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Not a good day in Andrew-land, so Cute Baby Monday is postponed until tomorrow.

Torchwood )


DW - The Girl Who Created Parallel Universes by Blinking, Apparently )


DW - Night Terrors )


Cute Baby Monday will return tomorrow. Tired, see. Toddler who believes naps are for other babies, see.

Also, the cat still hates me.
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Torchwood, and an observation regarding the State of Matrimony )


True Blood. No matrimony here. Yet. )


Haven't seen the recent Doctor Who episode; Bill still needs to see Let's Kill Hitler, and then we'll watch it together. I'm hoping for the end of the week.
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Earlier this evening, I looked out the dining room window to see Andrew pushing his toy garbage truck across the parking lot. A few minutes later, I hear Bill's shout: "ANDREW!", followed by Daddy running from the front door, where he'd obviously expected Andrew to follow, to chase him down the street.

Three very quick, one-line reviews, all fairly high on the snark factor:

Wicked )

True Blood, Episode 3 )

Torchwood, Miracle Day, Episode Two )


Feb. 21st, 2010 10:04 am
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Incidentally, voting is open at the Children of Time: Torchwood awards. I just looked at the list of nominees - my post-CoE fic The Long Way Home is up against some pretty stiff and excellent competition, including fics by [ profile] dameruth, [ profile] dark_aegis, and [ profile] yamx, so I'm not expecting much. But if you read any of the post-CoE stuff, even if you're not a Torchwood fan by trade, I'd recommend hopping over for a list of some seriously good fic, even if you don't feel as though you want to vote.


Jan. 27th, 2010 07:31 am
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Meant to mention this yesterday, but today will suffice. The Long Way Home, my reaction fic to CoE, was nominated at the Children of Time Awards. Much thanks to whoever nominated it, it was a very nice surprise!
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While killing time before Cleo's vet appointment this morning, I found this via [ profile] ihasatardis:

A Jack and Ianto dress-up game, with lots of clothing and facial expression options. It is strangely entertaining.

My creation under the cut )

In other news, I realized this morning that despite my lack of appetite, I'm going to dinner with friends tonight. I mean, I knew I was, but for some reason, dinner with friends did not equal having to actually eat something. I'm hoping my appetite comes back in the next 12 hours.
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Title: The Long Way Home (1/1)
Characters: Ianto’s neice and sister (Mica, Rhiannon), Jack Harkness, a few others scattered here and there
Rating: G

Summary: The long way home takes her by the churchyard, and he was nice, and wanted to take her to McDonald’s.

A/N: Great big massive spoilers for Torchwood: Children of Earth. Thanks to [ profile] wendymr, who Britpicked like mad for me, and [ profile] jlrpuck, who did not insist I include a leopard.

The Long Way Home )
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Well, flist, it's Sunday morning and the close of the Mundane Spoiler Challenge: Torchwood Edition. I do hope those of you who played had as much fun playing as I did reading your spoilers.

In short, I adore you all. The laughs were very much needed, and very much appreciated. I had around 75 entries, for which I don't think is half bad considering there was very little advertising and just about no notice whatsoever. I might have to do this again for Doctor Who, should the opportunity present itself.

What follows are, of course, spoilers. Also winners. Click at your own risk. )

To all who played: Thank you. I had great huge amounts of fun, and I hope you did as well. With luck, we'll have a reason to play again sometime soon. :)

And now I leave you to your regularly scheduled reactions to Torchwood: Children of Earth.
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Torchwood Spoilers: the next morning )

Also, I'm going to go do the grocery shopping and then I'll close up the Mundane Spoiler Challenge. So you have....oh, about an hour. I've read them, there's some very good ones in there, and yes, I laughed.

But I have to go grocery shopping, and more spoilers, sort of )
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Well, I've had my breakfast, gone to the farmer's market, blanched green beans for freezing, and cleaned out the fridge. Granted, I could also prep the pie crusts, cut up the cantaloupe and red peppers, and clean the bathrooms - but I think I'll sit and watch Torchwood instead.

