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Finish editing/rewriting ending for Part 4 of original omegaverse
convert to mobi file, send to Mildred
(part 5 is so not happening before next week)
remember I love my children, even when they don't sleep

finish researching notes for Hamford presentation
write Hamford presentation
print out nice copy of recipes for Hamford presentation
go to copy store and copy recipes for Hamford presentation
purchase groceries for Hamford presentation
make the whiskey truffles for Hamford presentation
start finishing cross-stitch people
make the spotted dick for hamford presentation
make bread for the hamford presentation (optional)
remember i love my children, even when they don't sleep

make the pea soup for the hamford presentation
make the chicken salad for the hamford presentation
make the custard for the hamford presentation
prep the add-ins for the beans for the hamford presentation

pack for Gridlock
load the car (remember to pack needles this time)
(also the toaster oven)
(also the knives)
(also all the food)
(and the recipes)
(clothes might be helpful)
drive to Bethesda
drink lots of coffee
kiss the children goodbye, and tell them to sleep at least once over the weekend
remember i love my husband, because he loves me, even when the children don't sleep
(although he might not after this weekend)
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The big news: Andrew is getting a new tooth. Like, an actual grown-up tooth.  It is totally exciting.  He opened his mouth this morning in such a way that I could look right down into it and I saw a little white ridge behind one of his lower front teeth and I made him hold his mouth open so I could look closer and it's A GROWN-UP TOOTH.  Right behind the baby tooth!  Like he's a shark or something!  And the tooth in front is a bit wiggly!

Andrew, incidentally, is not excited about this in the least.  He says he doesn't want to lose any teeth and they have to stay safe in his mouth.  And he doesn't want big teeth.  Seeing as he isn't really going to get a choice about this, I'm not sure how to approach it.  We've talked about the tooth fairy (he really is not keen on that idea, either - like I said, he wants to keep his teeth, not sell them) and we've mentioned how he looks like a shark (he loves sharks, has fossilized shark teeth in a box, was not impressed with the idea that he's similar to the creatures).  No go.  I've been having him show off the new tooth to everyone, and they are all super impressed and excited, and it's not rubbing off just yet.

But the front tooth isn't too loose yet - so I suspect he's got a while before it drops out.  Especially since he's not inclined to wiggle it much.

(Under the theory pics or it didn't happen....I did take a pic on my phone, but I haven't transfered it over yet.  I also have the Santa pic for the year, and this time, his smile is not painful.  I'll try to get them up tomorrow.)

In other news, I'm not entirely convinced that tomorrow's Drabble is ready for prime time,  The whole point of Advent Calendar Drabbles is to get them written and out the door fast - at least, that's the point for me, who could possibly labor on something for months on end before it ever shows up here.  (And I have done exactly that with several fics, am doing it with several more.)  So up it goes, whether I like it or not.

Anyway, it's not bad.  It just could be better.

I have many thinky thoughts about the Drabbles this year.  I think I'll probably post a wrap-up when I'm done with them on Boxing Day, just so I can be all thinky about them.

In the meantime, though, they're nearly all done.  I have three more to write and then I'm finished with the lot, which is a nice feeling - I don't think I've ever been this far ahead of myself before.  (Last year, I was writing with days to spare by the end.)

Writing to-do list )

Friendly Reminder #1: if you want to buy the anthology with my story for the low low price of free, you have 24 hours in which to do it.  And yes, you can get a Kindle app for your desktop, if you don't have any other way to read it.

Friendly Reminder #2: Skylar Dorset's new novel, The Boy with the Hidden Name, is now available for purchace online and in a bookstore near you.  It's even legal to buy it now (unlike me who got it 4 days early because my local bookstore cannot read a calendar).  Go.  Purchase.  Read.  Review.  Etc and so forth.
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First and foremost:

My original short story, Glass and Mirrors, was published in an anthology last month.  The Kindle-version of the anthology is on sale until Wednesday for the low low price of absolutely nothing.  This offer is good for both US and UK customers.  There’s a bunch of good stories in the anthology besides mine.  You have nothing to lose except storage space on your Kindle. 



