear Andrew's Fever,


No love,

Andrew's Mommy


Not that it's much of a fever - it's hovering between 98 and 99 (Andrew's usually in the 97s, so yeah, this is a low-grade fever for him). It's hit 100 twice since last night, and both times I dosed him with the ibuprofen, but it was a slow climb to get there so I'm not overly worried.

I actually had us on the way to school this morning, and we were even out of the apartment and almost gone - and I just couldn't do it. I was way too worried about what might happen if his temp started to climb and none of the teachers were checking and I bribed Andrew back inside with the promise of a movie and we spent the day watching TV. He also got all the juice he could drink. This decision was partially vindicated around noon when Andrew's temp did hit 100.2.

(Oddly enough, I've got a low-grade fever myself. Andrew was insistent that it was Mommy's turn with the thermometer, so I humored him. I don't feel the least bit sick or warm, so perhaps we have the same thing. Might be something to it - I was exhausted enough last night that I went to sleep at 8.30.)

Incidentally, I think I'm creating a tiny Anglophile. I let Andrew decide what he wanted to watch, and the morning line-up consisted of Timmy Time, Thomas the Tank Engine, and Wallace and Gromit, followed by the Veggie Tales version of Sherlock Holmes. (Veggie Tales is American, but Sherlock Holmes is not, so maybe that counts?)

Incidentally, the Sherlock Holmes edition of Veggie Tales is either hysterically awful or distressingly funny, and I can't decide which. The writers shoved in as many Holmesian references as they could in the first few minutes so they didn't have to repeat them later (the best being the name of the pub where Sherlock and Watson go: "Doylies", which is just funny on multiple levels), Watson was the clever one, Sherlock's deductions were ridiculous (but meant to be, I think - after all, he's a cucumber), and I mostly kept waiting for Mycroft to show up as Asparagus or something.

(On the whole, I liked Lyle the Kindly Viking much better, as far as Veggie Tales goes. Those songs seriously stick in your head for days.)
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1. Andrew v Cleo
Cleo snuck into Andrew's room just before I put him to bed tonight. Normally Cleo does not hang in Andrew's room at night, because we keep his door closed so that we can watch TV and not worry about noise. Also, because Andrew doesn't need the distraction of OMG CLEO IS ON MY BED when we're really rather he go to sleep.

Except Cleo snuck into his room, and then crawled under his bed and refused to move.

This was about an hour ago. She's still in there. Andrew's asleep.

This is very odd. I kept expecting one or the other to bother each other so much that the bothered one would vacate the room and come in here to complain. And I'd really like to get some cross-stitch done, but I don't want to turn on the TV and wake Andrew up. Grr.

2. The recipe testing continues
Recent recipes tested included two kinds of soup (watercress, which was way yummy, and carrot and ginger, which was a bit salty but I blame that on locally-purchased bullion). I have plans to remake the chicken-and-tomatoes dish, which is going to be heavily modified, and traditional English bangers, which will not be bangers because I can't get the casings, so they'll be patties instead.

Oh, and [ profile] ashfae's gingerbread. Hmm. Ash, think the gingerbread would work in an ice cream cake, if I baked it thin?

3. Writing
I've figured out the next major movement in Mise - whew. I'm still somewhat stuck on Heart3. I have apparently signed up to write a soulmate AU. I'm also apparently writing another essay on Omegavere Genetics, based on some fascinating conversations in the comments about genetic theory.

I really, really, really need to stop turning minor projects into major epics.

3a. Writer's Group
So, three meetings now. I ended up presenting a portion of the still-unnamed Original Story at the second meeting, which was fairly well received, especially if you consider that I didn't submit more of it for the third meeting, and was consequently scolded for the omission by two of the members.

But it's fun. And I really like the group of women, and I don't think I'm the best writer in the group, but I'm not the worst either. (Apart from the journalist, I might be the one with the most experience.)

3b. Speaking of writing and experience
Don't suppose anyone on my flist ever worked in a restaurant, did you? If so, speak now, or you don't get to criticize when I do finally start posting Mise and everything that happens in the kitchen is all wrong.

