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Because what you do is get in your Halloween costume and sing Take Me Out to the Ballgame. Naturally.

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In related news, I don't think there's a single dry pair of shoes in this entire house. Charlie was wearing a size larger than he should have been today just because they were the only ones not sopping wet, and the poor kid was stumbling around for at least an hour until he got used to them. (Not that anyone else noticed; he basically looked vaguely more milk-drunk than usual, but still like a toddler learning to walk.)

Speaking of milk-drunk - adventures in lactose-intolerance. I think. )

In other moving-related news, Bill has headed off for his training, which will take him clear through July, so I've started moving full-speed ahead on trying to sort the house as much as I can. The first order of business was to clear off his desk, which was about six inches deep of papers and whatnot. I was able to clear a load of it - a lot of stuff that was tossed, a lot of DVDs and CDs that were put in their actual places, a lot of papers that were filed away. Two piles of things that I still have to figure out how to deal with, but I can see the top of the desk now! It's very cool. Next step: clearing off the top of his dresser. It's exciting here, I tell you.

Went to Costco with the kids. Purchased one mega-package of toilet paper, paper towels, and Kleenex each. Will probably do at least one more of the first two, and two or three of the Kleenex, until we actually pack out. (Local paper products in that part of the world are frequently terrible. Or elastic. Which is a whole different category of terrible.)

On the plus side, I think the kids' passports are here. The mailman refused to leave them in our (locked) mailbox, though, so I have to go to the post office to actually retrieve them, which won't happen until tomorrow. Unfortunately it's the post office that usually has a line out the door, and I'll have to take Charlie right before naptime, so that should be fun.

Last bit of moving-related stuff: So I've decided that I am defintely going to replace the current laptop before going. This one has been giving me bits of trouble recently, and I'm scared to death that it's going to just up and stop working once we're over there, and I won't have any way of getting a new one. And as usual, every time it's time for me to get a new computer, I end up debating whether or not I want to make the switch over to a Mac. (Specifically, a MacBook Air.) I wish there was a decent computer store down here - oh, how I'm missing MicroCenter right now - but sadly, I am stuck with Best Buy. (Well, there's an Apple-like store that I'm sure would be happy to sell me a MacBook, but I wouldn't be able to compare with a PC there.)

Bill says, "Get the computer that makes you happy." Which is nice to hear, yes, but completely unhelpful in this situation.

Anyway, that about covers it. Andrew is in school for another three weeks, before he gets a series of half days and then no school at all. And then we theoretically are packing out. *meep*

(I'm trying not to think about it too hard, there's just too much to do before then.)
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I blocked myself from getting onto Tumblr until tomorrow morning, mostly because I could feel myself being dragged back into the pro/anti-Mary fight all over again, and since that particular battle nearly pushed me into leaving the fandom two years ago, I'm pretty wary about going back there.

Also, I spent a good chunk of last night's writing time on it already, and I'd really rather not procrastinate any longer from working on the stories that need writing.

Which is why I'm writing an LJ entry instead.

Writing Things )

The Children )

Anyway, that's all I can think of, and I'm exhausted, and I'm going to bed where I will curl up with my current book and read until I fall asleep or when Charlie remembers that he doens't like to sleep through the night.  Usually these things occur simoultaneously.  Which might be why I'm exhausted.

p.s. oh, yes, the Sherlock special was awesome and I loved it tons and it might be my favorite of ALL the episodes, I haven't decided.  and someday, when Charlie is in kindergarten, I will write a review of it.  
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My dad commented that every photo he's seen of Charlie shows Charlie smiling widely.  He wanted to know if Charlie was ever sad.  I attempted to take video proof.  (I failed.)

Andrew's Christmas gymnastics routine.  Originally, Coach Marq had choreographed this routine for his Girls' Class, which is why there is the super cute pose at the end.  (I think the pose was my favorite part, honestly.)

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He had his retaliation by spitting up on me continuously for the next 45 minutes.  Point taken, kid.  
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Yeah, yeah, I should wait until Cute Toddler Tuesday.  TOO BAD.

Andrew finished up his summer term at gymnastics today - he's got all next week off because the gym is going to move everything around for the next term while they do some construction, so he won't have class for two weeks.  (Oh, do I fear for that first class....)  I was a bit worried for today's class, because his favorite coach wasn't there, but he did pretty well and even pulled out some perfect backwards rolls during the class (if not during the final routine, where all the parents are allowed in to video their darlings be athletic).  He's a bit distracted - I'm not sure why - and you can totally tell that he knows he messed up the backwards roll, poor baby.  He probably could have tried it again, but I think he was either too caught up in the moment, or dejected.