Okay, business done.


I am about ten days ahead on the Advent Calendar Drabbles - which is pretty good, I like to be a week ahead, and I'm really going to need the wiggle room because my parents are coming to town next week.  Which is awesome, because yay free babysitting, but will still probably end up eating in my writing time so yay for being ahead of the game.  So far, I've written stories that continue four different series (Fiddle, Hearts, Power Play, and Dangerous Games), and written in all three of my current and previous fandoms, so I'm feeling pretty good right now.  I've also done the typical, "Yes, that's a lovely prompt, I'm going to ignore it now" that I usually do.  I don't know why anyone bothers to prompt me, honestly, I never pay attention.

At the moment, though, I'm trying to decide what to do with tomorrow's story, and specifically whether or not I should post an extended author's note with it.  I don't usually like extended author's notes.  They tend to end up being all preachy and holier-than-thou and full of self-importance.  And...I admit, I wrote one for tomorrow's story, and now I'm reading back on it and... yup, it's all preachy and holier-than-thou and full of self-importance, and seeing as how I hate that sort of thing, I'm pretty sure it would be hypocritical to post it.

(Also, I'm not entirely sure it's necessary.  Then...I'd be posting it seperately, here on LJ, so it would really be up to the reader if they wanted to read it or not, since they'd have to link to it from AO3.  And some people might actually want to know all the thinky thoughts that went into tomorrow's story.  (There are a lot of thinky thoughts; let's put it this way, Bill did research for me for tomorrow's story. Bill. Research.  I mean, he's the king of weird research, but usually he just tells me where to look, he doesn't actually do it himself.)  Then again, they're probably all incorrect thinky thoughts because I'm not actually a historical researcher, I just pretend to be one for the sake of writing fic that is only mildly historically accurate.  See Example A, the Medieval Omegaverse, where books are plentiful and men get pregnant*.)

*This is meant to be a joke.  I know men cannot actually get pregnant.

Anyway, I have something like eight more Advent Calendar Drabbles to write... and then I have to figure out the next plan of attack, which is definitely going to be editing of some type.  I am 95% certain it'll be the Medieval Omegaverse, if for no other reason than the fact that it's shorter, though I think it'll require the most work.  But if I can get that in a workable shape, I get shove it to the next stage of beta, and then maybe start posting before Series 4 airs.  That would be nice.

(Really nice would be to write something that isn't Omegaverse.  Which is fun, yes, but.... I've written very little Omegaverse during the Drables, and I have to say, it's so nice not to have to deal with pheromones and estruses and frenzies.  Oh, flist, I am so flippin' glad we live in the normal world.  You have no idea.  Unless you also read/write a lot of Omegaverse, in which case, you probably do.)

I have an idea, though, for another original story, but I'm afraid it would be a bit longer than a short story, and apart from the tiny little germ of a concept, I don't know much else about it.  Though I think it could be funny.  If I ever have time to think about it some more, let alone write about it.


To do list, because if it is here, i am accountable )
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This is assuming, of course, that the sign-up sheet I signed at the Women's Club meeting at the beginning of September, the one for a Writer's Group, doesn't actually materialize into an actual group, which would involve me writing something that is not fanfic. It's not that I don't want the group to materialize - I actually really do, because I miss my Cairo group, and I asked another woman who I know signed if she'd heard anything, just in case my email was typed wrong (which is often is). But...not this month. Too much fanfic to try to put to bed.

So, the current plan is that I'm going to use Nano this year to finish off the half dozen fanfics floating in my brain. And if I can manage it, I'll do another Advent Calendar, because it's fun, and this Christmas isn't going to be the easiest, and it'd be nice to have something nice preceding it.