4. Speaking of Movies. We weren't speaking of movies? Well, now we are.
Bill and I are getting Skyfall from Netflix next. FINALLY. I understand that Bond/Q is the pairing to watch, or something like that. There's also a whole bunch of BondLock, and I'd like to see what the fuss is about.

5. Supernatural

Okay, people. Convince me. Why do I need to watch this? Better yet, how do I convince Bill, because he's started rewatching BSG, and there's only so much doom and gloom I can take in the evenings.
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It’s like I’m going on a Benedict Cumberbatch spree or something. Possibly because I am. At this rate, Bill and I might actually get around to watching Tinker Tailor before the week’s out.

(Probably not, though; we’re back to making fun of Star Trek TOS again. Season Two is pretty much all about the ways Spock nearly dies. It’s getting a bit ridiculous.)

Anyway, finally finished off Series 4 of Cabin Pressure yesterday at the gym. Quick review of Cabin Pressure )


In other BC-viewing, I watched the first two nights of To the Ends of the Earth last week, and have been mulling them over. My first recommendation if there are any of you out there who might want to watch it themselves: try to find a disc that has subtitles. Mine did not. This was a serious sin of omission, because the volume on the disc was notoriously spotty, and some of those actors slurred, and others whispered, and still others shouted, and I was trying not to wake the toddler, and it was all incredibly annoying.

(Also, I cross-stitch while watching, and sometimes, subtitles are helpful.)

Cut for spoilers, if one can spoil for a miniseries that came out eight years ago. )

Anyway, the second disc is coming – I’ll have to check if it’s one night or two – and will probably get here in a few weeks. I fully intend to continue watching, if for no other reason to see if Edmund falls conveniently in love with anyone else, and if he dies of horrible disease before the ship actually reaches Australia. Or maybe if he actually learns something and reaches Australia a changed (and less morally reprehensible) man. I kind of doubt it, but you never know, I might be wrong.

If nothing else, the footage of the ship on the open ocean is pretty, and there’s always the chance of another naked-in-the-rain scene, or maybe more flowing pirate shirts with tight breeches. Yay for flowing pirate shirts with tight breeches, no matter who wears them.
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1. I am highly disappointed in the lack of wit amongst adults in this town. All day long, I have been having the following conversation:

Me: Guess who peed in the potty this morning!
Them: Yay, Andrew!

Not ONE PERSON took advantage of the silver platter I offered them and responded in the not quite accurate but far more entertaining reply:

Me: Guess who peed in the potty this morning!
Them: Yay, Sharon! We're so proud of you!

Honestly. I should start distributing scripts or something.

2. Andrew's birthday party is Saturday afternoon, so I'm on cupcake baking duty for the next couple of days. Chocolate and yellow cake, both with chocolate buttercream frosting. And then there'll be some nibbles and juice, because the party's in the late afternoon and I don't want to ruin anyone's dinners. Basically, it's a glorified playdate with cupcakes. Considering Andrew's not one for organized games, I think this is fine. He also spent a good chunk of the afternoon chasing the girls around the trees downstairs, and when he caught them (well, when they allowed themselves to be caught), he would hug them. I'm raising a heart-breaker, I think.

3. I also had the belated realization that it's one week to Thanksgiving, and apart from turkey, I have no idea what I'm making or how many people I'm making it for. On the plus side, the commissary had fresh cranberries, so I get to make my cranberry conserve this week - I might try canning the excess, because it's seriously yummy stuff.

4. Speaking of which, Andrew goes to a British preschool, right? So you'd think that they wouldn't be off on American holidays, right? Wrong. The school is closed on Thanksgiving Day. The theory being that this will allow us all to spend the day together.

(I'm not entirely sure how having a three-year-old underfoot while I'm trying to cook Thanksgiving Dinner is going to help promote family togetherness, but whatever.)

5. Oh! I got Bill to watch The Blind Banker last night. He agrees that it wasn't as strong a story as ASiP, but is still willing to continue. No entertaining play-by-play, unfortunately, but I'm looking forward to what he thinks of TGG.
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Yes, yes, it's Tuesday. Hush.

For those of you reading The Heart in Him, consider this a preview of coming attractions for tomorrow. The rest of you: just enjoy.