THEREFORE, I would like to give you all your 24-hour warning. (Well, slightly less.) The Mundane Spoiler Challege: Torchwood Edition will end at 7am EST Sunday morning, 12 July. Please be sure to enter the last of your spoilers in the spoiler post before then if you want to win your choice of prizes:

1. Brownies, which travel pretty well in warm weather, OR:

Something similar to what's under the cut )

(I think that's a pretty good prize, don't you? Or brownies. Either way, you know.)

Go on, folks! SPOIL ME! YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO! And feel free to spread the word!
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There are currently 39 comments on the challenge - no idea how many of those are actual spoilers, as I don't want to be spoiled, but I'm quite squeeful about it. Maybe I can get to 50 before the challenge is over? Which would totally make my day. :)

There still time left, though! GO ON, THEN! SPOIL ME! YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO! Just not in this thread, please
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The Good:
I have now re-written ALL FOUR LOST CHAPTER of [ profile] momdaegmorgan's Phanfic. Hurrah, hurrah. It's not quite ready for beta, though - I discovered in the writing that while I can still rattle off some details (Don Juan Triumphant, Box Five, plus various characters), I kind of need to reread the original book to get the feel of it right.

(Not like that many of you will have read the book...but still. I am Accuracy Girl. When it suits me.)

(Just out of curiosity - how many of you have read the original Phantom of the Opera by Gaston Leroux? Or any of the sequels? Bonus points if you read Susan Kay's Phantom, which I ADORE.)

The Bad:
My eyes have been killing me all afternoon. Burning, hot, sandpaper sort of pain. I don't know if it's the lights or the computer or the contacts. I switched to glasses when I got home, and they've started again, which isn't good, because I still need to do last-minute touch-ups on the [ profile] writerinatardis fic.


The Mundane:
There are currently 17 entries in the Mundane Spoiler Challenge. COME ON, PEEPS, YOU CAN DO BETTER THAN THAT. Watch the latest episode! Share the spoilers! SPOIL TO YOUR HEART'S CONTENT!

And....The Cracky:
[ profile] 10_point_5 remixed my Broadway Style: Sound of Music crack-o-rama. I'm amazed at her chutzpah, actually, those things are fantastically grand and impossibly corny.

And yet - she did it. And did it well, I must say. Please head over and laugh at the insanity. As she says, Crackfic made from crackfic: double distilled for that extra-smooth flavour!

What I loved was that she kept a lot of the original beats, too - and included a few of my favorite songs.

(And come to think of it....couldn't one say that my version was already a remix? So really, she remixed a remix. Egad.)


Right, edits, then off to rest my eyes. Perhaps cross-stitch tonight is not a good idea.....
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I haven't done this in a while....and [ profile] ashfae's recent post about not wanting to be spoiled about the new Torchwood got me thinking....

I think it's time I had another contest. I haven't thrown one in ages.

So without further ado, I would like to announce:


Some of you may recall that I did this with the release of HP6 and HP7. It was a rousing success both times, and much fun was had by all. And I've been kind of hankering to do it again...and as I won't have a chance to watch any of the Torchwoods until this occurred to me that we might enjoy ourselves with this.

The Rules:

1. Spoilers must be completely and totally mundane and inconsequential. For example, "Ianto makes coffee" or "Jack dies and comes back to life." (Do try to be a bit more creative than that, though. One of the best spoilers I got for HP6 was "Draco goes to the bathroom a lot", given to me by [ profile] miriammoules. Utterly and completely pointless - until you read the book and realize that it's actually seriously crucial to the plot.)

2. Spoilers may be about anything that occurs in any of the five episodes of Torchwood: Children of Earth.

3. One spoiler per entry, but as many entries per person as you like. All entries MUST MUST MUST be in this post.

4. Anonymous entries are allowed, but please note in the entry who you are, so that I can properly credit you.


Oh, yes. There will be prizes. I just haven't figured out what. It might be fic. It might be brownies. It might fudge. It might be something TOTALLY DIFFERENT. ([ profile] shinyopals might know what I've got in mind.) It might be personal bragging rights. What have you got to lose, really?

Feel free to spread the word on the fun and come back as often as you like. The contest will end 24 hours after I've seen all five episodes (and I'll give you warning - it won't likely be before Saturday).

Lastly....please be aware that there are spoilers in the comments. Duh. Read at your own risk - but have fun if you do!

Please note the contest is closed. Winners have been posted. Thanks for playing!

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