Writing To-Do )

And, of course, I have to write Andrew's birthparent letter. Well, that'll be a nice break from the fanfic mid-month, when I'm desperately going to need it.
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To cook/bake:
* Lemon Curd Blueberry Muffins
* Brownie Pudding Cake
* Chocolate Sticky Toffee Pudding
* Baked Chicken with Plums
* Chocolate Chip cookies (same mix as in the icon, actually)

To Sort:
* Stuff to go on Plane (six suitcases, three carry-ons, and a cat)
* Stuff to go in Air shipment (there is some discussion whether this is 250 or 700 pounds)
* Stuff to go in Surface (everything else)

To Write/Edit:
* Seriously, though.
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The good thing about moving for the government is that I don't actually have to pack anything - the movers come in and do it for me. However, in some ways, it's actually sort of worse, because I do have to have everything organized before the movers get here, which means there are huge piles of clothes, DVDs, dishes, and all the random flotsam and jetsam that make up a house, piled up in various corners of the room, which makes the house look much more disorganized than not. I don't like clutter, so not being able to pack anything and thus get it out of my sight kind of makes me nuts.

The reason the organizing is important is because packout happens fast. There are stories about packers not only packing the garbage in the garbage cans, but there's an urban legend that they packed someone's cat. At least, I hope it's an urban legend. I've seen the movers in action, it's entirely possible that such a thing actually happened. I have to be able to point and say, "That pile is storage", and trust that there is nothing in that pile that should not go into storage, because everything in that pile is going into storage once I've pointed at it. There are three floors in our townhouse, and one me, and one toddler who likes to moves stuff around. This is a recipe for disaster.

Things that need to get done before pack-out )
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I don't understand how, but Andrew doesn't like white potatoes. Day Two was yesterday, and I've given up. He had two bites before clamping his lips together nice and tight and refusing to even consider another bite. He was at least willing to take a third bite of avocado. Potato, not so much.

So today, slightly early according to my baby food book, we had apples. Technically, I'm supposed to wait until he's 8 months old, but that's on Sunday, and I couldn't find either organic green beans or organic asparagus at the grocery store yesterday, but organic applesauce, they have in spades.

Day One Applesauce: so far, a hit. He chowed down all but two bites and then said, "Okay, enough of this tom foolery, bring on the real food: that is to say, my milk. WHERE IS MY MILK?????"

I have to wonder why I'm bothering with organic at all: it's not like Andrew actually eats the stuff, it's more for decoration than anything else. It's not "What do you want to eat", it's "what color would you like to wear?"

Today's Goals, because if I write it down, I stand a shot at accomplishing it:

1. Finish the current chapter of the Bingo Card fic, which has yet to be named, but deserves something utterly ridiculous as befitting its plot/writing style.

2. Start writing [ profile] wendymr's prompt. Except I have the feeling whatever I write is going to detour to something else. (Still Pudding 'Verse, but not quite what Wendy ordered.)

3. Do something with the blueberries in the fridge, the ones I found for $1/pint in my eternal search for organic fresh-not-frozen green peas. I failed in the peas, but how do you turn down $1/pint blueberries?
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--eight recipes to put in cookbook one left, waiting on the original cook to answer a question about ratios
--two recipes to finish correcting done
--119 pages to number done
--5-6 photographs to incorporate well...sort of done. I have to go take dramatic pictures of chocolate chips in a minute.
--5-6 photos to resize Scribus tells me all the photos are fine. I think Scribus is lying.
--oh dear god. i have to do a cover to this damn thing at some point. gah. [ profile] mitashade is doing it.
--acknowledgment page Mostly done. I have to double check the photo credits.
--thank god someone else is doing the index Compiled ([ profile] gowdie rocks), but I have to add in page numbers. I'm assuming you guys want those in an index, right?
--5 hours of sleep last night Six. But nine the night before, so it evens out.