(I think some of this might be because I actually properly tired him out before class this time.  We went to Water Country and he splashed around in the wave pool for at good half hour, followed by another half hour of running around one of the kiddie play areas.  A tired Andrew is an Andrew who does not run rampant over his coaches, and therefore actually listens to them for a change.)

But his cartwheel/round-off thing at the very start is the best I've seen.  I did say he'd be doing one by the end of the summer.  I'm not far wrong, anyway.  At least now he can land on his feet.
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I FINALLY got video of Andrew doing flips on the rings.  Of course, he was flipping for about three minutes by the time I remembered I have a video camera on my phone, but you can get the gist of it in the flip he does before he decided to switch to doing Dizzy Dizzy Dinosaur.  (And then tried to do both at once, which is probably my favorite moment.)

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(I'm aware it's Wednesday.  Hush.)

So this is the last week of term for Andrew's gymnastics and soccer classes.  I'm not sure how the last week goes in soccer, but for gymnastics, the class ends with all the kids doing a little routine and then getting a ribbon.  The parents are allowed to come into the gym and watch, with cameras if they like.  I forgot my camera last term, so I made a point of remembering this term.  The "routine" is about a minute long, and Andrew sort of....plows through it, but he ALMOST does a cartwheel, which is pretty darn cool.

At some point, I'm going to ask Coach Sarah if I can get video of Andrew on the rings, because he LOVES the rings and he's really, really good at flipping on them.

Next week, he starts in a new gymnastics class - one level up (it goes by age, not ability) so he'll be the youngest instead of the oldest, which is good.  The downside, though, is that it's a little bit later in the day, and I'm not sure who the coaches will be.  Plus, Coach Sarah (who is Andrew's favorite coach EVER) might not be there - she only helps out Andrew's class now because she's there anyway, and she's not usually there on Thursdays, which is when the new class is held.  But she thinks he'll be fine, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Soccer, in the meantime....*sigh*

Soccer Woes )

I should respond to the comments on the post from Monday - I actually meant to do that now - but I need to get dinner started.  And I wanted to share the awesomeness that is Andrew in a gymnastics class.  :)  (Well, I think he's awesome.  No idea if he really is or not.....)
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So remember how Andrew was learning how to count in German at his old preschool?

Bill has turned it into a Thing. Warning: if you actually speak German, this is probably going to hurt like heck. My apologies.

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It has at last occurred to me that Andrew is not a baby any longer. As if the walking and talking and climbing on everything and being potty trained wasn't a clue, this morning I had a stark reminder.

In which I photobomb your flist with pictures and video of a cute toddler )

So, seeing as how I'm crap at actually posting CBM, and Andrew isn't really *sob* a baby anymore, I'm going to implement Cute Toddler Tuesdays. I like the alliteration.

Anyway, explanation over, here: have video of cute toddler dancing to the credits of his favorite movie:

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I was tempted to title this "Exhausted Mother" edition, but the Birthday is probably more appropriate. Andrew was hacking up a lung when he woke this morning, so he stayed home from school. I knew this was the correct option, because while normally mentioning Teacher Jane is met with skips and hops and Andrew repeating "TeacherJane" ad nauseum, today the reminder that school and Teacher Jane were waiting brought only an "Eh".

Thus, I was not terribly productive today, although we did make an orange-raisin bread that will be making its way into Mise.

Therefore, once again I lean on Bill's growing video skillz, and bring you video of Andrew and his birthday presents. I think this might be the best video Bill has done yet, and I'm not saying that just because Bill knows where I sleep.

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Bill gave me one of my birthday presents early this weekend, which is to say it's more for Andrew than it is for me.

Andrew is well-trained.

Bill took Andrew to see it in the theaters; I stayed home, so watching it this weekend was my first go. Bill decided to turn it into a game: "How Long Will it Take Sharon To Pick Out David Tennant?"

Sadly, I lost. Badly. But I contend that no one sounded like themselves in this movie, because not only did I not catch that Hugh Grant was the Pirate Captain, I also missed Al Roker, Imelda Staunton, Anton Yelchin, and...I'm very sorry to admit this, Martin Freeman.

I am a bad, bad, bad fangirl.

Anyway, my punishment seems to be repeated viewings, because Andrew loves this movie now. I can sort of hear David Tennant and Martin Freeman, but I have to actually think about it, and frankly, this movie is ridiculous enough that no one should have to think that hard about it.

Also, this spoilery conversation happened. )
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Today was the welcome day at Andrew's preschool - Bill stayed home from work in the morning and we all went to Andrew's school to see his classroom and meet his teachers. Of course, he'd been before, at the end of last year, so really it was just to reacquaint himself with the teachers and the room. I think we can say unequivocally that Andrew Approves of the Toy Trucks, and is Not So Fond of the other children, because they get in the way of playing with the toy trucks.