Having just seen Downton Abbey's latest episode, I just want to know why, if the actress playing Sybil didn't want to continue playing Sybil, they didn't just find another actress. I mean, we are talking about a costumed soap opera here, and I'm sure they could have explained a facial reconstruction in terms of the early 1920s somehow.

I realize, of course, that this proposition makes no sense whatsoever and is probably just me being mad that Sybil was killed off. I suppose it could have been worse; she could have fallen off the roof of Downton. 'Cause that's working out terribly well for all other shows out there.
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Dear Self,

Kudos for thinking to mail things ahead so that they were waiting for you upon your arrival. (Including such necessities as razors, bath sponges, and warm-weather clothing.

But next time, maybe also think to mail ahead measuring spoons and a cooking thermometer. *sigh*



(I know I can order them on Amazon, but it's particularly galling since I also know I have plenty of them on the back of a camel somewhere, still headed toward me.)


In other news, Bill and I watched the first episode of Game of Thrones the other night, when we were able to get Andrew to sleep before 10pm. We were....well....not overly impressed. (The costumes were pretty, though.) Flisters who have seen more than we have: it does get better, yes? How many episodes do we need to give it?
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Having finally just watched the Christmas episode of Downton Abbey, I mostly want to know one thing, which is not what's in the upcoming cut. Brief spoilers )

Mostly, though I have just one question:

So....this series about the Titanic that Julian Fellows is would one go about watching that? B/c I have a thing for Titanic movies/books/memorabilia that goes waaaaaaaaay back, and I haven't been able to indulge in it for a very long time.
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I am fairly certain that there comes a point in every parent's life where they become a closet Republican. And not just any Republican, but a Reagan Republican. There is a very simple reason for this.

Suddenly, the idea that ketchup counts as a vegetable works. Who cares if tomatoes are technically classified as fruit? Smashing them into a pulp and adding sugar obviously turns them into vegetables. Andrew freebases the stuff, often dipping the same grilled-cheese sandwich corner into his ketchup multiple times. (He does the same with chips and guacamole, incidentally.)

Seeing as how he's currently on an all-veggie, all-protein strike, I'm happy to embrace my inner-Reaganite. Ketchup = Vegetable. I stand by my scientifically questionable stance.


In other news, I finally watched Doctor Who The God Complex yesterday. My reaction can be summed up as follows: Eh.

On the other hand, Bill and I watched Star Trek TOS 1.05 (The Enemy Within) the other day. OMG. I had no idea that Star Trek could be quite that homo-erotic. Egad. RTD would have had a frickin' field day with that storyline.

Edited to add: Does anyone remember a Firefox add-on that let you save photos directly to your photobucket account? I thought I had it several versions ago, but I can't find it now and I'd kind of like it back.
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My birthday present from Bill was to have yesterday off. He took Andrew to the park in the morning, and then to a movie in the early afternoon, and then I got to leave the house to run errands and go to a movie myself in the late afternoon, and by the time I came home, it was nearly Andrew's bedtime. With all the excitement of having Daddy ALL TO HIMSELF all day long, Andrew napped for 15 minutes, so I'd say Bill was well and truly exhausted by the end of the day. All in all, an extremely good birthday present.

(No, I'm not vengeful in the least.)

I got some cleaning done, and organized the Filing Cabinet of Dooooooom somewhat, so it's not quite as Dooooooooooooomful as it was previously. And I got to see The Help, which to my pleasant surprise has Allison Janney, who is possibly my favorite actress ever. (I need an icon for her. [ profile] ladychi, why do I recall you having a kickass one of her with an awesome CJ Craig quote about alcohol or something?) It also had, much to my amusement, Lafayette from True Blood, again behind the counter cooking things. I sense a theme....

And on that note, I also finished the latest of the Sookie Stackhouse novels, and spoilers within )

Back to The Help. Excellent movie, but that's probably because I haven't read the book yet. (I did just request it from the library: I'm #278 in line, but there's 350 copies so theoretically it won't be too long, assuming everyone who has a copy turns it in on time.) [ profile] talloakslady will no doubt be unsurprised to learn that I thought the costumes were fantastic.