Also, my back hurts and it's snowing like mad out there. And because [ profile] jlrpuck isn't here to see it, I figured I'd post a picture so she could enjoy the cold.

Snow! )
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-- Make pumpkin scones for Aunt Do
-- Write 5K on the Nano novel
-- Lay out another section of the cookbook
-- Pie crust for a blueberry pie for Bill
-- Black Friday plan of attack*

* Assuming there are good sales, Bill and I are thinking of the following: wireless router for the house, new point-and-shoot camera for him, and we desperately need a new shredder, because the old one refuses to shred unless you're leaning on it, and even then it complains. I've also got him just about convinced to get a Roku to go along with the NetFlix subscription, for which the wireless router will be endlessly helpful.
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If I post it, then I'm accountable.

Things to do today:

Clean the bathrooms
Edit the rest of Water Music

Work on the [ profile] project4editrx cookbook (TESTERS, if you are reading this, go turn in your tested recipe forms, please!)
Clean out the fridge
Grocery shopping (How the hell did I go through 2 dozen eggs in two weeks?)

Make some pie crusts (Bill will want pie)

No, Nano is not on that list. How very observant of you.
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Today's Plan:

-- Groceries, to include the ingredients for the roasted red pepper and goat cheese lasagne because it sounds yummy.

-- Post office.

-- Two more snail-mail versions of the query letter to take to post office.

-- Finish last Support Stacie bookmark to mail from post office (since it's going international).

-- Clean bathrooms. This is not an option. I think things are growing in there. Cleo won't even step foot in there, and that cat is not picky about her playspaces.

-- Finish Water Music. Half a chapter to go!

-- Maybe go to Tysons to the eyeglasses store that the doctor suggested for interesting frames. Since apparently I HAVE TO WEAR GLASSES five days of the week now. *sob*

(You know what this means, right? I have to re-learn how to kiss. Bill wears glasses, I don't, we kiss just fine. No issues. Every time I try to kiss him when we're BOTH wearing glasses, we hear "CLINK. CLINK. CLINK-CLINK-CLINK-CLINK." It's extremely annoying, and then we have to STOP kissing to remove the offending glasses and put them down wherever is closest and carry on, except then later, when we actually WANT to see, we can never find them, because we've put them down in wherevers that are not the usual hiding place for our glasses. I estimate that once I'm wearing glasses nearly full time, we will ultimately spend about one third of our lives looking for our glasses.)

(Yes, I'm still sulking. I realize in the grand scheme of things, it's not the end of the world, and my vision isn't permanently impaired, and there are those with much worse issues out there than a set of scratched corneas and malfunctioning tear ducts. But this is turning my image of myself on its head, so I'm having to shift things, and it's not a terribly pleasant or comfortable process, no matter the reason.)
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Today's Accomplishments:

--Baked a cherry pie with lattice top (very pretty)
--Went to the farmer's market, which is about to be evident by the next few items:
--Blanched two pounds of green beans for freezing
--Cleaned quart of blueberries for freezing
--(Also purchased red pepper, jalapeno, onion, carrot, cantaloupe, raspberries)
--Cleaned bathroom #1
--Started laundry
--Did some of the recycling
--Edited [ profile] writerinatardis story and sent it off to be beta'ed by the usual suspects.
--Checked that Bill is not dying of stomachache.

To Be Done Today or Tomorrow:

--Clean some more
--Clean bathrooms #1 and #3
--Mop, or vacuum. Maybe.
--Wash the windows, if it's cool enough to open up.