Tomorrow, first official day. I doubt I'll manage to slip out without him for much time, if any, but YAY. The only downside I can see is that I have to start packing lunches, which does not excite me one bit, particularly since Andrew seems to be on a Lunch Strike, in that he refuses to eat it.

Anyway, video from Bill today, because I've been knee-deep in photos I took on Friday of the UL. 340 photos, 39 of them decent, maybe four of them really good. That's about average for me.

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In which Andrew attempts to play basketball.

Bill took the video, and I should add that he was seriously despondent last time because no one "liked" it. So if you could all be dears, and if you enjoyed, click that thumbs up and give him a bit of a thrill, I'd be much obliged, if for no other reason than I don't have to hear him complain for two weeks that no one likes his videos of Andrew.
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Hey, it's Monday where I am, anyway, and I've been informed by two separate people that I have been remiss in posting. I wish I could take credit for the following video, but Bill did all the shooting and editing and musical selection (and costuming, it should be noted). He's also responsible for the last two seconds, but if you're distressed by that, there's a picture under the cut to make you feel better.

Don't worry, I'm trying to right that wrong. )

Part of the reason I'm up at this hour (it's just after 1am here) is because Andrew's having some issues sleeping through the night recently, and has taken to trying to crawl into bed with us, which never ends well, because the bed is not big enough for two adults and a toddler who likes to sleep perpendicularly, not to mention the occasional cat. Also, someone kicks, and it's not me, and it's not Bill, and it's not Cleo.

So of course by the time I managed to soothe him back down in his own bed, I was wide awake, and staring at the ceiling, at which point I gave up on sleep entirely and figured I might as well poke my head up, confirm we're still well (and kicking) and post CBM video, which despite the rather unfortunate costume, is still pretty darn adorable, and a pretty good representation of my day.
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Actual conversation on the playground this afternoon:

Logan, who is five (and female): I'm going to sit by you.
Me: Okay.
Logan: Let's talk.
Me: What should we talk about?
Logan: Let's talk about how cute and sweet Andrew is.

(I swear, she really did say that. She was sitting very demurely, too, knees crossed and her hands folded on her lap.)

Me: Sure.
Logan: Isn't Andrew so cute and sweet?
Me: I think so.
Logan: I want him to be my boyfriend.
Me: Have you told him this yet?
Logan: No.
Me: Are you going to?
Logan: No.
Me: Okay, but you should know that he has a girlfriend in Washington, D.C.
Logan: Does he still see her?
Me: Not exactly.
Logan: Then she can be his EX-girlfriend.

(In the back of my head, I could hear Isa's mom saying, "THAT HUSSY.")

The contract, incidentally, was sealed with a kiss, which Logan probably enjoyed, and Andrew tolerated, mostly because he was too busy trying to hold four train cars at the same time.

And, if that wasn't cute enough for you - Bill took video of Andrew last week. )
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Short video for you today. Andrew and I are feeling under the weather today - Andrew spent the day watching videos while I snoozed on the couch. Hopefully we'll be better tomorrow and can get out of the house - we're both starting to go a bit stir-crazy.

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Continuing my efforts to learn new tricks with the video editing software. Oscar-worthy it ain't, but it sure was fun.

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It's a red-letter day so far here at the Azriona household. First off, we heard from Andrew's neurologist: the EEG he took last week came back within normal range. Not that I know what that means, of course, since I was talking to the receptionist and not the doctor herself or a member of the nursing staff, so it's not like I could ask questions. But I have to figure that being normal is good, because it means it's not definitely something horrific. I can deal with definitely not horrific. The actual appointment with the neurologist is next week, at which point we have to start discussing Andrew's medical clearance for PCSing again. Yay.

But more importantly, and even in related news:

We got Andrew's passport in the mail today!

That, friends, is the last. frickin'. hurdle. You know, for documentation and whatnot, save for the actual diplomatic passport, but the fact that he got his tourist one paves the way.

Therefore, should the mood strike, I am totally clear to grab Andrew and hop on a plane and go somewhere that isn't in the United States!

(Although frankly, I'm not entirely sure that I would want to put myself through such torture on a whim.)

Which is all beside the point, because none of you are reading for information about Andrew's brain or paperwork, you're wanting to see the adorableness. I'm working on a larger, more complicated video, but in the meantime, I filmed Andrew this morning and it's too cute not to share.

(And yes, I was totally laughing at him. Just don't tell him that.)

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