In other news, my parents got me this for my birthday, because my old spiral-bound recipe journal was falling to pieces. Literally. I've been filling this one in for the last week and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. Seriously, is there anything Moleskine can't do?


In other news, Bill and I have started doing a Star Trek marathon, starting with the original series, and going until we either give up or run out of shows. The original series is on Netflix streaming, and Bill's borrowed his father's DVD copies, so we're able to watch separately and then discuss over Skype, which works out very well - and it also means I've been taking notes. Bill thinks the notes are worthy of sharing; I'm thinking they'd be worthier if I could screencap the lot, but I don't think I have the right programs to do it. And anyway, I'm not sure anyone would be interested in reading them.

[Poll #1779116]
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8.30pm, and I still have power. The rain has been falling steadily since 11am or so, and I have to say, there's been very little wind so far. For a good chunk of the afternoon, the rain was actually falling straight down - no angle at all, and when there was an angle, it wasn't anything scary or unusual.

I am very sure this will change overnight.

I'm also pretty sure we'll lose power at some point. I'm just grateful I was able to get Andrew bathed and to bed first. He didn't take a nap today - he's been resisting for a few weeks now, and the only times I've been able to get him to nap in the last two weeks were when he fell asleep in the car (not exactly an option today). So I'm not surprised by the non-napping. There was a close moment around 4pm, but I wasn't about to let him nap at that late hour (he'd be up until 10pm, ugh), so I did the Bad Parent thing and resorted to letting him watch TV. (Megamind. He likes the music. You gotta like a toddler who dances to "Welcome to the Jungle" and Michael Jackson's "Bad".)

Speaking of which, I cannibalized Andrew's soap opera/musical crib toy and found additional C batteries for the portable radio. So far, he hasn't protested.

Andrew's nose is full-blown running now, and it's all I can do just to keep wiping it with Kleenex. Every time I go near him with the baby saline drops, he suddenly grows six additional arms. I'm afraid of how many arms he'd grow if I tried to squeege his nose, heaven forbid. But when he started coughing, I gave him a baby spoonful of honey, and that worked like a charm. Yay for being too old for botulism!

I have the new episodes of Torchwood and Doctor Who loaded, but since I still have power I'm going to save them for tomorrow, when I'm fairly sure I'll be in the dark. I noticed that Star Trek OS is on Netflix streaming, so Bill's watching the discs in the unmentioned location and I'm watching them on Netflix, so we can discuss/laugh together later. I haven't watched many of the old Trek episodes, they're something of a hoot. Which is a very old-fashioned saying, I know, but then, so are the episodes the saying describes.
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I noticed that BBC's Sherlock was finally available on Netflix streaming, so I watched the first episode last night. It was highly enjoyable, I really like John Watson, Sherlock grew on me the more he was on screen, but I have got to know that I'm not the only one with the following reaction to the last ten minutes or so:

Spoilers. )

In other news, I finished season six of Desperate Housewives, which I'm only admitting to here because the Big Bad of the season turned out to be....John Barrowman Jack Harkness. Which I guess explains where he was during the two missing Time Agent years; he was doing undercover work on Wisteria Lane.
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Thoughts on the Bones Season 5 season finale )

[ profile] ladychi, since I've now caught up to a certain fanfic of which you are well aware, I will be requiring a link from you. :D
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So I'm rewatching Season 5 with Bill, who hasn't seen it before. We've only watched the first two episodes, and he has decided that he likes Amy Pond. *sigh*

He also finds The Crack! to be extremely annoying. Perhaps we can forgive him for liking Amy Pond.

Anyway, the first disc of S5 contains a preview/advertisement for BBC's Sherlock Holmes. Bill started watching it, and had the following reaction:

1. "Hey! That's the naked guy from Love Actually!"

2. "Hey! This isn't taking place in the 19th century!"

3. "Hey! It's the wrong time period, but Watson was still in Afghanistan!"

4. "Hey! I think I'd like to watch this."

I'm not sure which of the first three was the deciding factor in number four, but eh. Beggars, choosers, etc. I did have the foresight to download the first episode, anyway, so we'll give it a shot. You know, when we find the time in between watching Big Love S3, Doctor Who S5, The Tudors S4, and oh, that's right, raising the baby.

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