What will probably be done instead:

--eat the cherry pie cooling on the counter
--and possibly make raspberry sherbert
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I apologize in advance for my short disappearance from my LJ. This weekend, I have the following:

1. Tapas party
2. Superbowl party
3. Master List of Nominated Fanfics to review, which which include what fanfics have been reviewed and who reviewed, which fanfics have been claimed by who (but not yet reviewed), which fanfics were previously reviewed, etc.
3a. Knocking cat away from front of monitor
4. Writing reviews
4a. Knocking cat away from front of monitor
5. Creating a community for the CoT reviewers, so I can stop using locked posts here.
5a. Giving up on knocking cat away from front of monitor.
5b. (Because I forgot to add it in) Coding reviews.
6. Post office, because I have a list of things THIS LONG to mail.
6a. Asking [ profile] gowdie for her address so I can mail her the Obama pin.
6b. Making brownies to send to my brother
7. Making something with the nearly black bananas on the counter
8. Making maple scones because a co-worker requested them
9. Play with cat to make up for knocking her away from the front of the monitor.
10. Pay attention to husband so that he feels loved.
10a. Can perhaps do this by making brownies.

Have a lovely weekend, folkses. I'll be

Oh, before I forget. [ profile] writerinatardis. There are six stories up. I am one of them. This is going to be my last week, I'm sure, what with my track record. Go vote. Don't feel bad about voting me into the TARDIS. Because I'll be IN THE TARDIS. With Ten. Reviewing fic, I swear. It'll be lovely.
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*yawn* Strangely tired this afternoon, but I had a busy morning.

--Took the car for an oil change, and had them fix the weather stripping on the driver's door, because every time you lowered the window, the rubber stripping came down too. Yay for warranties.

--Went to the cobbler and dropped off two pairs of shoes for resoling (one of them BRAND STINKIN' NEW, and the bit on the heel popped off, but I love them and want to wear them again).

--Went to Penzey's because my host next week wanted me to pick up spices. The shopkeeper scolded me for only getting three things and spending less than 5 minutes, which ALMOST guilted me into getting more. Almost.

--Post office to mail the NetFlix movie - which wasn't actually a movie, but the first disc to the first season of Cracker, which wasn't half bad, and I think I'll give the second disc a go when I get back. Robbie Coltrane was fun to watch, and Christopher Eccleston is cute with hair. And young. And THIN. (Highlight of the episode: Injured Murder Suspect says to Eccleson, "Doctor?" Eccleston says to Injured Murder Suspect, "No, police inspector." Says I to TV: "Give it ten years!")

--Long John Silver's for lunch, because I was in Falls Church, and I like their fish better than the Arthur Treacher's around the corner.

All this, and home before noon.


Right, to the airport, sleep on the plane, wake up and be ready to paint a house. Shoot, I need to pack painting shirts. And I probably won't sleep on the plane, I'll probably wake right back up, which is just as well, because I really do have to finish typing up the next chapter of Water Music. And I suspect the journey will help me get into the right frame of mind to take care of the next Page in the Broken Book series.

Theoretically, will have internet, but might be spotty.

(Yes, I'm going on vacation to paint a house. I have a demented idea of vacation.)
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Okay, I like having one massive list much better. Mostly because doing a daily list is just plain boring at this stage - packout to the States is so much different from packout leaving the States, you can't really compare the two.

Anyway, I managed to cross off one item from the list - Number 8, take stuff to the framer's, and it'll all be ready on Saturday. I also got the Super Sekrit present for my sister-in-law done, and she'll get that whenever the HHE shows up - probably around Christmas. I can stick a big red bow on it. :)

(But, OMG, I cannot wait for her to see it. I had a big grin on my face after picking it up, it looks so good, and the one thing you don't do in K is walk around with a big grin on your face. No one here smiles - I kid you not, it's totally a cultural thing - and so everyone was looking at me, going, "Oh, gosh, there goes an American. What's she got to smile about?")

I also photographed most of the rugs and the pictures, so that's mostly taken care of - I'll try to finish those tomorrow. Tonight, we're having the sponsorees over for dinner, since they've been here nearly a week and hopefully will be somewhat more coherent.

In other news, wrote the short story that has been bouncing in my head for the last two weeks, heavily inspired by Anthony Stewart Head's One Man's Rain. (I guess I could blame it on [ profile] ashfae, since she's the one who posted the song a gazillion years ago.) The story came out somewhat different than I expected, but I still sort of like it. Anyway, I'll let it sit today and take another peek at it Friday or Saturday.

The List

Jun. 6th, 2006 04:52 pm
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It occurs to me, as I look at yesterday's list and realize that I didn't do a heck of a lot of the things on it, yet I did manage to do plenty of things both today and yesterday that are far more useful, that I am going about this whole list thing in the wrong direction. Packing out to return to the States and packing out to go overseas is a completely different kettle of fish, because there isn't a heck of a lot of wrap up here, as far as B is concerned. When we left Maryland, we had to deal with licenses and and credit ratings and leases and selling the car and family visits and buying enough toilet paper to last two years. Cancelling the paper and the telephone, and breaking the lease and getting immunized, not to mention the whole security clearance mess. (Ugh.)

Here, however, it's a different set of things, most of which can't happen until the last minute anyway (such as calling to set up electrical service in Virginia, which will be mega-interesting over a tie line), and even those have to be done by Bill. And there's a couple of things for me to buy here, but I've actually done most of that today.

So here, in a new format, are the things I have to do before we pack out next Monday:

The List )

So, there it is - my list of things to do for the next two weeks. Eek. Just looking at that list makes me tired. And so much of it is time consuming, too. At least the stuff to do in DC can be done relatively quickly and possibly even entertainingly.

(Heck, at this point, standing in line at the DMV would be nice, because I stand a reasonable shot of being able to understand the person at the head of the line.)

Bleh. That's all I have to say about it - bleh.
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Monday is half done, but mornings are usually a wash anyway; and besides, I've only got afternoons to work with.

Yesterday's List )

Today's List

  1. Call sponsoree-wife in about half an hour to see if she'd like to hit the fabric stores. Possibly hit fabric stores.

  2. DVDs on LibraryThing. It's never-ending, really.

  3. General clean-up of apartment, to include laundry and boxes

  4. Dinner

  5. Type up notes for Deanna

  6. [ profile] loupnoir's picture. Or DIRE THINGS will happen. (Because saying yesterday worked pretty well.)

Had lunch with embassy folks at Doka Pizza and then walked home - about three miles in all. I forgot to wear the pedometer today - I actually forgot to wear it all last week, too, giving me a "total" of five miles for the week. It's gorgeous weather for walking today - not too warm, no chance of rain, nice breeze - but oh goodness, are my feet tired.

On the other hand, I also bought a pair of shoes. :)

Edit to #6 [ profile] loupnoir had asked me, through a meme on her journal, for a picture of what a typical street in B looks like. I just looked through my pics, and have found that although I remember taking a pic of a street in B, it's old and ugly and not terribly representative of reality. Therefore, I'm going to try to go out and reshoot that particular request, as well as getting a shot of Tsum, as someone out there asked me for a pic of that fabled store some time ago, and I still need to deliver.

Point being (as I do have a point), I might as well find out what the rest of youse would like to see. Therefore:

Ask me for a photograph of something. As long as it's within my power to do it, I'll post it here.
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I really need a Rock-Paper-Elephant icon. Except I'd probably be the only person to get the joke. (Well, Evan would get it too, but he's seven and doesn't read LJ. Which is probably a good thing.)

Anyway, in that spirit, apparently I am not the first to come up with odder variations of that game: [ profile] citruscommando linked me to a whole list of different endings, with appropriate endings, which is more than I can say for Evan and I, because usually he's laughing too hard to figure out what exactly Elephant would do to Scissors.

(I say he steps on them and crushes them. Evan thinks Scissors would cut off Elephant's ears. I did mention that Evan is seven, right?)

Yesterday's List )

Hmm. A really boring list from yesterday, anyway. Mostly because the day was weird, as neither of us had much sleep the night before. On the other hand, we watched a couple of old Buffy episodes, which was nice.

The downside, however, was that I broke my last tapestry needle for Erised, and can't get any more here, so that ends me working on it for the next month. Not the end of the world, as there are plenty of other projects to work on in the meantime, but I was really hoping to finish off another page before we boarded the plane.

Today's List

  1. Bake strawberry champagne scones for today's Embassy-Spouse tea

  2. Read Deanna's story. Or else dire things will happen.

  3. Continue entering DVDs into LibraryThing.

  4. [ profile] loupnoir's picture of B

  5. Iron Bill's shirts

  6. Think of something for dinner

  7. Put Cinnamon Beef recipe online. Ooo, Cinnamon Beef for dinner again, take two, so that I can take a picture for the Recipe Box! Well, gosh, there's one list item to mark off.

  8. Defrost beef.

  9. Continue taking out mountains of empty boxes and trash items to the dumpster

Eh, it's a Sunday. I'm allowed to have a short list, aren't I? Besides, I have no idea how long Tea will take, although it is at the house with the kittens, so at least I can go and oggle them a little.
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I've said it before, but it bears repeating: one of the things that sucks about living in the middle of nowhere is that the only flights from Civilization arrive at either 1am or 5am. As Bill and I picked up our sponsorees today, this meant we woke up at 3.30am in order to get to the airport before they did. Naturally, this meant that their plane was an hour and forty minutes late.

We figure this is penance for what we did with our last sponsoree. (We forgot to set the alarm and didn't get the airport until he'd been on the ground for an hour. Whoops. So all that about how we make awesome sponsors? Yeah, this is Take Two, folks. We're good, we're not that good.)

Anyway, yesterday's activities; a.k.a. Rock-Paper-ELEPHANT. )

So I'm going on a few hours sleep here. Hopefully will not crash too early, but you never know.

Today's List:

  1. Give Deanna's fic a first read.

  2. Continue editing Part Three of the O.S. As a side note, the O.S. has a working title now. But I think for clarity's sake, I'll still refer to it as the O.S. here. And why's it called a working title anyway? It's not doing any work. It just sort of sits there, filling space, until something better comes along. Really, it ought to be called lazy title. Or squatter title.

  3. Maybe take a nap.

  4. If the sponsorees call, show them around Scenic Downtown B. This will take approximately five minutes.

  5. On the same topic, find a picture of a typical street in B to post for [ profile] loupnoir, who requested it

  6. Continue adding DVDs to my LibraryThing bookshelf in preparation for pack-out

  7. Clean the kitchen floor

Right. *yawn* Nap sounds nice....
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Okay, I was wrong. We have *checks calendar* seventeen days until pack-out, and suddenly, I have enough stuff for a list. Mind, not all things on the list pertain to pack-out, but they all need doing, and sadly, all need doing today.

(Okay, on further inspection, none of these pertain to pack-out. Which isn't to say there isn't anything that needs to be done, just that I seriously doubt that I'm going to get to it today.)


  1. Bake chocolate cake for R's party tomorrow

  2. Also bake lemon scones and chicken pot pies for new embassy folks coming in tomorrow morning (make extra pies for tonight's dinner)

  3. Buy eggs, butter, fruit for new embassy folks

  4. Go to new embassy folks' apartment and make sure the beds are made. Also to drop off baked and bought goods

  5. Start editing Deanna's fanfic (in order to get it back to her by Sunday)

  6. Appointment with the seamstress at 5.30

  7. At some point, clean kitchen floor, because Bill or someone walked through it with muddy shoes

  8. Write up instructions for baking pot pies; also directions to shopping and other important places. (Such as more shopping)

  9. Remember to actually set the alarm for *gulp* 3.45am in order to get to the airport in time to collect new embassy folk, unlike last time when we set it for 3.45pm and didn't get there until half an hour after the new embassy person arrived. Really, there are times I'm surprised the embassy is willing to let us try this again. I wouldn't.

My oven will be on all afternoon.

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